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Things 21-40

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Here you go, the next 20 things! Thanks to crazy_chik for numbers 21 and 22.


21. Referring back to number 18, I'm also not allowed to ask Aphrodite to make a love potion so Atlanta can fall in love with me.

22. I'm not allowed to use Odie's hypnotic ray gun thing and make him do my homework.

23. I must not make fun of Cronus and insult his mother; I'll be insulting the gods as well.

24. I'm also not allowed to anger the giants so they knock themselves out and then seek revenge later.

25. I can't get out of chores by claiming that my heel is sore.

26. I also can't make people do things for me while my 'heel is sore'

27. I'm not allowed to make fun of Theresa anymore (Did Jay put you up to that?)

28. I will not start singing the batman theme song

29. Or our theme song

30. I will not go down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and bang pots and pans together

31. When asked what the noise was, I will not blame it on Cronus so Jay goes into 'leader' mode.

32. I will not blame Cronus for everything that goes wrong in my life.

33. I also can't blame it on Neil, because he has good luck.

34. Declare that the dorm is an independent nation and sue everyone for 'invading my airspace'.

35. I'm also not allowed to kick everyone out of the dorm if I declare it an independent nation.

36. I'm not allowed to lock myself up in my room or else you'll send Herry to fetch me.

37. I will not make weird noises like fax machines.

38. I'm also not allowed to learn Morse code and talk to everyone in beeps.

39. Nor am I allowed to make beeping noises if a fat person backs up.

40. Do not ask everyone 'Why?' every time they tell me something, no matter how fun it may be.


We still need some more ideas! Some of these ideas we had to get our brothers and other friends to help us! lol, :P
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