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Tell Me How It Feels - July 3

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Alicia arrives to stay with Jamia, Monica goes to the house and gets a call from Gee who has an "interesting" request.

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"Okay I'm here now to take over." Alicia said as she walked into the apartment. Jamia and Monica gave her a disbelieving look.
"Uh, you're still on your honeymoon. Still got a guy at home, remember?" Jamia said with a smile.
"Just between us, he's a home unpacking. I told him I had to come over and help out." She looked at Jamia, "So everything's, okay?"
"Yep, I was just at the doctors on Friday and things are looking good. Monica's been a great nurse."
"Well it's time for you to stand down" Alicia said turning to Monica. "I'll take over for the day. You get the day off."
Monica just stared at her, "Really, you need to spend time with Mikey, this is supposed to be your honeymoon."
"Yeah, how was Vegas?" Jamia asked. "I want details, well not all the details."
"What you don't want me to tell you about the handcuffs and chocolate sauce?"
Monica who had been taking a sip of tea started chocking. "Not a visual I needed."
"Oh I don't know the chocolate sauce part sounds pretty good." Jamia said with a smile, "Monica has been trying to limit my intake of chocolate."
The three of them talked for several more minutes before Alicia once more told Monica to get out and enjoy the day. "The temperature is mild, the sun is shining. I'll take care of Jamia, I'll eat any chocolate she tries to sneak."
"Okay, I'll be back around five, is that okay?"
"Just fine. I'll even have dinner made when you get back," Alicia said seriously.
Behind her Jamia made a face and mouthed "Help". Everyone knew about Alicia's lack of talent in the kitchen.
Monica tried not to laugh at Jamia's look. "Thanks Alicia" she gave her a quick hug, grabbed her purse and took off.
As soon as the door closed Alicia turned to Jamia, "Tell me what the hell is going on with Gee."

The flight to Paris had been smooth and luckily Gerard had slept most of the way. When the plane touched down he felt much better much more rested. Of course the conversation he had had with Monica last night had helped. He wanted to get back home to her so bad he could taste it.
Once they had checked into the hotel the guys had all decided to go for a late lunch. He declined their offer to join them. He wanted to call Monica again. She answered on the third ring.
"Hey honey," she said happily.
"Hey honey, yourself," he answered. He sat down at the desk in his room. "Where are you?"
"I'm at the Way home." She answered walking over and sitting down on the window seat in the front bay window.
"Our home?" he guessed.
"That's the one. You're in Paris?"
"Yeah, it's rainy and I'm sorta down so I knew what to you. You are the sunshine in my life."
Monica was touched by his words, "That's beautiful, Gee."
"I mean it Monica. You are the best thing in my life. I miss you so fucking much it hurts." He began to doodle on the hotel stationary.
"I miss you too but you'll be home in a little less than a week. So are you excited about tonight's concert?"
"I guess so, I really wish you were here so I could show you the city. I see things and my first thought is 'I wish Monica was here so she could see this'"
"Someday you can show me all the things you have seen."
He remembered something, "Hey, don't forget to talk to Brian about getting you a passport. He knows how it get it expedited."
"I will," she promised. "So what is everyone else doing?"
"The guys all went out for a late lunch."
"How come you didn't go with them?" she asked.
"I wanted to call you instead." He told her honestly.
"Oh Gee, don't sit in your room while everyone else goes out. That's not what I want." She frowned thinking about him being alone.
"I wasn't hungry. So anyway made any decisions about the house?"
Her first thought was the plans she had in mind for the room that was to be Elle's. She would have to wait to share those with him. "Every time I think I've decided on the layout of a room I change my mind."
"I can't wait to move stuff into the basement. That is gonna be so rad for the band to have a place to practice."
"Oh I don't know Gee, I was thinking Jamia, Alicia, Christa, Kara, Kelly and I might just make it our own. A nice place for us to get together you know." She teased.
"Woman stay out of my basement." Gerard teased back.
"God, I miss you" Monica couldn't keep the words from being uttered.
"Hey baby, do me a favor?" Gerard asked hopefully.
"Go up to our bedroom for a minute."
She stood and headed for the stairs, "Okay, we're walking, we're walking, we're here." She pushed open the bedroom door and walked in.
"Okay now lay down on the bed."
His words almost caused her to drop the phone. "Gee..." she said breathlessly.
"Lay down on the bed and tell me how it feels." I want to visualize you there.
Something in his voice made her realize how much he needed this. Monica crossed to the bed and lay down on the satin comforter. "It's soft." She said shyly.
"I'm not" he replied.
"Oh Gee" she closed her eyes and saw a vision of what had happened the night before he left in this bed. The memory caused a slight moan to escape her lips.
"Fuck, Monica tell me what you are doing." His voice was raw.
"I'm remembering the night before you left, I thinking about the way you touched me, the way I touched you."
Gerard left the desk and moved towards his bed. He laid back and closed his eyes.
"Monica can we?" his voice was pleading.
She understood his question, "Oh yeah, Gee. Please."
His voice caressed her ear, "Then baby, slowly undress and tell me every move you make but first put your phone on speaker like mine."
Her throaty, seductive laugh sent a shot of heat through his veins. "It's on speaker now. Gee, turn about is fair play. I'll tell you what I'm doing but you gotta tell me what you're doing. I so want to hear every move your make, every stroke."
"Fuck" he said shifting slightly, "I'm already hard."
"Really?" she teased, "hard already, tell me more."
"Monica undress slowly." He demanded.
Her fingers slowly moved to the zipper of her hoodie. "I'm unzipping my hoodie and inching it off my shoulders."
What are you wearing under it?" he whispered.
"Just a black bra, the air is cold but my skin is hot. Now you."
He unbuttoned his shirt with fumbling fingers. "It's off now."
"So you are laying on the bed with just your jeans on?"
"Are they tight, are you straining against the denim? If I was there I would run my hands over the budge but I'm not. Do it for me."
He lowered his hand and slowly began rubbing himself as she commanded.
"Take to me Gee, tell me how it feels."
"Fucking good babe, I'm picturing you in my mind, I see your hands on me. Monica, loose the bra." Part of his brain knew there had to be a nicer way to say that but his body was now in control.
"It's unhooked and I'm pushing the straps off my shoulder."
"Baby, I'm sorry your hand isn't healed yet." He had just remembered she was working with one hand.
"Gee, my hand it the last thing on my mind."
"What's the first thing on your mind?" he whispered.
"Listening to you breathe, imagining I'm the one touching you. Making you so hard you have to lower your zipper."
"Oh shit, woman. Touch your breasts for me. Take you fingers and gently pull at your nipples, let me hear what you feel."
Monica moved her hand to her breast and did as he said. Her fingers circled her nipple teasing until it became hard. She repeated the actions to the other breast.
"Baby, suck on your finger, get them wet then touch your nipples again."
She sucked on her fingers then lowered them to each nipple, "I'm imagining it's your tongue on me" she whispered her voice low.
"Are they hard?"
"Oh yes" she answered "So hard"
"Your voice, I fucking love the sound of your voice. You're purring for me."
"I'm aching for you." In her mind she could see him leaning over her, it was his hand touching her. "Gee, lower your zipper slowly."
His hands moved down his body, "I'm lowering it." He could see her hands on him. His hands became hers.
"Free yourself Gee, push the jeans off." Her mind pictured his actions, her breathing was coming quicker.
He pushed the jeans down his legs until he was completely free of them. "They're off."
"Boxers of briefs today?" she needed to know for the visual in her mind.
"Briefs" he answered "But you're turn. Jeans of pants?"
"Slowly push them down your legs, now." She did as he said, "Tell me."
"I'm pushing them down, wiggling out of them." She smiled as she heard his sharp intake of breath.
"Tell me about your panties."
"But Gee, I'm not wearing any."
"What the fuck?"
Monica giggled, "Just kidding, they're pink."
"Oh woman I'm so gonna get even for that one. Lose them, lose the pink panties now."
"Demanding aren't we?" she purred. "Well you lose the briefs."
"Done." He said quickly pushing them off.
"Done" she said doing the same. The satin comforter under her was cool on her skin; it did nothing to help the burning sensation she was feeling.
"Baby, touch yourself, tell me what you feel." His voice made her even hotter.
"You touch yourself too, slowly stroke, move your hand up and down, up and down, I'm touching you Gee. It's my hands on you, I'm pumping you, making you harder and harder." His hands became hers, he could feel her touching him, he moaned.
"Monica your hand is mine, I'm touching you, rubbing you. Find the spot for me, I'm with you." He whispered, "My fingers are pushing into you, baby."
She arched her back, bent her knees and moaned as her fingers did his will. The moan that escaped her lips caused him to shutter and moan" She heard him, "Gee, faster, pump faster, cum for me."
"Fuck, fuck, fuck." He cried out as his hand moved with increasing speed. "Baby I'm so close, tell me baby."
"Gee, I can feel you, you're inside me." He voice was pure passion. "Gee" she cried out.
Faster and faster he pumped as he listened to her moan his name. He came quickly, his breath caught as the sticky substance covered his hand. When he released his breath she purred, "Baby was I good?"
"Oh you were fucking good, was I?"
"I'm still quivering." She told him honestly.
"Monica I love you." He stretched out letting the feeling slowly fade.
"I love you," she answered, "always will"
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