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Hera has made a list of things that Archie isn't allowed to do.

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We were bored and decided to make another list. It's 'Things Hera Made Archie Never to Do' or just '100 Things'. We could only think up 20 things so far, so we will kindly take in suggestions. We're going to do 20 things a chapter, so that will be 5 chapters in total.


I, Archie Harris, will write out a list of things that Hera does not want me to do under ANY circumstances.

1. I am not allowed to put purple die in Neil's shampoo

2. I am also not allowed to do the same thing to Theresa's.

3. I'm not allowed to raid the kitchen and hide all the food in my room, out of Herry's reach.

4. I'm also not allowed to steal Odie's X-Box and hook it up to my TV in my room.

5. I'm not allowed to tamper with Atlanta's skateboard so a wheel 'mysteriously' falls off and I win.

6. I'm also not allowed to trip/distract/tie her shoelaces together while racing Atlanta so I win.

7. I am not allowed to mimic Jay from behind when he is giving us orders.

8. I'm not allowed to lock myself up in my room, try and climb down the wall and run off somewhere when everyone wants to go to the beach.

9. I'm not allowed to steal Theresa's stuff.

10. Or Neil's.

11. Or Odie's.

12. Herry as well, but that's only food.

13. When we got to eat out, I'm not allowed to take a blindfold with me just so I don't have to watch Herry eating.

14. If Atlanta gets a boyfriend, I am not allowed to interfere with their relationship.

15. I'm not allowed to tamper with Theresa's car so she can't go anywhere.

16. I can't give Herry ice cream in the middle of a training match with him, just so I can win.

17. I still have to go with Odie if he has to fly us somewhere.

18. I am not allowed to go to Aphrodite and get a Love potion so I can make Neil fall even more in love with himself.

19. I must not make Odie angry so then he 'adjusts' my alarm clock and makes me late for school.

20. I must be kind to Ares at all times, or else I will pay dearly for it.


And so that is the first 20! So that is 80 more to go and we need some ideas too!

~ SaltWaterGirls16
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