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Chapter 61

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ok so i've now finally finished this fic it's took me so long and i never expected it to be so long but i really enjoyed writing this and had so much inspiration for it. i've decided to just add al...

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That night me and Gabby where sat in the living room watching TV and having a bottle of wine between us; not that I'm a wine kind of girl I'd rather have a larger but Gabby love her wine so I compromise.

"So how do you think you'll cope with Joel being away a lot?" I asked Gabby.

"I don't know I guess it's going to be hard, how do you, Linzi and the others cope?" she asked.

"It is hard at first but you just have to get used to it, there's no use fighting it or anything. Trust is a really important thing, just be open and talk about everything don't bottle anything up. I'm sure you two will be fine I mean if I and Benji can make it then that gives hope for anyone." I laughed.

"Yeah that is a good point but you and Benji are made for each other, it's supposed to be that way."

"So other than that how are you and our dear Joel doing?" I grinned at her. She blushed slightly and giggled, this really must be the real deal if he's got her acting all girls and embarrassed over him.

"We're ok, well actually we're better than ok. So far it's been really good. Soph I like him so much it's really weird I've never liked a guy like this, this much ever." She smiles obviously smitten.

"Aw well I'm happy for you two, he's a really good guy you should keep hold of this one." I smiled.

"Ok that's enough about me what about you and Benji what's all this about you going out for a week?" she asked smirking at me.

"It's nothing he just asked me if I'd considering taking a week of work to go out to be with him on tour as like a holiday for me." I explained she looked at me worriedly hoping this wasn't going to be the whole quitting my job to follow him on tour thing again.

"Don't worry it's nothing like that I made sure of it. Its juts one week as a break from work for me and I have to admit I do actually need it." I sighed.

"So what did you tell him?"

"That I'd think about it."

"And... are you going to go or not?" she asked eagerly.

"Yeah I think I might do actually I mean I do need the break and it would be nice to spend some more time with him, also I can use it as like a trial thing to what it would be like if I did quit my job to follow him on tour. Not that I'm planning on doing quitting my job but it's just something to show you know if this weeks a disaster I can use that to back me up if he brings the whole thing up again." I said. She nodded.

"So you going then?"

"Yeah I'm going to book the week off in work tomorrow and then I'll call Benji to let him know." I decided finally.

The next day in work I managed to book a week off but because we where short staffed I had to wait for two weeks first. when I got home that night gabby was still at work so I decided to start cooking some dinner for the two of us so it would be ready for her when she got in. while I was in the kitchen cooking I decided to give Benji a call to give him to good news.

"Hello?" he asked I could hear a lot of noise in the background voices and music like a party. I didn't mind him going out to parties and stuff with his friends when he was on tour just as long as he behaved himself.

"Hey babe how are you?" I greeted but there was just a load of noise in the background and then laughter.

"Sp what did you say?" Benji came back onto the phone with laughter in his voice.

"I asked how you where but I take it your having a good time."

"Well you don't have to get bitchy about it, what do you expect me to do stay in the bus alone all the time I'm on tour just because your not here, and whose fault is that by the way." he said sounding aggravated completely misunderstanding the way I said my last sentence. I wasn't being bitchy or anything with him but he obviously thought so.

"What are you talking about I already told you I don't mind to you going out having a good time on tour I don't expect you to stay in alone, is something wrong Benj?" I asked a little confused to where this attitude was coming from.

"There's nothing wrong with me it's obviously you with the problem." He said then I heard a commotion in the background followed by cheering and laughing Benji included.

"Benji I'm going to call you back tomorrow or something when you can actually talk to me properly and when you're out of this strange mood." I gave up trying to talk to him he was obviously in some sort of mood and was obviously distracted and didn't want to talk to me. When I was about ready to put the phone down after not getting a reply from him only more loud shouting, cheering and laughing it all went quite and Benji spoke.

"I'm sorry what that was?" he asked.

"Benj what the hells' going on call me back when you actually want to talk to me." I spat now getting pissed off.

"Wow what's your problem, why re you being all pissy with me?" he said sounding annoyed as if he was completely innocent in all this.

"Nothing Benj I'll call you tomorrow." I said then put the phone down not wanting to listen to what ever strange comment he had to throw back at me.

"Hey I'm home." gabby called coming into the kitchen just in time for dinner. "ooo something smells good." She smiled then actually noticed there was something wrong with me.

"Hey what's u?" she asked concerned.

"Nothing I just called Benji to tell him that I got the week off..."

"Aw what did he say I bet he was so excited?" She smiled.

"Well I didn't get to tell him he must have been at some party or something. Anyway long story short he wasn't really paying attention o me or what I was saying and he was in a really weird mood with me. Talking to me as if I was being pissy with him when he was the one being pissy with me." I said not really being able to make any sense of the phone conversation.

"He's probably just had a bad day or something and will call you back later." She said trying to say something to make it better.

"well that's the weird thing when I started to get pissed off with him it all went quiet as if he'd walked out the room and then he was being all normal then when I was pissy with him he asked me what my problem was. That man really confuses and pisses me off sometimes." I sighed. "Anyway you're just in time dinners ready I thought as I was in before you I'd start cooking us something and then we could have it when you got in." I smiled starting to dish the food out while she got comfortable putting her work stuff away.

"Ok so what's the plan for tonight?" gabby asked.

"Erm I think Linzi and Ryane said they'd come over for a bit." I replied. We sat in the living room with our food on trays watching TV and eating.

"So when and how long did you get off work?"

"I have to wait two weeks before I get to have my week off because where short staffed at the moment with people booking time off but I still managed to get the week off." I explained.

Later that night Linzi and gabby where over we where having a good girly gossip, watching movies and drinking. I got to have my larger to night because Linzi loves wine like Gabby so they shared and Ryane would prefer larger like me so we where all happy. Me and Gabby had also informed them about Benji's weird behaviour before and we just put it down to men are asshole's end of story.

It was getting late and we decided that Ryane and Linzi where going to stay over.
We where all quite watching the movie in the dark when the phone rang I answered it as I was nearest to it.

"Hello?" I answered quietly.

"Hey honey." I heard Benji say on the other end sounding sheepish.

"Oh decided you want to talk to me now." I said bitchily but I couldn't help it.

"About that before...I am so sorry about that...I...I don't have any excuses I was really tired and having a bad day." he said.

"Really it sounded like you where having a good time from what I heard." Again I couldn't help the bitchy tone.

"Ok I know you're pissed off with me but I really am sorry. We'd gone to a bar after the show. We've all had a bad day the show didn't go too well the sound guy had fucked up or something. The other guys where all getting pissed and having a laugh making them feel better I just still felt pissed off and was tried. I know there's no excuses thought hats why I'm calling you now." He said really sounding sincere and a little depressive.

"Ok fine but just don't do it again talk to me next time." I said giving up not n the mood to start fighting with him again.

"So how are you?" he asked.

"I'm good actually and I did ring to tell you something important but didn't really get the chance too."

"Oh really what is it?" he asked sounding interested.

"I managed to get the week of work..."

"Really so you decided to come out to see me?" he asked excitedly interrupting me before I got chance to finish.

"But the only thing is I have to wait two weeks first because where short staffed but still it's a week off and I'm coming out to see you." I explained.

"Aw two weeks, that sucks but at least you're coming out to Me." he said still with excitement in his voice. I heard him yawn for the fifth time during this conversation.

"You tired/" I asked sympathetically.

"Yeah shattered but I thought I'd better ring you before I went to sleep."

"Aw ok well I'll let you go and get some sleep then now babe."

"Ok, love you."

"Love you too, night night sweet dreams." I said then we hung up.

"That Benji?" Gabby asked the three of them turning to look at me once I'd put the phone down.

"Yeah we're ok now." I said.

"So what was his excuse?" Linzi laughed.

"that it's been a bad day for all of them so they went to a bar the others where getting pissed having a laugh but he still felt shit and tired, obviously he wasn't drinking so I think he just felt a bit left out too." I said they nodded.
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