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Chapter 6

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Mahad and Cheung find themselves hostages of the rogue...but just what is she getting in return for them?

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A.N: Took a bit for me to get around posting this chapter, but its long so I hope that makes up for it. Ive been too busy reading the "Deathly Hallows" over the weekend to post it.
Anyway, since this is Fan fic, I plugged in one of my theories about the how the Sphere is run and (if the "council" exsisted anyway) their priorities on the rebels. Lena IS a very powerful sejinn, but Mahad also gives the Sphere a hard time so I decided to point that out...

Chapter 6

Mahad came to with a groan. Sitting up slowly he groaned and went to rub his head only to find his hands tied.

" I remember that thing. That was the Sonic-thingy..."

"Ugnnn...Sonic paralyser." Cheung moaned

"Very good. I'm impressed." Said that familiar voice. They were in the back of the cockpit of a small ship. There were seats, but they were on the floor, they'd probably fallen there or been laid there on purpose.

"Look," The Rogue started "I'm sorry it had to be this way-"

"No you're not. You had this planned from the beginning didn't you?"

"Not quite from the beginning-but anyway this is how it is. Live with it. Now, there's something you ought to know-"

"The reason for this by any chance?" Mahad growled

"No. When you hear the words 'obsessive Guardian' duck and run. It might just save your lives." The girl's two captives frowned at each other in confusion and waited for her to elaborate. However, she didn't say anything more, just flipped the ship onto some kind of auto-pilot and began admiring Cheung's laptop (How she'd gotten a hold of that they'd never know) and the two young rebels began looking for a way to escape. While they were doing so Mahad couldn't help but notice the three old photographs in the window. Squinting, he tried to make them out.

One was of quite an attractive woman in her late 20's-early 30's. There she was again with a little girl on either side of her. In the third was obviously the Rogue, but who was the little boy and old woman with her? That's when Mahad and Cheung both had the same idea. Perhaps they could trick her, or talk her out of this at least. By now the thief had found the Vector's map and seemed to be fairly impressed by it.

Suddenly Cheung asked

"Why us? And what are they paying you?"

"I don't feel the need to share what I'm getting in return, but your first question I will answer. Cheung, you're a Child GENIUS who can do almost anything with a computer and also the Rebel leader's adoptive son. Mahad, you are-"

"Lena's brother and Mila's son. I know okay?" he snapped. Frankly he was tired of just being someone's brother or friend or son.

"-And the best pilot in Skyland not to mention a major pain in the Sphere's backside."

"Really?" The teenage boy asked brightly. Oddly enough, the fact that this might even put him in more danger didn't seem to faze him. The girl turned around to face him

"Really. The Guardians only care about your sister and your mother. The Sphere Council however...they want you out of the picture because you're an annoying pain in their ass."

"I thought the guardians ruled the Sphere." The Pilot commented

"Well in a way they do. However, officially the Council rules it. They occasionally decide to remind Oslo and his minions of their place by shooting someone with x-elerium or funding a new run of xelerium experiments." She practically growled out the last statement, clenching one of her gloved hands on the steer-stick. Mahad hadn't noticed the metal wrist-band that only just peeked out from under her glove.

"So Oslo doesn't run the Sphere?" Mahad exclaimed

"Actually, I can imagine they're pretty upset with him at the moment."

"Why?" Was Cheung's question.

"Well, all the activities he was doing with Mahad and Lena was all under the table. He didn't inform the Council."

"Okay, how do YOU know all this???" The two boys asked simultaneously.

"Spy for hire? Remember?! You think I don't commit valuable tid-bits to memory? They're useful! Besides, do you two really think objects are the only things you can steal, or want for that matter? Secrets are some of the most valuable items on the market. It's useful to have systems figured out." She said cryptically.

"One more question, if you had ear-plugs in, how did you talk to us before you fired the weapon, and if not, how did you manage to not get knocked out by that thing you shot us with?" Cheung inquired

"Too far." Was the prompt reply

However, before they could say anything more, a little beeping ball appeared in the back and a partion went up blocking the pilots seat. As the thing stopped beeping it broke apart with a horrible sound that made their ears ring...


Wyan returned to the Saint Nazaire the second time after he had returned to rescue Cheung and Mahad only to find that they and the Rogue were gone along with the water, fuel and parts. Cortez was furious (and worried sick), and he wasn't the only one. Lena and Mila were both livid (and worried). The rest of the rebels weren't much happier. However Wyan found something.

"Sir, there's a trail from her ship."

"A trail?"

"Yes. I think she's leaking fuel, not enough to affect her flight, but enough for us to trace her. It's the new compound that we found a few weeks ago."

"Follow it!" Cortez ordered.

"Sir, is that wise? We could be falling into a trap." Wyan warned.

"I know, but it's the only option we have."

Meanwhile Mahad and Cheung woke up groggily. Again.

"Did she use that thing on us again?" Mahad moaned

"Yes." Their captor replied "Well, a form of it anyway. Same design I think. You were getting annoying and I needed you two to be quiet. Oh and by the way, FYI, I'm not stupid enough to blab any of MY secrets to you. Now," she paused and opened up the cockpit, holding one of her weapons pointed at them "Time to move."

The two boys climbed out awkwardly, falling flat on their faces when she refused to untie their hands with a laugh. However, she helped them up by yanking them to their feet with her free hand and then shoving them forward. As the rebels trudged miserably in front they took in their surroundings. It was sunset now, or was it sunrise? They both still felt a little disoriented. It looked like they were in a grotto or something! The buildings were close together, leaving the long street rather narrow, only allowing perhaps three people to stand side by side if necessary and there were plenty of alleyways. However, they didn't duck behind any of them, just kept walking down the main road.

When they reached what looked like the centre of the block they entered a building. It was another empty, abandoned warehouse. The place was pretty run-down. The Doors were both gone, the windows were all broken, all the furniture looked to be absent as well, however, on the other side there stood a few people in a doorway: An adult in Sphere uniform and two civilians.

The little boy looked to be about 7 or 8 and had dark hair, tanned skin and hazel eyes, he also looked a little like the Rogue in his face somehow. The old woman looked a little more worn out by this ordeal then the child of course. Her eyes were an odd shade of grey that looked familiar...besides those however, she had dark skin off-set by white hair.

The teenage girl positioned herself with care, though neither of the boys could see anything strategic about standing in front of a wall!

The Rogue raised an eyebrow.

"Well, well, well. Look whose back. I thought you'd been fired Zoras, Out of a cannon if I remember correctly. Next time I'll be sure to check warranties before I purchase anything."

"And I thought you were dead. But apparently pests don't get exterminated that easily." The thief feigned hurt feelings mockingly

"Aw, I'm crushed. Really. Now why don't you tell your friends to come out of their hiding places? I know they're there. If they come a step closer I'll fire my weapon at that casket of alcohol over there." At the guardian's expression the thief laughed.

"Still underestimating the hired help I see. You of all people should know how fatal that could be. I know that this place is a Sphere controlled block for stashing the Leader's secret things, like their champagne and other alcohols and it'll explode." The young man looked very put out. The little boy began to giggle and he slapped him. Mahad and Cheung noticed the Rogue stiffen and her eyes hardened into a very lethal expression. It was then that the two boys realized that the two civilians weren't carrying the payment like they had first thought, they were the payment! This was a hostage situation! That made them feel a little better but not much

"Let's get on with this." Zoras growled

"Fine by me." The Teenage girl shot back, giving Cheung and Mahad a shove to get them moving. Zoras did the same to his captives and the four of them started walking

"No!" The elderly woman spoke up suddenly "No dear, don't do this! Those two are needed by someone! Don't forfeit them for an old woman like me. We both know they won't hurt Will." The Rogue clenched her teeth and her grandmother could see the hurt there.

"I'm sorry, but this is the only way." she said as she pushed her two captives to start walking. The guardian, Zoras, did the same.

However, just as they all reached the centre, the Rogue spoke, causing them all to stop and look at her with confusion and, in most cases, suspicion.

"You know, on second thought I can't help but wonder what you want with these two anyway." She said, shifting her weight casually. With her free hand she took out a small knife and started playing with it, allowing the light to catch and flicker on it even though she never took those cold, grey eyes off her quarry. It was very distracting to have the glints bounce back and forth off of that thing. No one seemed to notice the two people that had been Zoras's prisoners inch toward The Rogue.

"After all, whose word do you have to go on? You know all that's going to happen is another 'Obsessive Guardian' will take them off your hands." Her hard gaze flickered to the two rebels for a brief moment and then they remembered

When you hear the words 'Obsessive Guardian' duck and run. It might just save your lives... Therefore when they saw a blur of quick movement they ducked, barely missing the shot the mercenary had fired at the Sphere agent. He caught it, his hands glowing slightly. He laughed manically as he built up the charge

"Ha! I expected more of you! Firing an energy weapon at a Guardian! Well, you are about to pay the price for stupidity in your world!" Zoras said. The Rogue stood calmly, a hard, calculating look in her eyes. The sejinn across the room fired his charge with another laugh and Mahad and Cheung found themselves being pushed out of the way by an invisible was the the little boy! There was an explosion behind them, but when the dust cleared enough they saw the female mercenary leaning against a large pile of crates casually, a smug expression on her face.

"No Zorrie, I won't be paying the price for stupidity today," She said using the knife to punch a small hole in one of the crates. A pink powdery substance spilled out into her gloved hand. She took a few steps toward the Guardian. "You will." With that she blew out lightly on the powder in her hand and it spread through the room like smoke

"Hold you breath." A voice hissed in Mahad's ear. He did so, and was glad he did. Zoras collapsed and a few people fell out of their hiding places, literally. After a moment the dust dispersed and the Rogue walked over to them, clapping her hands together in a finishing gesture.

"Shall we?" she motioned to the door. The little boy began clapping his hands together and rushed to the teenager in a hug.

"I knew you'd come! I knew it!" The little boy mumbled into her shirt

"Of course I came Will. Now, we have to get out of here. That stuff won't last long."

Needing no further warning, everyone rushed for the exit, even if Mahad and Cheung were a little confused. Just before she left, the Thief turned and called back smugly

"Oh by the way Zoras thanks for breaking that panel. Now we'll be able to leave without being bothered by the automatic defence system. Until we meet again."

"Can he hear her?" Mahad wondered out loud.

"Of course he can, he's only paralysed, not unconscious, but the effect only lasts a minute or two so lets get going." The Rogue said. Suddenly the block shook violently and an alarm started blaring. The mercenary frowned, whipped out a piece of paper, then looked back at the busted console and swore.

'Run!" she barked at them. As they ran Mahad asked,

"What's going on?" The girl in front him yelled back a bit defensively

'Everyone's allowed to make mistakes! I should have been further along the wall! We shorted out the fail/safe instead of the docking mechanism! That was so STUPID!" she berated herself.

'What does that mean?" Mahad asked

"It means the place is gonna blow!" Cheung told him. At that thy all ran that much faster for the ship...
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