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Waiting in the Shadows No More JULY 5

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Frank's pissed, Problems at the Meet and Greet, She is waiting

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Frank stormed off the stage handing off his guitar to the tech without breaking stride. He spotted Gerard a few feet in front of him, 'Way, just what the fuck was that all about?" He was still proud of himself for making it through the concert without strangling his so-called friend.
Gerard turned to him "What now, Iero? What bug is up your ass?" He knew what had set Frank off but he wouldn't give him the satisfaction of admitting that he knew.
"I fucking believed you earlier, same old shit isn't it Gerard? Mess around with her while pretending that there is nothing going on between you two. Well, fuck this shit, I'm not gonna cover for you. It wasn't right when you did this to Liv even tho the woman was a bitch. This
time your woman is someone who is better than you deserve but she still isn't enough is she? You just got to screw around. I guess old habits die-hard don't they?" he shook with anger.
"You know what? Fuck you Iero. What happened before when I was with Liv was totally different."
"Oh, so screwing around on Monica isn't like that, right? This time you've turned to her why? Cause Monica doesn't understand you? Maybe cause she doesn't love you enough? Or maybe it's because she just isn't here? Come on Way, give me a fucking answer. Why?" he screamed.
Gerard glanced over and saw she was standing on the side stage watching. He turned back to Frank, "Nothing I say is gonna mean shit to you." He turned and walked off towards her.
Frank turned the other way and moved towards the dressing room cussing the entire way. "Hey man, don't forget we have the meet and greet in about twenty minutes." Bob said. He hadn't witnessed the exchange between Frank and Gerard and didn't understand why Frank
pushed past him with a death stare.

Bob walked into the area that had been set up for catering. He found a quiet spot and called Kara. As usual she was bubbling over with ideas. Her latest quest seemed to be trying to decide just how much fun they could fit into the week he had to spend with her before leaving
again. She was excited that they would have the entire week together as she would be on Spring Break. They talked until Bob saw that it was time for the meet and greet. He told her how much he loved her, meaning it from the bottom of his heart.
He walked into the room, noticing that Frank and Gerard hadn't appeared yet. He took a seat and waited.

"Gee, I'm so sorry, I guess the excitement of singing on stage with you got the best of me." She lowered her eyes, her lip quivered.
"Hey, don't worry about it. It was just a friendly kiss, nothing to get bent about." He put his arm around her shoulder. "Come on, you know I hate to see you cry."
She looked up at him, her eyes misty. "I just don't want to cause you any problems. That's all I do cause problems." Her body shook as she began to sob.
"Oh, hey, come on." He led her towards one of the unused dressing rooms. "There is something more to this isn't there?" They walked into the room and he closed the door. "Tell me what's wrong, maybe I can help." They sat down on the sofa and he put his arm around her.
'Oh Gee, everything is so wrong." Her voice whispered. "Just so wrong. I'm just tired of it all."
Her words and the tone of her voice worried him. He knew it was getting close to the time of the meet and greet but how could he just walk away now? She had been there for him now he wanted to be there for her.
She closed her eyes and inhaled his smell, he had just gotten off stage was covered with sweat and she loved it. This was the Gerard she knew, the one she had traveled with, the one she had spent hours alone with, the one she had always wanted.

Frank crossed the room and stood in front of Bob, "Where the hell is Way?" he asked looking around.
Bob shook his head, "Uh, I haven't seen him." He looked at Frank and was shocked. He had seen Frank angry before but this was a new level of anger. "What's wrong?"
"How the fuck can you say that? You were there weren't you? You heard our guest soloist during Mama?"
"Yeah, I heard her sing but so what? Why are you so pissed?"
Frank shook his head, "I guess you don't think what's been going on is wrong. Hell you've been going with them. How nice that there is two of them for the two of you." He spat.
"Dude, calm down. Katlin and I are just friends."
"Oh yeah, I hear a lot of the 'just friends' shit." They were being called to be seated so the meet and greet could start. Gerard still hadn't shown.
As they walked to the table Bob put his arm out and touched Frank's shoulder, "Dude, she just sang."
"Yeah and they fucking kissed on stage or did you miss that?" He practically knocked Bob over getting to his chair.
Bob stood there with a shocked expression on his face. He had missed the kiss. From his spot on stage he hadn't seen the moment she pressed her lips to Gerard's.

The fans looked up to see Gerard rush in and take his place. He was twenty minutes late and most of the kids had already passed through the line. "Shit sorry I'm late" he said sitting down and picking up a sharpie.
Frank didn't even look over at him. He continued to talk to a young girl who was sharing a special story with him. He worked hard to keep his mind on her.
Bob leaned over and whispered, "What the fuck happened on stage?"
Gerard glared over at Frank before answering, "Nothing happened. The drama queen is just pitching a bitch fit." His words were loud enough to reach Frank's ears.
Bob held his breath as Frank slowly turned and leaned over, "Hey Gerard, why don't you just call Monica right now and get it over with. Fucking break her heart but let her get on with her life. Shit, her husband fucked her over but he was mental. That your excuse too?"
Bob put his arms out pressing against each of their chests to keep them apart. He looked at the fans and noticed they were watching the exchange. He whispered to both of them, "Look at the kids, do you two really want to do this in front of them?"
Frank backed off first. He turned and plastered a smile on his face.
Gerard slipped on his dark glasses and tried his hardest to smile. He was livid that Frank thought he was screwing around on Monica. Didn't he know that was not the kind of man he was now? Still the little voice in his head nagged, should you have comforted her like you did? Was
comforting all that it was about?

She went back to the hotel smiling. He would be done with the meet and greet soon and then he would come to her. The feel of his arms around her was still strong. Taking out his card key she let herself into this room to wait. She had told him she didn't want to explain to Katlin what was wrong so he had kindly suggested she wait for him here. She walked over to the bed and couldn't resist laying down and resting her head on his pillow. Closing her eyes she would smell his sent lingering to the sheets. She reached into her pocket and took out her phone.
"Hey, don't wait up for me" she said with a smile, "Gee told me to wait in his room and that's where I am." She paused a moment then added, "You know I'm tired of waiting, I've been waiting since I met him. Always in the shadows but no more." She stretched out with a slow
smile on her face, "I'm done with the shadows. I'll be with him when you see the morning light."
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