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Chapter 4

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Lena is having nightmares about Oslo and the Sphere when one night she finds she is not the only one having these dreams. Is there more to the Rogue that meets the eye?

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Disclaimer: Forgot to do this in earlier chapters
so I better do it now. But seriously, if I owned Skyland, the Rogue would be a character in the show, and season 2 would be out already, as would the movie.

A.N: (Oh, first of all, spoiler in this author's note) It occurs that creepy bald guy wouldn' exactly show the "golden child" of Skyland any gratitude for saving his sorry behind (AGAIN) and would still be looking to capture her. I got the idea for Lena's nightmares from 'The Secret Power' episode.

"I don't like it. They sound dangerous." Claire said to her Granddaughter. The Rogue, Gwen to Claire, sat across from her on a log. The thief looked across at the old woman. Her Grandmother was so important to her, just like her little brother.

The elderly lady across from her had dark skin and her hair was white. She wore a creamy-grey pant-suit type clothing and matching shoes. Her eyes had lost all colour over the years after the attack which had left their little family broken and without a home. Gwen's anger rose at the mere thought of it and looked down at her right hand almost instinctively and was glad she wore gloves. The guilt had never left her. If she had gotten there sooner-if she had cooked up the nerve to escape the lab sooner, she might have made it in time.

"Perhaps they are. But I'm dangerous too. These are far from the worst clients I've had. In fact, compared to most, they're kittens. Besides, if they try to double cross me, they'll learn why even the mighty Sokar fears me."

Claire knew that Gwen meant it. While "the Rogue" didn't exist with her and Will, (Gwen's little brother), she was the considered the best thief in 6 sectors, possibly in all of Skyland. However, while most of the black market and more sinister characters all knew this, she wasn't the most wanted person ever. She was smart enough not to get caught. Also, while others in her line of work purposefully left wounds un-healed to give themselves the tough look, Gwinn didn't follow their example, choosing instead to make her reputation through her work instead of by facial marks from previous battles. Besides, she already had something..."abnormal" about her that had been left by the Sphere's experiments on her that she would never be able to get rid of. She simply hid it with her gloves and bangs.

Even though Claire had been blinded, she had still watched her grandchild change after starting this job. Her attitude toward them had not changed, but she had "watched" Gwinn's self-loathing increase. She was good at her job, but she didn't particularly like it. However now, it had become a way of life for her. Claire felt guilty because she knew whom Gwinn was doing this for. William and Claire had lived on several different blocks, but currently their home was a deserted block that had probably been a small town. It had all sorts of abandoned buildings. They had chosen an abandoned firehouse to live in. The Bloc was perfect for them because it was extremely hard to find if you didn't already know where it was. The three of them had found it after running away from the carnage that was what remained of Gwen and Will's hometown. After discovering how good a thief she was while pilfering water and food for them, Gwinn left Claire and Will there whilst she was off looking for more "opportunities" and returned with her payment to add to their stock. She always asked for practical things as payment, such as water or parts for the old ship she flew, or something she could trade for things like that. The one she was thinking about interrupted Claire's train of thought.

"I'm going to bed. I have an early start tomorrow if I'm going to get that rock." The teenager said. And with that she walked into the abandoned building that was their home.


Lena tossed and turned that night. She wasn't really surprised. Since her epic fight with Oslo, she had been having nightmares practically every other night. However, while this dream started out similar to the others, it turned into something different.

As always there was Oslo, a giant in her nightmare. He Dahlia and Cheung in those creepy chairs and was laughing manically. She ran to get to them, but a glass wall slid down in front of her. Now Cortez and Wyan were trapped in chairs next to Dahlia and Cheung.

You can save them Lena... Oslo's voice rang though her head

"No!" She breathed, pounding her fists against the glass. Finally, there was Mahad and her mother struggling against his giant grip. She tried to use her powers to no avail. They weren't even working

"NO!" she screamed. This only made him laugh more

Surrender to me and I will let them go

"No! Leave them alone! It's me you want! Let them go! Please!" She sobbed.

Suddenly there was someone else there. A strange old woman with dark skin, white hair and strange, blank eyes that began to glow the eyrie sejinn blue was also restrained along with the rebels. Then there was more...a little boy had joined the ranks of the chained people and someone was now down with Lena behind the wall. She had dark blond hair that had a red streak in it and was wearing camouflage pants, brown boots, a purple t-shirt, black vest and purple gloves. She seemed confused at first, but when she saw Oslo, she threw something at him and yelled in fury. Oslo looked at this newcomer with...was that confusion? However, before she could figure anything out she was pulling out of the dream...

"Lena! Lena darling wake up!" Mila cried as she shook her dreaming daughter. Lena was thrashing around and yelling. There were tears running down her face and she woke up breathless. She looked around at the concerned faces of her mother and brother.

"Oslo! He-" she started. Her mother cut her off by taking her into her arms. The girl couldn't stop her frightened tears then

"Shh. It's all right. It was just a bad dream." Her mother murmured reassuringly. Mahad sat down on the bed beside them.

"This one must have been bad. You haven't woken up this scared since the first one!" He commented worriedly. By this time his sister seemed to have calmed down a little.

"This one was different. It was like there was someone else there with me, and more people with you...and I saw this place..." the young girl sighed and leaned against her mother. She was exhausted. After barely having slept in two weeks, the effect of the nightmares was increasingly effective if they were being sent by Oslo. She somehow knew he was behind this-he was always behind it! Still, now she had a feeling that she had to go with Wayan and Cortez to meet this person.

Gwen woke up the next morning from the strangest dream. Oslo had been in it. She had only met the megalomaniac once, but she had seen enough then and knew his reputation-both from rumours and from the most reliable source she had ever known: her mother. Even though the thief had only had a brief encounter with the man, she already loathed him. Her mother had never said anything, but whenever she talked about Oslo and what he would do to his kind brother Darius, she had always gotten this look in her eye that told her daughter more than words could have about how frightened he had made her. However, that was not the only reason for her intense dislike of the man. No. Oh no, there was more, a great deal more. First, while the experiments that Gwen had been put through were not of his design, he had authorized them! Not only that, he supported them!

While she loathed admitting it, Gwen was terrified of him. If she was correct in her hypothesis, she knew what would happen to her if the dictator couldn't get a hold of his brother, but managed to get her when he was sick. Only recently had she found this out herself, and her best hope was that he didn't know she even existed, or if he knew that, he at least didn't know...

Stop that! She mentally ordered herself. Wallowing in fear and self-pity would do her no good! She wasn't even sure who she was, why should he have a clue?

After a quick good-bye to her family, she got ready to leave.

Inside her ship were three photos. One was of her mother, one of her mother, her and her deceased twin, and the third was one of her, Claire and William together in front of the Firehouse they lived in. After a brief moment of melancholy over her mom and sister, she took off and steered her ship out of the fog and rocks. If she had not flown through it a million times, she would have had a considerable amount of difficulty getting through it. They had been lucky the first time, every once in a while, the fog would dissipate long enough for someone to navigate around the junk field, however, that had only occurred once in all the time since they had arrived three years earlier, so she wasn't particularly worried about anyone finding it.

However, maybe she should be.

No. She told herself. Who would look here anyway?

Lena had joined the party going to meet this mercenary, despite her mother and brother's protests and pleads. Mahad had insisted on going too if his sister was. Mila had also wanted to go, but the Vector (who was the closest thing Puerto Angel had to a doctor) had told her that she wasn't strong enough for combat if it came to that. And they all knew she would if her children were put in danger. As they got off the Saint Nazaire onto the bloc, they looked at their surroundings with curiosity. They were in what looked to have once been a town, but it had clearly been destroyed. As they past by one house that seemed to have suffered pretty badly Lena noticed something. Walking away from the others she saw what it was- a grave. Someone had also planted a sapling behind it so that when it grew, it would shelter the gravestone.

When she reached the stone, she knelt by it. Now she could see there were actually two of them. There was something about these tingled in her sejinn senses. She wasn't sure what it was, but...she sensed something around it. Frowning slightly, the young girl knelt down and wiped the thin layer of dirt off. There wasn't much, it was almost as if someone had already done so...of course! Someone had! But who was here?

"Estelle." She read out loud "Beloved Mother, true friend and Leader." Turning to the other one she read,

"Genevieve" That stone had a birth and death date on it. The poor girl had died VERY young.

Just then there was a small click and the young girl looked up to see a girl standing several meters away holding a laser-gun and it was pointed at her.

"Step. Away. From. There." She said in a dangerous voice.

"Wait a minute...I know you!" Lena exclaimed, " were in my dream!" It was then that the others showed up

"Lena!" Mahad cried when he saw the Rogue pointing the weapon at his sister. She stood up a little straighter and tensed a little, a silent treat that she was not afraid to shoot. The rebels all halted in their tracks. However, the Rogue returned her attention to the young sejinn.

"What did you say?" She asked

"You were in my dream last night." Lena told her as she slowly rose to her feet.

"No kidding." The older girl breathed, then shook her head slightly and regained her usual composure as she shot Cortez and the others a withering look.

"Well, well. 1-2-3-4, 5" she motioned to Lena at the last number "5 of you and one of me. This encourages trust." However, despite her words, she returned the weapon to its sheath with a twirl just like the Cowboys in old western movies and planted her hands on her hips. A raised eyebrow was all the inquiry needed for the rebels.

"Look, we never agreed on the amount of people to come meet you. After all, you chose the meeting place." Mahad said only a little nervously.

"Fair enough. However, when you've brought over an entire raiding party, how am I supposed to know that you don't have more people hidden somewhere here?" she inquired dryly.

"My guess is that you've made sure we won't." Wyan commented.

"True." Was the reply. Then she seemed to get a little more serious. "Alright, I'll get straight to the point. The object you want is valuable, well guarded and dangerous to get. You know the cost of it, and I expect to be paid in full at the end, no delays, no tricks, nothing. Also, I expect some of it in advance."

"How much?" Cortez asked cautiously.

"The first month's supply of water and 10 litres of fuel."

"Fair enough." The rebel leader agreed.

"We will meet at a location of my choosing for the pay-off, are we agreed?"


"Wait!" Lena called out as the Rogue started to leave. She turned around to face the young sejinn. "Whose graves are these?"

"Lena!" Mahad exclaimed

"Sorry. I have to know though. There's something about this place, about these tombstones...who's are they?" For a moment, the thief said nothing and there was a tense silence, finally the older girl replied

"Just leave them alone."

"Well that was unnerving. What do you think was going on with those graves?" Kale asked Wyan when they were back in the Saint Nazaire. Wyan frowned

"I don't know. I think the people buried there were important to her."

"I think they were probably people she loved, though I've never heard of either of them." Lena said, coming up behind them

"Whether was going on there, I still don't trust her." Cortez grumbled

"Well, we don't really have a choice now."
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