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Chapter 62

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*ok so i've now finally finished this fic it's took me so long and i never expected it to be so long but i really enjoyed writing this and had so much inspiration for it. i've decided to just add a...

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The two weeks before I went out on tour with the guys went really quickly. Benji was in a permanent good mood knowing that I'd be coming out soon. I was now on the plan flying out to him. When I got there in was late afternoon. The guys where apparently at some promo thing as they didn't have a show today. I went to the buses to wait for them there because they'd be back any time soon.

I was sat in the GC bus looking though some magazines when I heard them all coming back. As soon as they got through the door and seen me I was ambushed by them. All greeting me and hugging me.

"Out the way she's my girl friend." Benji joked pushing past them all to get to me and gave me a hug and kiss. "Nice to see you." he smiled.

"Nice seeing you to." I smiled back.

"So did you not bring Gabby with you?" Joel asked.

"No she has to work so that I can be here because where really short staffed."

"Well that's shit haven't they heard of hiring more staff." Joel pouted making me laugh.

"Come on I want you to meet the guys." Benji said grabbing my hand and leading me out of the GC bus to outside where the Mest, fall out boy and simple plan guys where standing.

"Well I already know the Mest guys and I Know Pete and the guys." I said.

"You know Pete?" he asked surprised just as Pete walked up to me with a smile.

"Of course I know Pete." I smiled back at Pete as he gave me a hug.

"Hey Soph how you doing?" he asked.

"I'm good, how are you?"

"Good too thanks." He smiled.

"Ok well let's introduce to you the simple plan guys then." Benji said taking my hand and leading me over to where they where stood. He introduce me to them all and they where very nice.

"Come on lets go for a walk me and you." Benji said quietly to me as everyone else started talking and joking around together.

"Oh I get it this is your ulterior motive is it say to Joel, Paul and Billy that you want to introduce me to the guys and then us that to get me away from them to have me all to your self." I laughed.

"Well yeah kind off." he laughed. Then took my hand and was started walking. We had a nice walk just catching up and enjoying being with each other again.

The rest of the week I could say went fast but for the majority of time it went slowly. For the 20% of time that I got too spent with Benji and the guys was really good and I enjoyed it. I got to know and got along with all the guys, it was a really good laugh. If thing was always like that I would defiantly consider leaving my job and coming out on tour with Benji all the time like he wanted. If it wasn't for the other 80% of the time that I spent on my own I probably would be handing my notice in when I got back. For the 80% of the time Benji and the guys spent at either promo, sound check or doing the show. I got so bored and lonely. I hated it; it drove me mad being stuck on the bus on my own for all that time. I could go out shopping or something but even that's no fun when you're on your own. So that was my decision made I wasn't coming out on tour with him I was going to stay at my job and see him either when he was off and came home or when I booked some time off to visit him. I know he wont like my decision if he ever brought it up again but I see where he's coming from he doesn't understand what it's like for me he only sees the work and the fun bit when he's at the bus with me, he doesn't see how boring it is for my waiting from him while he's doing show's and promo's.

Benji's POV

We where on a break of a photo shoot me and Joel where sat together talking. It was the last day before Sophie goes back home and everyone was saying how much they'll miss her they all really like her and get along with her, as does she with them. we've had a really good week together, it's been so much fun I've loved having her here and I know she's had fn and loved being here too.

"So Soph goes home tomorrow?" Joel asked.

"Yeah." I sighed.

"And how do you feel about that?"

"It sucks but there's nothing we can do."

"Yeah it's been really nice having her here; she's been like a breath of fresh air. Can you believe we've been on tour for five months already?"

"I know it seems to have gone so fast but we still have seven months left and that seems like ages off."

"I know and that's if it doesn't run over."

"I was thinking about asking Soph to come back on tour with us." I blurted out it had been on my mind all week seen as we where having such a good time I thought she might reconsider leaving her job and coming out with us.

"Oh yeah for a week again that'd be nice." Joel smiled not getting what I meant.

"No I meant leaving her job and coming out for good."

"Are you sure that's a good idea Benj?" Joel said worriedly now.

"Well she's had such good time and so have all of we I just thought she might have changed her mind."

"I don't know about that Benj why don't you just leave it for now let this week end on the happy note it's been on all week. You don't want to start any argument or anything just before she leaves again this time do you."

"Ok yeah maybe I'll wait a bit let her think about things a little more first."

The next day Sophie was all packed and was saying her good byes to everyone. They all said how much they where going to miss her but none of them will miss her as much as I always miss her. Once she'd finished with her good bye I reluctantly drove her back to the airport and we said a long good bye before she got on the plane and went back home. I was so close to asking her to stay a leave her job but then I thought about what Joel said and decided to wait.
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