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Chapter 5

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Mahad and Cheung fnd themselves in a bt of trouble while Lena and the Vector investigate the names on the tombstones.

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"Well that was unnerving. What do you think was going on with those graves?" Kale asked Wyan when they were back in the Saint Nazaire. Wyan frowned

"I don't know. I think the people buried there were important to her."

"I think they were probably people she loved, though I've never heard of either of them." Lena said, coming up behind them

"Whether was going on there, I still don't trust her." Cortez grumbled

"Well, we don't really have a choice now."

3 days later

Gwen into a patroller and flew out, fending off several more before heading to a nice little hide-out. The ship was totalled, but hey! It wasn't hers. Translation: Not her problem. She wished she could stick around just to see the looks on those fool's faces when they found a cheap imitation in place of their precious rock! She smiled to herself and tossed the jewel in the air and caught in a cloth bag. Her smile faded quickly. Now, to finish this up.

"Cortez, we just received a transmission from The Rogue!" Wyan said, pausing as he read the rest of the transmission. "She's got the jewel! She wants to meet us on and abandoned bloc she just sent the coordinates to us for, but she just wants Mahad and Cheung to go, but she won't care if I go."

"Mahad and Cheung? Why?" Cortez asked.

"Dunno. It just says-Mahad and Cheung are to come, Wyan if too if he pleases, no one else. You know the consequences should this condition not be met."

"What 'consequences?'" Mahad scoffed.

"You'd be surprised. If the rumours about her are true, she can be very...creative with those who double-cross her." Wyan said. When the others looked at him curiously he shrugged

"You'd be surprised the gossip you hear on blocs like Diablo's and Tortuga." He told them; referring to the bloc they'd found the girl on as well as another famously shady bloc.

A half-hour later Mahad, Wyan and Cheung were standing in a deserted Factory on a bloc that was stuck behind several small blacks and minor magnetic field, it wasn't large, but it was bad enough to make flight difficult and communication impossible.

"Hello?" Cheung called out. There was a faint echo. "We're here." There was a faint thud behind them and they turned to see the Rogue.

"Good. I have what you wanted. Now, payment." She said, holding a small cloth bag in one hand and holding out the other in a demanding gesture. Wayan and Mahad then put down the large boxes of parts that were part of the price they had agreed on. The Water was outside, as was the fuel.

"Open them." She ordered, taking out her laser-weapon.

"Man she's bossy!" Mahad hissed at Wayan. The other rebel merely shrugged.

"That's her line of work, I guess." They then backed away as the girl started looking through the parts. She tossed the cloth bag to the older rebel. Suddenly she looked up and jerked her head in Mahad's direction,

"You, Mahad. You will need to install this chip there," she pointed at a console in the wall "In order to be able to take off. This base has an automatic lock-down mechanism. Don't know the details of how it works, but this chip over-rides it." She said, holding a clear blue plastic rectangle out while still looking through the parts she had been given. Just as the teenager was about to take the slide from her she snatched it out of his reach and in one swift, graceful motion had taken out a large hook-shaped blade and had it at Mahad's neck.

"Nice try. You can't fool me. I specifically asked for a memory chip and it isn't here. Look what I found instead." She held up a small metal, beeping circle. Tossing it to Wayan she picked up her pistol again and pointed it at Cheung. The Rebel's eyes widened at seeing his friends in danger, but then looked down at the small gadget.

"A tracer?" He muttered "What the-we didn't put this in!"

"Of course you didn't. But I'll tell you what. You go take that back to your ship and bring back the correct chip, just you mind, and I'll let these two go. You have 45 minutes. GO!" she snapped. Seeing no choice, Wayan looked from Cheung, to The Rogue and Mahad, then turned and started running.

"You! You'll need this to take off. Throw it to him" She said to Mahad and Cheung. Both did as they were told. After the little boy moved back into the centre of the room the thief removed the hook-shaped blade away from the other teenager's neck and pushed him toward his young friend and returned the weapon to its hiding place

"Just how many weapons do you have?" Cheung exclaimed as she took out another weapon from the inside of her vest and returned her gun to her belt.

"A lot. Now to get rid of this..." the thief said absentmindedly, pulling out a memory chip from within her glove. The two rebels gaped

"You-you lied!" Cheung cried. The girl raised an eyebrow

"Thief, mercenary, general dishonest work- is ANY of this ringing a bell?" She asked mockingly by way of explanation, raising the weapon she currently held threateningly.

"W-wait! " Mahad yelled, looking around nervously. "You don't want to do this! Think about what you're doing! Hold on, what are you doing?" The thief holding the two kids captive was putting something in her ears

"Kidnapping you." She replied

"Huh? Why?" Cheung asked.

"Let's just say, everybody has a price, and someone's paying mine." This made Mahad angry.

"You low-life, no good, horrible-" he was cut off when the Rogue pulled the trigger. However, instead of laser-shots, bullets or any other kind of missile, the gun sent out waves of sound that instantly began paralysing the two boys. It knocked Cheung out almost immediately, however, Mahad managed to stay awake a little longer than she had clearly expected as he heard her murmur mostly to herself, though he couldn't quite make out what she was saying it sounded like

"Sorry boys...nothing personal...just..."


Whilst this was all going on at the Saint Nazaire, back at Puerto Angel the Vector and Lena were researching. Cheung was really a lot better at this, but he was busy.

"You said their names were..." the Vector trailed off

"Genevieve and Estelle." Lena filled in.

"Alright then. Lets see what we've got. Ah, here we go." Just then the old man brought up a bunch of records on his computer.

" appears she was a guardian once, but ran away just before your mother." Lena raised her eyebrows at this, but let the Vector continue as he brought up records they had salvaged from a damaged computer on the deserted block with the tombstones. Lena sat down and read the files with the old man.

It seemed that Estelle managed to find her home block and hide out there, eventually settling down. She'd had twins a few months after returning home. Names of... Genevieve and...Gwen, both girls' sejinns. When they were still young, the twins' mother married their stepfather, Michael. By all accounts they looked to have been close.

"If Michael was their Stepfather then who was their father?" Lena asked aloud. The Vector shrugged.

"It doesn't say." They continued analyzing the data. Genevieve had died young, the records said of an illness but they didn't specify.

"If the rogue is this Gwen, she hasn't had an easy life." The Vector commented as they continued. A few years later The Sphere took Gwen and Michael away, neither of them ever seen again.

"It looks like we've hit a dead end." The old man sighed. "It says here that Gwen was reported dead in an accident at the lab she was taken to. Estelle died 2 years later in a raid and her young son disappeared along with her mother. Oh well. It was a good thought."

However Dahlia who had been listening a little way off wasn't so convinced. Records could be altered, and explosions could be avoided and even survived.

(A.N No particular reason that I used Dahlia to over-hear that, she was just the only one I hadnt mentioned was on the ship. It won't come up again in this story. I'd originally planned a sequel to this where I'd explain her past but I'm not sure I'll do it now so I typed up something quickly and stuck it in there.)
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