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Chapter 7

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Just finishing it up.

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They made it back to the Rogue's ship in record time and all scrambled in so they could get off the self-destructing block.

"Wait! What about the security thing or whatever it was?" Mahad reminded her as she started punching buttons and flicking switches at the piloting station.

"We got ridiculously luky." she replied. "The security system seems to hve been overrided...or fried by the self-destruct. Either way, we're out of here. Oh look, there's Zorrie and his minions running for their lives, told you that stuff didn't last long."

And indeed there were a couple of patrollers taking off as well, though they were heading in the opposite direction and weren't persuing them as the two rebels had thought they would. Still, no one complained.

The trip back was a little more crowded with everyone inside. Mahad had offered to drive, but had been told 'no' in no uncertain terms.

"Would you let someone else drive your ship? Hm? I didn't think so." she snapped.

"How did you know where to stand and stuff?” Cheung asked. The little boy spoke up then

"She always gets to a rendez-vous early so she can scout it out right?” he said excitedly

‽Will!” the Rogue hissed, but she didn't seem that angry. "He's right though. Whenever I'm dealing with Zorrie I always stack my hand, so to speak. Ah," she said lightly, "There are your friends now.

As if on que Cortez's face appeared on the communication's screen.

"Now listen you litte-" he began.

"Careful Cortez, there are children present. Right Cheung?" Picking up on the hint the young rebel stepped in

"Cortez, its okay. Mahad and I are fine.” The rebel Capitan sighed, although whether it was from relief or resignation at what he thought was a dire situation, they couldn't really tell.

‽Alright Rogue. You've got us. What do ou want in exchange for their safe return?"

The teenage girl smiled a little coyly to herself in a thoughtful expression. A poke from her grandmother brought an end to any thoughts along that road, not that she really would have made them do anything at this point. They HAD after all been the honest ones at the little trade off. True, she had actually given them the REAL gem, but if she was being honest with herself even that had been more of an act of security than anything else. That stupid rock would be way more trouble than it was worth for her. Now it was her turn to do the right thing.

"Pick them up on the coordinates I'm sending you" was all she said before ending the transmission.

The Saint Nazaire landed on the coordinates specified by the thief to find themselves in a junkyard.

"I should have known it would be a trap!” Cortez growled.

"What choice do we have?” Lena asked "She's got Mahad and Cheung!"

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