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I Needed to Say That JULY 6

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Frank uses up his phone minutes, Kelly has a Kelly moment

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Frank got back to the hotel after the meet and greet as fast as humanly possible. He had bolted as soon as he could and caught a ride with James, Josh and Matt. He was supposed to have ridden in the van with Gerard but the idea of being in the same vehicle with him turned his stomach. He got to his room and tossed off his jacket. Pulling out his phone he called Jamia.
"Hey" she said happily when she answered. She and Monica were watching a movie and Monica offered to put it on pause. Jamia shook her head letting her know it wasn't necessary.
"Jamia, I'm so pissed I can't see straight" he said sitting down on the bed and kicking off his shoes.
"Why?' she asked.
"He fucking kissed her on stage." Frank ground out.
"What?" Jamia shot a glance over at Monica who turned to look at her.
"First he pulled her on stage to sing Liza's part in "Mama" then they kissed."
Jamia pulled herself off the sofa, forced herself to smile at Monica and mouthed to her that she was going to talk in the bedroom.
Monica nodded with a smile, she assumed Jamia wanted privacy so she and Frank could get mushy.
"Tell me everything" Jamia said as she walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.
"First I saw her coming out of his room this afternoon. I went in and he was just coming out of the shower. My first thought was that they had just been in bed together. I called Gee on it and he admitted he had just had sex." He paused trying to calm down. "I punch him in the face."
"Shit, he had sex with her and you hit him?" She was having trouble taking it all in.
"Yeah, but then he told me that he had just had phone sex with Monica. When I said I had seen her in his room he said that she had just stopped by to borrow some eyeliner or some shit like that."
Jamia interrupted him, "Frank I think he was telling the truth. Monica told me that Gee called her today when she was at their house. She was all happy and kind of implied that they had had a very good phone conversation."
Frank sighed, "Well I hope that's true. Cause I told him I was sorry and believed him. But then at the concert he pulled that shit."
Jamia thought a moment, "So he pulled her on stage and she sang?"
"Then what?" she was trying to picture what had happened in her head.
"Then I looked over and they were kissing." Frank flopped back on the bed. "Fuck, you know that kids were taking pictures and video with their phones. This will be all over the Internet by tomorrow, shit, probably in a few hours."
"Monica will find out." Jamia said sadly.
"Yeah, that's for sure."

When he had finished talking to Jamia, Frank called Ray. He wanted to break the news to him before he saw it on the Net. Ray was shocked when he explained what had happened.
"Are you serious? You punched Gerard?" Ray was still trying to take it all in.
"Yeah, but maybe he didn't have that one coming. Jamia says she thinks he and Monica really did, well you know."
"But the kiss on stage, that you know for sure he did." Ray said running his hand over his face. "Fuck this is gonna hit the fan."
"The meet and greet was brutal. He called me a fucking drama queen." Frank said once more feeling his anger rise.
"What did you say to him?'
Frank knew his words had been harsh, "I told him he might as well call Monica and break her heart. That her husband has fucked her over but that he had been mental. I asked Gerard if that was his excuse too."
Ray inhaled sharply, "Fuck Frank that was brutal."
Frank defended his words, "I meant it. Monica doesn't deserve this shit. She's been through so much in her life, it ain't fair."
"Look Frank I know you're not gonna like what I'm gonna say but you need to try to bury your feeling for now. You guys have to get through the rest of the dates without killing each other." He knew how to make Frank understand, "You gotta do it for the kids who are counting on you."
Frank sighed, "I know, Ray but it's gonna be hard. I can't stand to look at him right now."
"I'll check the Net in a few hours and see just what the damage is. Try to let it go for tonight. There's nothing you can do."
"Call me and tell me how bad it is, okay?"
Ray agreed before hanging up. Christa was sitting across the room and waited for him to explain. He did and she listened quietly until he was through.
"Look I don't know her but you do. Is it possible she kissed him knowing that it would get back to Monica?"
Ray thought a moment, "I'm not sure. I mean she's always been a close friend to us and she and Gee did have a relationship that was more than just friends."
"Wait, I'm still catching up. Did she and Gee have a 'more than friends' relationship while he was with Liv?"
Ray nodded, "Yeah, they always played at having everyone think they were just friends but we knew the truth. Shit, we covered for him a few times when Liv would call."
"So he cheated on Liv with her?"
' "Yeah" Frank confirmed with a frown, "And we were okay with it cause Liv was such a bitch to him but I think we secretly wanted him to get caught so Liv would break up with him, unfortunately it never happened."
Christa shook her head, "That wasn't right."
Guilt blanketed Ray, "Yeah it was pretty shitty."
"So is it possible that she still has deep feelings for Gee and she kissed him on stage knowing what would happen?"
Ray leaned back and closed his eyes, "Fuck, I just don't know. All I do know is that Monica is gonna be hurt and that makes me feel sick."

Mikey was the last person Frank called, he felt bad about breaking into the guys honeymoon but it was his brother. Mikey listened quietly as Frank once more explained what had happened before the concert and on stage.
"This is bad." Mikey said quietly. Alicia looked up from her magazine wondering what was going on.
"I really do love her like a sister." He told Frank, "I don't want her to get hurt but she needs to realize that Gee has Monica now."
"I know dude, I tried to talk to her." He told Mikey about the conversation he had had with her earlier.
"Well fuck" Mikey said, "This is all so wrong," He quickly explained to Alicia what had happened. She took the phone from him.
"Frank, she and I have always been good friends. Would it help if I talked to her?"
"I dunno." He said suddenly wishing he could just close his eyes and sleep.
Mikey took the phone back, "Frank, try to get some sleep. I'll try to talk to him but not right now. You know Gee, he's thinking we're all against him right now. Let him cool off, okay?'
"He can cool off all he wants" Frank said angrily, "Cause I'm not talking to the fucker."

Kelly picked up her cell phone and called Gerard. She had been thinking about him all evening. There was something wrong she could just feel it.
Gerard was going to ignore the call but curiosity got him and he pulled it out of his pocket. He was surprised to see it was Kelly calling. "Hey Kell, how are you?'
His voice sounded so tired, it made her sad. "I'm fine Gerard but how are you?"
He was almost to his room so he slowed down and took a seat in an alcove. "I'm okay why wouldn't I be?" Something in her voice sounded strange.
"Things aren't always as they appear" the words sounded funny coming out of her mouth because she really hadn't been planning on saying them.
He frowned, "What are you talking about Kell?"
She sat down on her bed and tried to make sense of what she had just said, "I'm not sure but for some reason I needed to say that."
"But you don't know why?"
She tried to think, "Nope, I don't. Oh hell, your mom's gonna yell at me for being on the phone, I'm supposed to be studying."
"How come your mom's not yelling at you?" he said with a laugh.
Kelly answered without thinking, "She's not here."
"Oh, where is she?" He wanted to tell Monica that he would call her as soon as he finished what he had to do. He knew she was waiting in his room.
"Not sure" Kelly said quickly. "Gotta go. Love you." She closed the phone and exhaled.
She's not sure? He wondered why she didn't know where Monica was. Something seemed off but he wasn't sure what. Slowly he stood and walked towards his room. He used the second card key the desk clerk had given him to let himself in his room. She was lying on the bed and looked up at him when he entered.
"I was getting so tired of waiting," she said smiling at him.
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