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No, I won't smoke with Andy's mom!

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You wanted it folks, and you got it. This is THE SEQUEL to Sing Until Your Lungs Give Out. We're back with Becca and the guys three years later, and people seem to have grown up (seem being the key...

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Chapter 8

Patrick's POV

I turned as I heard the door close to see Becca carrying a sleeping Ally to Ally's room. I decided to follow her and put Ally to sleep.

I went in to see Ally in her bed and Becca looking over her, tears running down her face. I held her and wiped away her tears. She looked up at me and I think her face fell a bit more when she recognized who I was. No. That couldn't be it.

"Hey," I whispered. "What's wrong?" She shook her head, almost as if to say that nothing was wrong. "I know something's wrong. What is it?" She sighed.

"Gee and Frank left," she stated. "And I was...really stupid. It's nothing."

"It's not nothing and you're not stupid. You know you can tell me anything," I said. "I'm still your best friend, aren't I?" She nodded.

"It's so stupid, but...I was kind of hoping that they already knew. That they brought Mikey to meet his daughter. I don't want her to grow up only knowing me, I want her to know him too, you know? And I kind of thought that maybe he'd want to meet his kid. It just seems sort of like he doesn't really care. Like he just put that summer away in his mind and never thought to take it out again, but I'm always reminded of that summer by her. She looks so much like him, and every day she's starting to act more like him too," she said. I pulled her into a hug and felt her crying onto my shirt.

I should've known this was what she was crying about. Seeing all of us and seeing Gee and Frank was probably a bit much for her for one day. I found it so unfair that Mikey was the one who made the mistake of leaving her and trying to forget everything while she was left with a constant reminder of him. But what was I supposed to say in a situation like this?

"You know, I think Mikey made a huge mistake leaving you, but it's kind of his loss for not caring. I mean, think about it. Sure, he tries to forget everything, but that's not really gonna happen. So instead of remembering that summer in a positive way, he ends up thinking negatively. Whereas you see your daughter and you remember that tour, and it may not be the best memory in your entire life, but you got something out of it that you'll never let go. Not only did you get Ally, but you got the strength to keep going. Not many girls would be like you and try to raise a child on their own," I said, hoping that it might help the slightest bit. And hoping that I was making sense and not rambling. She looked up at me, her tears subsiding.

"Thanks, Patrick. You always know what to say," she said, burying her head in my chest once again. I silently thanked God for my unfailing knowledge of how to rephrase things in a positive way.

"Any time, Becca," I replied softly. "Now," I said, suddenly remembering what was happening in the other room. She looked up at me. "I believe there are some friends of ours in the other room that are probably wondering what's happened to us." She smiled and, regretfully, pulled away. She looked at my shirt and I was a bit confused as to why.

"Patrick, your shirt's all wet," she said, stifling giggles. I looked down. Oh. That's why. "You wanna go change?" I nodded and got a shirt from my bag that had magically appeared in Becca's room. Wait, what?

"Becca?" I asked. She turned around and nodded. "Out of curiosity, why did my bag appear in your room?" She laughed.

"Well, I decided that you guys can stay here if you want. I know Andy is in the guestroom. Joe's going over to his house which is just a couple streets over. I believe Pete insisted on staying on the couch. And you can stay in here..." She trailed off, going a bit pink. "Or, you know, you could go home...if you wanted." She looked at the floor and I smiled.

"I would love to stay here with you. If that's OK," I said. She looked up and smiled back at me.

"Of course it is! What kind of a question is that?" she said, laughing. I changed and we walked out to see Gabby and Kate laughing quietly at Andy and Pete, who were doing something to Joe while he slept. Kate leaned her head on my arm and laughed quietly, too. I smiled, then realized that they were asking him questions while he slept.

Pete glanced around the room, stopping on me and Becca. His smile fell a bit when he saw that I had put my arm around her waist, but then Kate giggled next to him as she whispered something into his ear and he smiled again. He whispered into Joe's ear.

"Andy's mom? What? That's gross!" Joe said. Andy looked over at Pete threateningly while Pete laughed. "No, I won't smoke with Andy's mom!" Andy looked somewhat relieved, and I just gave them a strange look.

Why were these guys my friends again?

Joe woke up suddenly, saw everyone laughing, and started chasing Pete around, saying things about killing him. That's why. I laughed along with everyone else as Joe tackled Pete.
A/N: So I'm finally updating. I'm sorry for the wait. I've been really out of it lately, so I haven't really updated.

The ending sucked. I admit it. I didn't really like this chapter as a whole, but it's essential to the storyline. Well, not the last part necessarily, but you get the idea.

Gerard and Frank aren't completely out of it. They're coming back much later, but not for long. You'll see.

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