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I Will Cut At My Funeral JULY 4

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Frank misunderstands, does Monica overhear?, a bad decision

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AUTHOR'S NOTE Just a quick note to give you a head's up that things will be happening fast and furious in the next few chapters. Make sure that you don't miss one! Yesterday's posted WAY in the wrong place.

Gerard rolled over and glanced at the clock. He frowned when he saw that he only had a few minutes before he had to meet the guys downstairs in the lobby. He would much rather call Monica back and have a repeat of their last 'conversation'. God, he missed her. Just thinking about what they had done was making him hot.
The knock on the door caused him to finally get up and throw on his robe. "Hey" he said opening the door, "What's up?"
"I was just wondering if I could borrow some eyeliner," she laughed. "I can't find mine and I know you always have plenty."
"Sure, come in" he stood back and allowed her to pass. He walked over to his bag and pulled out several different items. "Take what you want, I gotta take a shower." He said walking towards the bathroom, "See you at the show."
She made her choice and smiled when she heard him singing in the shower. It seemed there was a one-way mike that sent his voice out to her. It always had, she was sure it always would. She moved towards the bathroom door her hand reaching out to the knob. The loud rapping on the door startled her. She quickly crossed the room and was surprised to see Frank, when he saw her he glared.
"Uh, Gee is in the shower." She moved past him. "See you at the show."
He watched as she walked down the hall to her room. Anger tore at him. "Fucking hell," he muttered slamming the door. A few minutes later he heard the shower shut off and saw Gerard emerge from the bathroom.
"Hey dude, what are you doing here?'
"What the fuck, Gerard?" He stood and faced off with his friend. "Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?"
Gerard was shocked, "Dude, calm down. What's wrong?"
"You asshole, tell me you didn't just have sex."
Gerard's mouth dropped open, "How the fuck did you know?"
Before Gerard could duck Frank punched him in the face. Gerard stumbled back against the dresser. "You fucker, how could you do that?" Frank screamed.
Gerard slid down to the floor, "I fucking love her, you asshole. What we did wasn't wrong."
Frank looked ready to go after him again. Gerard pulled himself up, "Frank, man, calm down. What the fuck is wrong with you?'
"How could you fuck her with Monica back home waiting for you?" He was so angry he shook.
A light bulb went off over Gerard's head, "Holy fucking shit, you think I just screwed around on Monica."
"You just admitted it you stupid fucker." Frank shifted from one foot to the other, "Get up so I can kick you pasty ass."
Frank literally saw red when Gerard began to laugh, "Frank you asshole, I did just have sex but with Monica. She and I were on the phone and well... you know."
Frank glared at him while his words sunk in he didn't know if he should believe him or not, "But she was just in your room."
Gerard nodded, 'She stopped by to borrow some eyeliner. I knew I was running late so I jumped in the shower."
Franks shoulders slumped, "Oh shit, dude I'm sorry." He stepped foreword and put out his hand, "Man, I just thought...."
Gerard took his hand and allowed him to he helped up. "How many times do I have to say I wouldn't screw around on Monica? Fuck, I really thought you of all people would believe me."
Franks phone rang, "Yeah we'll be there in a minute." He closed the phone and look at Gerard, "Man, they are all waiting for us in the lobby. I'm really fucking sorry."
Gerard muttered something as he was throwing his clothes on but Frank was glad he couldn't make out the words. He knew they wouldn't be pleasant.

Monica let herself into the apartment and set down her purse. She was still smiling as she walked towards the kitchen; her 'conversation' with Gee was still fresh in her mind. She could hear Alicia and Jamia talking, they abruptly stopped when they saw her.
"Sorry I wasn't listening in or anything" Monica said crossing to the fridge.
"Oh that's okay we were just discussing a friend." Alicia said shooting a glance at Jamia. They both wondered what Monica had heard.
"Yeah, I remember you told me about her." Monica said as she poured herself a glass of orange juice.
Alicia looked confused, "I did?"
Monica turned towards the table, "Yeah, we were talking on the phone and getting ready to go to New York for the show in Times Square. You told me about her and Gerard being friends."
Jamia looked over at Alicia who was racking her brain trying to remember the conversation. She sighed realizing that Monica hasn't heard anything else.
Monica took a seat at the table with them, "So I went over to our house to make some more plans." She smiled to her friends, "Gee called me while I was there." She continued to smile like the cat who swallowed the canary.
"I'm guessing it was a good phone conversation by the look on your face." Jamia guessed.
Monica laughed, "Oh you could definitely say that." She felt a blush on her cheeks.
Alicia snorted, "Oh fuck she and Gee were at it again on the phone.'
"When you walked in on us that day we weren't doing anything." Monica said self-righteously. That had been so embarrassing when Alicia has walked in just as she had moaned into the phone for Gee.
"Yeah just moaning." Alicia responded with a smile.
"One moan" Monica said, "Just one little moan."
"And this time?" Alicia asked.
"Oh, hell. Definitely more than one moan." Monica admitted to her friends.

She sat on the side stage watching him, hating that she couldn't touch him. Why did it always have to be this way? Her mind went back to the decision she had made when he and Liv had finally broken apart. The words she told him then were now fresh in her memory...I will wait...I will work on my on my own. I will cut and cut and cut and I will cut at my funeral and I will cut at yours." He looked at me sadly she remembered and then he had turned and walked away. She felt tears roll down her cheeks.
Suddenly he was standing near her side of the stage. He looked over and was shocked to see her face, her tears. He sang the words to "Mama" getting close to the Liza Minnelli solo part of the song.
Gerard looked over at her and couldn't understand what was wrong. She had been so happy earlier. He had a thought; he walked over and grabbed her arm. "Sing Liza's part," he whispered in her ear as he pulled her to the middle of the stage.
She was shocked but did as he requested, she never could deny him anything he asked.... "And if you would call me your sweetheart I'd maybe then sing you a song." She leaned even closer to him as he held the mike between them. All around cell phone cameras recorded the moment her lips touched his.
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