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I Don't Wanna Deal JULY 1

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Mikey calls Ray, Gerard calls Monica

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Mikey called Ray immediately as soon as he heard the message. "Hey Ray, what's up?"
"Mikey, I take it you and Alicia are home?"
"Yep, we just got back." Mikey told him setting down on the sofa; it felt good to be home.
"So how was the honeymoon? Was she surprised by all the things you had planned?"
"You should have seen her face when Elvis met us at the airport."
Alicia walked back in and sat down on the sofa next to him. He draped his arm around he and pulled her close. "So how are you feeling?"
"I'm feeling great, especially now that I'm officially engaged." He looked up at Christa and motioned her to sit down by him. "She agreed to marry me."
"Shit Ray, that's great." He told Alicia who smiled and called out her best wishes.
"Mikey tell him they will have to come to dinner, some night soon." She said happily already making dinner plans in her head. Take-out of course.
"Alicia wants to know if you guys can come to dinner maybe some time this week?" Mikey said relaying the message.
Ray asked Christa who readily agreed, "Yeah, sure." Ray told him.
"So what's up with my brother?' Mikey asked getting to the true point of the conversation. "Why do we need to talk about him?"
Ray gave Mikey a quick update on how Bob and Gerard had been staying out until the early hours of the morning. "Holy shit" Mikey uttered. "Does Monica know?" Beside him Alicia was listening in and frowned.
"Don't think so but you know it's only a matter of time. Jamia has already said Monica is upset he's calling so late especially since Frank calls pretty much right after the shows. Monica knows Gee is out very late."
Mikey was confused, "How does Monica know when Frank calls?"
Ray realized Mikey and Alicia hadn't heard about Jamia so he explained. Alicia took the phone from Mikey. "Monica moved in to take care of Jamia? She's supposed to be taking it easy herself."
Ray sighed, "You know Monica, she's always doing shit for others. She took Jamia to the doctor as soon as the guys left for Europe. She's been taking care of Jamia this whole time."
"Well, I'm back now so I'll help" Alicia said. "I'll call and tell her."
"That's good, cause there's more. She's also been taking care of Liv's little girl."
"What?" Mikey and Alicia said at the same time. Mikey took the phone back from his wife. "She's been taking care of Liv's daughter? How the fuck did that happen?'
"I'm not really sure. I just know that Liv asked her and Monica jumped at the chance. She says she wants to get to know Gee's daughter. As far as I'm concerned this could blow up in her face and I'm worried. Liv being the bitch that she is could be doing this to hurt Monica."
"How?" Mikey's mind was still trying to take in all the news.
"Cause as tenderhearted as Monica is she has already fallen in love with the girl. I wouldn't put it past Liv to be doing this just to hurt Monica. If she would disappear again with Elle it would break Monica's heart."
"Fuck, anything else?" Mikey asked with a sigh.
Ray took a breath, "Yeah, there's more." He proceeded to tell Mikey just who Bob and Gee had been staying out all night with.
"Shit, shit, shit" Mikey said, "I know Gee's always said he loves her like a sister but we all know that wasn't quite true." He and Alicia exchanged a look, "I'll talk to him Ray, but we both know Gee can be clueless sometimes especially where she's concerned.

Monica was putting away the few groceries she had bought when her cell phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID. It was Gerard. She let it ring several times before answering. "Hello, Gee."
His voice sounded tired, "Monica, are you still mad at me?"
All the anger she had felt earlier disappeared, he sounded like a little boy. "Shit, it's a good thing I can't see you right now."
"What?" He had no idea where this was going.
"Well, the way you asked me if I was still mad, I'm sure would have been accompanied with the puppy dog eyes you do."
He felt some of his uneasiness fade, "Yeah, I'd be giving you my puppy dog eyes asking you to forgive me."
Monica sat down, "Than it's a good thing I can't see you cause if I did I'd just fall for it and forgive you on the spot."
He lit a cigarette and sat on his bed, "So since you can't see me does that mean you don't forgive me?" He held his breath waiting for her answer.
"What exactly am I forgiving you for?"
He took a drag then answered, "For being a jackass and not calling you like I should."
She was silent a minute and the waiting was killing him. "Monica?"
"I'm here." She said, "Look Gee I just don't understand. I mean I understand you like to unwind after a show. I get that. It's just you're staying out so late."
"I'm not doing anything wrong, Monica" he said slowly.
"Gee, I never said I thought you were. I guess I'm just hurt you would rather stay out so late instead of calling me. Not once since you've been gone have you called me right after a concert. I miss hearing the excitement in your voice as you tell me about the audience about how it all went. I miss hearing about the fans and how you feel their love." She paused then added in a whisper, "I miss hearing you tell me how much you miss me cause then I start to think that maybe you don't."
Gerard inhaled deeply and closed his eyes, "Honey, I miss you so much. If you were here I wouldn't be staying out all night, I'd be with you."
"But Gee, this is how it will always be. You will be gone and I'll be waiting at home." Her voice broke as she added, "Waiting for you to call."
"Monica, I promise you I'll try to call more often."
She interrupted him, "You're missing the point Gee. It's not just you calling it's you staying out all night. Just cause I'm not with you doesn't make it okay." She tried not to get angry, "I'm not you mother, Gee. You should be able to be a good boy wither I'm with you or not."
"I'm not being a bad boy. I'm not doing anything but staying out late. Shit what's with everyone?"
"Who's everyone?" Monica asked.
"Never mind, I just don't get why you don't trust me."
Monica felt like the conversation was heading into a bad area but there was no stopping it, "Gee who exactly are you with when you're out so late?"
He crushed out his cigarette and lit another, "Friends, Monica, just friends. I do have those you know."
"Oh, yeah I know. Oh yeah and please let's point out the only friends I have are yours too. Shit if it weren't for you I wouldn't have any friends."
He couldn't believe the anger he was hearing, "Monica I never said anything like that. What's wrong with you?"
"Just a minute, I'm counting to ten" she said into the phone.
Fuck, he thought, she really is counting. He waited until she hit ten.
"Okay it didn't work, I'm still pissed." She stood up from the table and walked to the sink, "Gee, you're acting like a jackass. You're staying out all night with I don't know who. Oh wait. I do know who. It's your friends. And you can't understand why this upsets me. Well, Gerard it upsets me, so deal."
"I don't wanna deal" he shot back.
"Fine then, don't" she shot right back. He heard the phone disconnect.
"Shit, Shit, shit." He said to the empty room.
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