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Chapter 3

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Mahad tries to find out a little more about the Rogue. Meanwhile, is there more to this thief that meets the eye?

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A.N: Another Spoiler warning. This time for Wind Devils as well as the finale. (Shrug) sorry.

Chapter Three

Gwen (A.K.A The Rogue) was brooding. Well, to be more accurate, she was calculating. Before she took any job, she always weighed the risks and prises involved. Oh sure she'd SAID she'd take it, but since when was her word good? This one certainly came with a large amount of risk, but the rebels had agreed on her price... and she needed that stuff. Or rather, the ones relying on her needed it, the ones she really loved and cared for.

Besides, this was going to be fun. If there was one thing Gwen loved about her job, it was the thrill of it all! The challenge of out-witting the competition, the rush of adrenaline when she was in the middle of a chase or in the midst of a heist, and of course, the satisfaction of a job well done after it was complete. However, while she was never bored in her profession, that didn't necessarily mean she liked what she had become. There were times when she hated herself more than anything, and those times were not infrequent. Sometimes she wondered if she would ever be able to bring herself to actually trust someone, if she could, maybe it would make things easier in the planning areas...but then again, there was a large part of her that enjoyed the challenge too much for that.

Never one to wallow in self-pity for long, Gwen returned her attention to the task at hand.

It was one of the most guarded objects in all of Skyland! The Sphere kept under tight watch, with both guardians and regular humans guarding it, even some well-paid agents from around blocks like the one she was on. She herself had once been offered the position, which was in a way ironic as she didn't even exsist according to the Sphere. She'd said no of course. She wouldn't have been able to stand working for someone who actually thought they were in charge of her for long. Besides, not only would it have been boring but no common mercenary ever came out of that job alive, and even if they survived the Sphere assassins their knowledge would come to no use as the security codes were changed every month, and the security systems every year. So how was she to get in?

Gwen knew all the traps: Motion detectors, lasers, guards, distractions etc, etc. She also knew all the tricks: counter-distractions, a re-programmed robot, powder to make the lasers visible (once one with the proper agility and skills could see them, they were really no problem) however; the problem would be getting out with the prize. The Rogue sighed and leaned back in her chair. It was getting late, nearly midnight in fact. Now it was time to do some snooping...

The next morning the saint Nazaire received a communiqué from their "employee". Cortez answered it.

"Do I have a wrong number?" The girl asked dryly when she heard a stranger's voice on the other end and saw Cortez through the visual.

"If you're looking for Kale, no. I'm taking over this assignment's supervision." Cortez replied.

"I'm sorry, but I will speak with one of the two who hired me. Oh, by the way, tell whoever you might have tracing my signal not to bother and if he wants his hard drive in one piece, he better stop now before-"

"No!" Cheung exclaimed as he started frantically typing at his laptop. "I hit a virus! It's crashing my computer!" Cortez looked back at the thief they had hired with a scowl. She shrugged

"When you know the right people, you can get anything done." She said by way of explanation. This just made the Rebel leader even more suspicious.

"Who do you have over there?"

"Me, myself and oh yes, I. The Virus isn't that bad. It's just a cheap little knock-off that was part of my payment for another job, only works once apparently. Speaking of assignments, I'll speak to one of my employers, no one else." Cortez clenched his teeth and nodded in Kale and Mahad's direction. Kale stepped forward.

"Uh, Rogue? Kale here. Listen, I know I hired you, but Cortez is taking over." He said. For a moment there was silence on the other end as the mercenary mulled this development over.

"Very well. I get paid either way." Cortez caught the subtle hint and replied

"Aye, you'll still get paid the agreed amount"

"Good. Now listen, we need a meeting place. Somewhere neutral and of my choosing. We'll discuss details there" And with that she ended the transmission.

Mahad walked back to the house he shared with his sister and, now after finally rescuing her, his mother. He arrived to find Lena and Mila in the yard talking. He joined them and started shooting hoops with Lena in the hoop they had set up after their mom had come back. Mila watched her children with pride and joy. After coming to Puerto Angel, the adult sejinn spent as much time outside as she could and had set up a garden and spent time growing some mansa, which she had become pretty good at after over a decade of growing it. She wanted to give back a little to the people who had looked after her children and helped rescue her and had also taught some of the other inhabitants who were interested. This would hopefully decrease their dependence on other blocks for food a little.

After a few minutes, Mahad started talking to his mother about the new development in this whole situation with the thief and the jewel.

"I don't like it. There's just so much that can go wrong. This-this mercenary could set a trap for us! Rat us out to the Sphere! She could kill Wyan and Kale! I mean it! She is dangerous!"

"Since when are you so cautious?" his sister asked as she took a shot at the net. The ball went in.

Just then Lena got an idea

"Mahad," she started, "Why don't you ask Lucretia about this person. She might know her." The teenager's face brightened.

"Lena you're a genius!" he said and ran off to the lighthouse to make a call.

"The Rogue you say? Well you made a good choice." Lucretia told him

"Really?" Mahad asked

"Well she's better than us. Never failed yet I hear. She's built up an impressive reputation in only a couple of years, though the fact that she's survived this long as a free lancer is pretty cool by itself." The Wind Devil stated. That impressed the pilot. LUCRETIA admitting someone was better than her? No way!

"Wait a minute; if she's so good, how come I've never seen any wanted posters for her?"

"Mahad, you're so naïve. That's actually a complement. The Sphere is currently trying to spread the rumour that she's just an urban legend and that nothing's gone missing that they haven't caught the culprit for. This only helps her of course, but their pride is stung whenever someone gets away with something." The girl on the other end informed him.

"That's something I don't get. You know, she sounds too good to be true."

"No I think she's just smart. Beat us to a prize once and that's hard to swallow believe me."
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