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Things 41-60

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Thanks to book-worm for numbers 41, 42 and 43, Riane46 for 44 and ernie_the_leprechaun for 45.


41. I'm not allowed to make sarcastic remarks if Jay mentions the name Cronus.

42. I'm not allowed to tease Atlanta because she's a year younger than me.

43. I'm not allowed to take Neil's mirror and replace it with a picture of an ugly person so Neil thinks he's not perfect.

44. I'm not allowed to pull pranks on Neil.

45. I will not play sick from training drills.

46. Or school.

47. Or from going to the beach/pool/pond or any water related area.

48. I am not allowed to start a food fight with Herry.

49. I'm also not allowed to start a food fight in the cafeteria.

50. I cannot sneak into Theresa's room in the middle of the night with an electric razor and shave all her hair off.

51. I'm also not allowed to do that for Neil.

52. Or Odie.

53. I must not dress up as Cronus, 'kidnap' Atlanta and make Jay have a panic attack and blame himself.

54. I'm also not allowed to do that with Theresa.

55. If Neil/Herry/Odie/Theresa fall asleep on the couch, I'm not allowed to take shaving cream, put it on their hands and tickle their nose with a feather until they slap their face with their shaving cream filled hand! (This can also apply with Atlanta and Jay)

56. I am not allowed to go to a costume shop, find a mask that looks like Voldemort and then run back to the dorm and wait until it's dark and I walk into Neil/Theresa's room and claim that I want them to join me or perish! (And then listen to them scream their heads off!)

57. I'm also not allowed to get a costume of Darth Vader and ask everyone I meet to join the dark side! (We have cookies!)

58. For Halloween, when we have to dress up as the scariest thing we can think of, it can't be Theresa.

59. On the Harry Potter note, I am not Harry Potter. If I find a branch, it is not my wand and I can't do magic with it.

60. Which sucks, because then I can't make Theresa eat slugs!


Wow, there are alot of mean things that Archie wants to do to Theresa! Haha, sorry about that. And sorry for adding in all that Harry Potter stuff, the movie comes out on Wednesday and the lot of us can't wait! Also, sorry about the Star Wars part, we are also huge fans on that, but it was funny! Suggestions are still welcomed, got 40 left to do! Also, we know all of you are waiting for a 'Dreams' update, that will be coming shortly, but for this story, we get inspired easily!
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