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Chapter 2

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Kale and Mahad meet the best thief in town

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A.N: Since I never posted a physical description of this OC anywhere before, this chapter is very descriptive, just thought I should warn you, and remember there ARE some mild spoilers in this. If you don't want to see them, wait until you've seen the season finale before you read this.

Also, looking back Mahad seems to be a little out of character at points...a little too...cautious. Sorry, I just kinda needed to fit that in for purposes of the story and was tired of the same old people being the worry-warts all the time.

Chapter 2

"Or worse."
The two men seemed to find this extremely funny, even if the rebels were sceptical. They waited patiently outside the door. After a few minutes they herd some scuffling noise.

"What's that?" Mahad asked, putting his ear to the door.Kale did the same then frowned and yanked Mahad backwards just in time to avoid being squashed by the door as it fell down. Two people also appeared smeared on the wall. They slid to the floor and looked back into the shadowed room. A warning shot was fired just above their heads, searing the man's hair and burning the woman's finger tips, also leaving a scorch mark in the wall. The maid groaned when she saw the door and shook her head as the two previous "clients" ran for their lives. When the one who had fired the shot exited the room Kale and Mahad looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

In the doorway stood a girl in her late teens. She was wearing dark brown boots, camouflage pants, a long black denim vest that went down to her knees with a purple t-shirt underneath and matching violet gloves. She also had three small gold pirate-like hoop earrings down the side of one ear and a choker-necklace in the shape of a string of green criss-crosses around her neck. Finally there was what looked to be some kind of utility belt around her waist.

Her long side-swept dark-blond bangs covered a considerable amount of one half of her face and were distinguished by a crimson streak down the side. The rest of her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She had silvery-grey eyes that seemed to match her fairly pale complexion and well-shaped features. She twirled the laser-gun she held around her finger and stuck it in its sheath on her brown belt.
She turned her icy gaze to the two rebels,

"What are you staring at?" She snapped. She had a deep voice with an almost throaty English accent, (or at least what would have been considered an English accent had the earth still been whole). Mahad shook his head a little, and tried to look calm and imposing. It wasn't working.

"Nothing." Kale replied evenly. "Sokar sent us over here to talk to you."

"He did, did he?" the girl replied dryly. Then she sighed, stepped to the side and waved them in "Come in then." They did so and followed her in. The room was relatively small. There was a desk at one end and two chairs a few meters in front of it. There were no furnishings other than the chairs and desk, no weapons or trophies on the walls or anywhere. The window was the only source of light besides the small lamp. All in all, it was certainly not what they had expected.

"Sit." She ordered, motioning to the chairs. When they didn't move she rolled her eyes.

"I'm not going to attack you unless you provoke me, and also, I can get you very easily when you are standing as well." They still remained standing.

"You the Rogue?" Kale inquired. The girl nodded stiffly.

"We here you can help us with something." Mahad said

"I might be able to. However, I do have a few boundaries as to what I will do and conditions that go with those as well." Kale's eyes narrowed

"Boundaries?" he asked

"Conditions?" Mahad added. The Rogue smiled.

"Yes. First of all, I'm a thief, sometimes a spy, occasionally a mercenary. I am not a whore, and I am certainly not an assassin. I won't kill someone for money or for pleasure and you can drop any hopes of a night on the town or whatever you call it with me right now. Second, I decide whether or not I take the job, and you don't complain if I say no. Got it?" The rebels nodded solemnly.

"Very well." She said, sitting behind her desk and putting her feet up on it, taking out a small dagger and playing with it, allowing the light to catch on it and flicker. After a moment the Rogue looked up. "What do you want?"

"This." Kale said, tossing her a picture of the jewel they wanted. She raised an eyebrow and nodded

"Nice. But you have expensive taste don't you?"

"Can you get it?"

"I'm the one most likely to lift it, yes."

"What's it going to cost us?" The Gladiator growled.

"4 months supply of water for three, 100 litres of fuel and some equipment." The thief replied evenly

"What?!" Mahad exclaimed

"Done." Kale cut in


"...And then he's like 'done!' just like that!" Mahad said loudly, recounting the experience he and Kale had had to Dahlia and Wyan.

"You know, considering how sought-after that jewel is, you shouldn't be surprised that it's costly." Dahlia said

"Yeah, but Kale's not in the clear yet.Cortez wasn't too happy to hear that we had a mercenary getting it for us." Wyan replied.
Mahad shrugged then said something about going to spend time with Lena and Mila. The two Pirates couldn't help but smile at each other.

It really was nice to see the family re-united.

Mahad had been a little bummed about going on a mission only two days after rescuing his mother. However, Mila wasn't doing so well. Ever since her return she hadn't exactly been at full strength, in fact, she was still recuperating from the experiments Oslo had put her through. The Vector had said privately to them that he wasn't sure if Mila would ever completely recover from some of the damage done by those "experiments" although, Dahlia hoped he was wrong.

Wyan and Dahlia also left and went back to the Saint Nazaire. Cortez was brooding when his two seconds in command walked onto the bridge. He was certainly not happy about the whole situation with the hired thief. He had many suspicions and fears about this unknown girl...they knew nothing about her and considering where they had found her, she did NOT sound trustworthy. He had confronted Kale on his actions and had, grudgingly, in a way, understood the Gladiator's point. The Vector really needed that stone to complete his invention. The rebels needed this water-purifying thing, and it needed the jewel for a power source. It was also going to be used for several other things, making solar power an amazing new source with its light-concentrating abilities. However, for the same reason, they couldn't allow the Sphere, especially the Guardians to keep it in their possession.

While the Capitan did have to grudgingly admit that Kale had done this for the rebels, he still was very...uneasy about relying on such a person.
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