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What Are You Wearing JULY 2

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A whole lot of callin' going on

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"Gerard how's it going?" Mikey asked his brother. He had waited to call until after he and Alicia had dinner. Settling back on the sofa he put his feet up on the coffee table and tried to get comfortable.
"Hey, Mikey" Gerard said. He was downstairs in the hotel bar drinking a latte and pretty much hating on the world. "You and Alicia home?"
"Yep and before you ask let me just tell you it was the best fucking time of my life. Alicia wanted me to thank you for sending the tape of you singing for the wedding."
"Tell her I was happy to do it." He took a sip and saw Katlin walk into the bar. She smiled and he motioned for her to join him. When he asked she told him she would be down in a minute.
"Gee who are you talking to?" Mikey asked.
Mikey cut him off, "Yeah, I know they're with you."
Gerard heard the anger in his voice, "Not you too. Fuck, what is it with all of you?"
"All of us care, Gee. That's what's with us. You know what? I'll just talk to you later." He hung up before Gerard could say anything else.
"What was that all about?" She asked looking concerned.
He sat down his phone and took a final sip of his latte. Now he just wanted to get back to his room. "Nothing. Hey, I'm kinda tired. I'm going up to my room. See you tomorrow." He stood.
"She'll be sorry she missed you."
He nodded, "I'll see her tomorrow." He left the bar not noticing he had left his phone behind on the table.
Several minutes later it rang. Katlin looked over and saw it behind his coffee cup. She reached over and picked it up. She decided to answer it before taking it up to him. "Hello" she said.
She could hear breathing then a moment later silence, as the connection was broken. She shrugged and left to find Gerard.

Jamia stared at the phone in her hand wondering who had just answered Gee's phone. Anger began to build in her. Here Monica was miserable and Gerard was having a wonderful time running all over Europe. She was about to call back when Monica walked into the room.
"I'm gonna lay down. I've got a headache. Can I get you anything before I do?"
"Are you okay?" Jamia asked immediately concerned. She was afraid all the stress added to everything else Monica was doing was affecting her health.
"I'm fine, really. Just a headache." She smiled and walked towards her bedroom. Jamia saw her stumble and catch herself against the wall.
"Monica" she shot up and reached her quickly. "Come on sit down." She led her over to the sofa.
"I'm fine, just a little dizzy." she tried to quell her friend's fears.
"I knew you were doing too much. This is stupid, I'll get someone to come in and help." she started making plans in her head.
"Jamia, I'm fine. I just haven't eaten anything today...unless you count 2 candy bars."
Suddenly it dawned on her that Monica hadn't really eaten anything since the pizza yesterday afternoon. "Shit, you haven't been eating. What kind of a friend am I not to notice?"
Monica laughed, "Good Lord woman, you're one of my closest friends. Pretty much it's you, Alicia, Donna. Christa is being added to the list. Being one of my friends puts you in a pretty small elite group."
Jamia frowned, "Why would you say that?"
"Cause it's true. I realized it when Gee and I talked. He's got lots of friends, me not so many." She leaned back against the back of the sofa, "Hell, he's got friends o'plenty, especially ones he can stay out with all night."
"Monica." Jamia said her name softly, "I'm so sorry you and Gee are fighting. I wish I could make it all better for you."
"So if we break up are you still gonna be my friend?" Monica asked, her voice quivering.
Jamia threw her arms around her and hugged tightly. "You and Gee are not going to break up. I have never seen two people more in love. You'll get past this like everything else you two have survived." She felt Monica shake as her tears fell.
"I love him so much," she said softly.
"And he loves you, I know he does," she said stroking Monica's hair. Jamia closed her eyes and wished with all her heart she could fix this for Monica. They would be home soon and then she just knew it would be worked out, at least that's what she was praying for.

Gerard had spent the whole evening in his room. Everyone else had gone out to a late dinner, Frank and Bob included but he had just stayed in his room sulking. He was really starting to lose it, leaving that damn phone in the bar.
The conversation with Monica was still fresh in his mind. She had hung up on him again. Only thing was in the back of his mind he couldn't blame her. He just wanted to talk to her; he wanted her to tell him that it would all be all right. Grabbing up his phone he sat back down on the bed and glanced at the clock. It was 2:45 in the morning that meant he had to get up in four hours for their flight to Paris. As he listened to the phone ring he suddenly was afraid she wouldn't answer. When she picked up he spoke quickly.
"Monica I've been in my room all night. I didn't just get in."
"Okay, Gee." she answered slowly.
The silence was weighing on his soul. "I just called to tell you I love you," he said in a whisper.
Monica closed her eyes, "I love you too, Gee."
Again the silence was thick, "Monica, tell me we're gonna be okay. Tell me about our house, about the girls, about what you're wearing."
She tried but she couldn't contain the laughter, "Gerard Arthur, you were doing to good up to 'what you're wearing.'
He smiled for the first time in hours, "God, I've missed hearing you laugh. Monica I'm a dumb jackass sometimes, I've told you that. I really mean it; please tell me about our house, what have you done? How are Kara and Kelly?" He added "and just what are you wearing?"
"Our house is beautiful but it's not a house, it's our home. The girls are fine, I'm sure you've heard Bob and Kara had a misunderstanding."
"Oh hell yeah, Bob messed up during the show cause he was so upset. So how's Kelly? She hasn't called me lately. Remind her she can call me anytime, okay?"
"I will," she promised. She looked over at the clock, "What time do you have to get up?"
He sighed, "In a couple of hours" he admitted.
"Get to sleep, Gee" she said with a laugh, "You can call tomorrow and maybe I'll tell you what I'm wearing then."
He smiled to himself, "You promise, honey?"
"Yeah, Gee. I promise. Goodnight."
"Goodnight, honey, I love you."
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