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chapter 7

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chapter 7 i think

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Chapter 7 I think

Gerard stirred me awake the next morning; he slid his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him in embrace. "Hello sleepy head, you feeling okay?" Gerard whispered in my ear.
"Perfectly numb, last night was like whoa! It was amazing," I replied sleepily
"Why thank you." he grinned mockingly. I took a pillow and smacked him over the head with it. The cheeky git!. "That's not very nice," he said lying flat on his back mocking me. "I can be a lot nicer," i said into his ear, this comment made him smile like a Cheshire cat. i started kiss him when the door flew open at the top of the stairs. "Mom's coming!!!!!" Mikey yelled flying down the stairs. "O fuck!" Gerard jumped out of the bed finding his underpants and throwing me his misfits T-shirt. We where fanatically trying to find our scattered clothes I only managed to find my pants along with Gerard's top and he only managed to find his underwear and jeans. Mikey was watching amused by the site of our panicking. While Gerard was doing up his jeans and belt, Donna walked down the stairs and looked at us all strangely. "Hey Donna, how are you?" I asked trying to sound sweet and sincere but I could tell it wasn't working and what was wrong was she could tell too. "What's going on?" she smiled. Gerard and I exchanged glances and started to talk at the same time rambling incoherently and fast. Donna picked up my bra off of the banister, Gerard's eyes went wide and so did mine. "That's mine," I said quickly snatching it off her. She cocked an eyebrow at me, "I'm so messy it's embarrassing." I quickly said thinking off the top of my head. "Hmmm.... Breakfast will be ready soon." She obviously didn't buy it. As she walked back up the stairs Mikey looked like he was about the burst out from tying not to laugh. As soon as she was gone Mikey roared with laughter, "I cant breath!" he was laughing so hard, he only broke out off it after Gerard punched him in the arm. "What's so funny?"
"Your faces! It was classic!" This time it was my turn to smack him.
"It's not funny, what if she had caught us?"
"I could die from laughing! Anyway I new so I'm guessing she did, could hear you two from flipping Australia going at it!" I was so embarrassed! "I was about ready to cut my ears off." He gave a little shudder.
"Fuck off Mikey!" Gerard him throwing a pillow at him.
"O Gerard!" Mikey said in a high voice and making sex faces. I was going so red, I felt as though my face was on fire! Gerard picked up the lamp... "Whoa! I'm going!" I heard as Mikey ran up the stairs.
"I could kill him." Gerard stated then looked at my blushing face. "Hey, just ignore Mikey, he's only saying that cause a ten year olds got more action than him." Gerard whispered in my ear while hugging me from behind.
"I guess, it's not only that. What are we going to do about ...bob." I really didn't want to ruin the moment but it needed saying. "I don't know, I guess I need to apologise and then, tell him about us." I expected him to shout or clam up but he didn't. I smiled widely. 'Us' we are a 'us'. "What are your smiling about"
"You called me and you a 'us' and the fact that I'm in the arms of the most gorgeous guy ever." I stated blissfully as Gerard kissed my neck lightly.
"I love you too ashy washy!" Gerard baby talked at me then started tickling me.
"Gerard no... Stop... ahaha... GERARD!" I said as I giggled.
"Okay I'll stop..."
"And if you ever call me ashy washy again I'll kill you, got it?"
"Yes... ashy washy!" Gerard exclaimed playfully running up the stairs. The rest of the day was perfect! I spent the day with the ways and I felt like one of the family. Donna knew about Gerard and I but was cool about it. I didn't want the day to end it wasn't special or anything, we didn't do anything but I really felt at home. I completely forgot about tomorrow when I had to give the money to Parker.
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