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Mahad and Kale head to a block that's not got the best reputation. Why? They're looking to hire a thief!

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A.N: Not the best of titles, but oh well. This is just a fic based around one of my many "Oc's" This is my first skyland fanfic so please don't be too hard on it... okay excuse time is over, now for the story.

Also, minor spoilings warning for the season finale mostly, I think most people have seen stuff like heart of the arena and everything.


*3 years ago*
The Guardian wandered through the halls of the abandoned building. The middle-aged man was feeling fairly confident. It was just a stupid kid, how hard could it be? Pathetic really. That he had been reduced to rounding up a couple of pesky children. The little boy was wanted in particular. He was a sejinn and the academy would take any sejinn child they could find. Besides, it was a raid! Where would this brat go? His mother's lifeless body was in the living room, his father was also dead and his sister...well she wouldn't be helping him from the laboratory now would she?
"Little boy" he called in a mockingly reassuring voice that sounded more like it came from an eel than anything else
"Come out, come out where ever you are..." a movement in the shadows caught is eye and he heard the sound of something fall from a table and moved toward that corner, opening the window with his powers to allow more sunlight in. Approaching the table with the long cloth touching all the way to the floor, he saw the vase that had dropped. If he had bothered to see past his arrogance, he may have remembered that many sejinns learned how to use their telekinetic powers at an early age. However, he didn't and fell straight into the trap laid out for him. Pulling back the tale cloth he frowned when he saw that there was nothing but a remote-control airplane. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to get fist in the face and hitting his head against the corner of the little table.
"Looking for us?" asked a female voice. She was clearly angry. All he remembered before blacking out was a cold, depthless grey eye.

Chapter 1- The Bar

"Man I wish we were in the Hyperion! These mosquitoes just don't respond like it did!" Mahad grumbled

"I know Mahad, but we need you and Kale to check this rumour out." Cortez replied. The Rebel leader didn't berate Mahad this time. He knew there was more than just teen arrogance behind his attitude. Although the boy hadn't said anything, he was put out about having to leave his mother so soon after her rescue. However, he would admit how much he missed his old ship. He and Cheung had started work on plans to build a new one, but it would still be a while before that happened. So for the mean time, he was stuck in a mosquito.

"Hey don't be so worried Mahad. I got your back, remember?" Kale said from the other mosquito

"Yeah, that makes me feel LOADS better. The guy who once nearly killed me has my back." Mahad teased. He and the ex-gladiator had become fairly good friends over the past few months.

The two rebels landed their ships on a shady-looking trading post. Mahad felt a little jumpy being in such a bad area, but his friend looked fine, in fact, he almost seemed to be at home in the town!

"Have you been here before?" The pilot asked

"What? Oh yeah I have. I came with Wayan a couple of times to try and get some Intel from a couple of people who did work for the Sphere."

"There are Sphere agents here?!" Mahad exclaimed. Kale's face twitched in thought and he said

"Sort of. More like mercenaries, bounty hunters, the occasional assassin, actually you'd be surprised how many people I've talked to that have been paid by a Sphere dignitary to take out another Sphere dignitary. Imagine that huh? Taking out your own people."

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me." The pilot said. The two boys entered a tavern to find it just as bad as the rest of the outpost. Dirty, dark and violent.

"Stick by me and you'll be fine. I have enough of a reputation that they won't jump me." The gladiator murmured. Mahad did not argue. While he would never in his life admit it, he was scared. Kale walked confidently up to the bar and sat on a stool. Within moments a barman appeared.

"Ah my good old friend Kale. Where's your babysitter?" the grizzled man asked gruffly."

"Very funny. We're looking for Sokar." Ignoring him the fat barman jerked his head at Mahad

"Who's he? Looks even more in need of a babysitter than you!" Mahad bridled at this but was wise enough to hold his tongue. Kale seemed to know what he was doing, or at least Mahad hoped he did. Slamming his fist down on the counter he put on his most intimidating glare and snarled


"Alright, alright. Don't hurt yourself" The scruffy barman grumbled as he trudged off

"Who's Sokar?" The pilot asked his friend.

"He owns this place, shadiest dealer in this sector. He's got all sorts of mercenaries, thieves and" Just then a water bottle slammed down in front of him.

"Take it. You look like you need it." Someone said. That "someone" was a middle-aged man who looked to be very dangerous. He had a weathered, only slightly wrinkled face with a patch over one eye, a scar on his chin and nose piercing. His hair was dusty rather than grey, with plenty of black still in it.

"Sokar." Kale said curtly.

"Kale." Sokar replied equally as curtly. The Ex-Gladiator leaned forward

"We hear that you might know something about the millennium cats eye." He murmured. The bar owner raised an eyebrow.

"I might know something."

"We want it. Could you be of any service?" The Dealer smirked.

"Expensive tastes there, kid. Only know of one good enough that might be able to get it for you and she don't come easy."

"We're willing to pay you, lots!" Mahad suddenly cut in. Kale glared at him, however Sokar seemed amused.

"Oh I know you are boy. But it 'aint me you gotta convince. It's the Rogue."

"You're his employer. Make him. Like he said, we're willing to pay." The Gladiator said. This made the bar owner laugh out loud this time.

"She. The Rouge is a she. And no force in Skyland can make that girl do anything! I think she's in if you want to see her. Chuck!" he yelled out the last word and the Barman came scuttling forward.

"Yes sir?" he asked quietly.

"Is Rouge in?"

"Y-yes. She's with a perspective client now s-s-sir."

"WHAT?" Sokar roared "Why was I not informed of this?"

"Y-you were not in. The client made the offer directly to her. You know what she's like!" Sokar rolled his eyes.

"Yes. Indeed I do. Damn arrogant chit." Turning to the rebels he said,

"Go to the back. Second room. Wait there, but stay away from the door. Tell her who sent you there and she should let you talk a bit before she kicks you out" The two boys headed in the direction he pointed, however they did catch what Sokar said to his underling
"Or worse."
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