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Chapter 7.2

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Just got my computer updated, so I am trying one more time to get the rest of this chapter posted.

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“Uh…I’m not so sure about that.” Wyan said, pointing to the window. There were the two boys standing on top of a floating piece of debris waving their arms in the air.

Once they were on board Lena ran to Mahad and gave him such a fierce hug it through him off balance, Mila wasn’t far behind though she gave her son a much gentler embrace. Cheung did the same as Lena to Dahlia and then Cortez, and while the latter was a little stiff and awkward in receiving it, he was clearly relieved and glad that the little boy was safe and unharmed.

“Are ye alright?” Cortez asked his adoptive son.

“What happened?” Lena asked her brother. The two boys looked at each other.

“It’s a long story…” Mahad started “Let me, uh, us tell you all about it.” So they began telling them what happened right from after Wyan had left up until their little drop off.

“…And then she just ditched us where you found us and told us to give you this.” Cheung finished handing Cortez a note from the Rogue.

*Price was paid in full, including interest. Therefore you’ll also find the blue prints for Prototype TX10 enclosed with this, I believe you called it the Hyperion. For the record, they were stashed in a garage on a block that looks like it used to be New York. Your assistance was appreciated.*

Cortez read it out loud as the blue prints dropped to the floor.

“Why do I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of her?” Dahlia commented gravely.

“Assistance? What did we do? Other than get captured of course.” Mahad said.

“I feel like we’ve just played some sort of twisted game or something.” Wyan said

“Aye, But only she seems to know all the rules. We need to be wary of her.”

“Wait a minute, there’s more” they looked down at the rest of the note

P.S: Thanks for the map.
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