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Chapter 63

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Three months had now gone by since I went out to see the guys on tour. I and Benji hadn't seen each other since we'd only spoke on the phone. He didn't have any breaks apart from single days here and there which weren't enough for him to travel all the way back home and then go back again in time for the next show and I couldn't get any more time off work either. we where doing our best to keep our relationship on good terms but obviously being apart for so long obviously puts some sort of strain on your relationship but we where working our way through it. It's all about communication we have to try and talk as much and as openly as possible but not to push the other. We hadn't been talking as regularly which didn't help but he was working a lot and when he wasn't he was really tired. But we've tried our best and that's all we can do.

It was a rare day when I and Gabby both had the day off from work. It was a good job too as the weather was horrible it hadn't stopped thunder storming all day. Me and Gabby had decided to just stay in and do some house work, we where having a really good spring clean out. It was my job to sort out the downstairs and her job to do the upstairs. We where just doing our jobs listening to some music when I heard the front door get flung open. I ran to the front door to see who it was closely followed by Gabby coming from upstairs. To my shock there stood a pissed off and very wet looking Benji.

"You're coming with me on tour now. I don't care what you say if you love me and want to be with me pack your bags right now!" Benji demanded. Just then Joel came running in also soaking wet from the rain and breathless from obviously chasing after Benji.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I said looking at him confused and slightly pissed off at the tone he was using with me.

"I said pack your bags you're leavening with me now. We'll call your work tomorrow and tell them you quit."

"No we fucking won't! I'm not going anywhere." I shouted back using the same tone with him that he used with me. Gabby and Joel just stood there looking on in horror.


"Benji stop being silly and talk to me." I tried reasoning seeing that he was obviously upset about something and shouting wouldn't really make things any better.

"Oh so now I'm being silly am I let's just see how silly I'm being." He said grabbing hold of my hand and trying to pull me up stairs.

"Benji get the fuck off me what the hell are you talking about? Just stop and talk to me." I said trying to get out of his grip that was actually really tight and starting to hurt.

"Benj get of her your hurting her. Just talk to her." Joel stepped in seeing I was in pain and confused about what was going on.

"You stay the fuck out of this." Benji snapped at Joel.

"No I won't you don't know what your doing just stop for a minute and we can sort everything out." Joel said.

"It's none of your business, I know what I'm doing and your not going to stop Me." he said pulling me harder up the stairs.

"Benji let fucking go of me your really staring to hurt me now." I said seriously hoping when he seen he was actually physically hurting me he'd stop but he didn't he only thought for a second then carried on. This was when Joel decided to step in properly and snatched Benji's arm off me and throwing him against the wall not too hard but hard enough to distract him for a moment while I moved clear out of his way. Gabby came over to me to make sure I was ok, which I was just there would be a bruise o my wrists.

"Now Benj I think you need to explain what's going on to Sophie." Joel said calmly hoping that Benji was now thinking a little more rationally.

"The fucking tour's been extended for another four months. So now you're stopping with all this 'I love my job' bullshit and coming on tour with me, where you should be." He spat from his position against he wall where Joel was doing his best to keep him.

"What you mean so you can have me at your disposal to use when you want me and then leave alone while you go off and live you life. Yeah good plan Benj good fucking plan keep me locked up like a pet. You don't want a girlfriend you want a fucking dog." I spat back rubbing my wrists where the visible red marks where.

"Don't give me all this independence bullshit. You loved it being on tour. Admit it you loved being able to do nothing and getting all the attention off all the guys. It's your idea of heaven." He sapped. He was the one bullshitting with all this.

"My idea of hell." I snapped back.

"What ever I don't care if you love me and want to be with me then I suggest you pack your bags right now and leave with Me." he ordered.

"And what if I don't?"

"Then that's it we're over you obviously don't love me. You've just been wasting my time and using me."

"Now you're the one that's bull shitting Benji I do love you but right now I hating everything about you. I told you before I'm not quitting my job, my life and my independence; we're fine how we are." I said, he smothered with a sarcastic laugh.

"We're obviously not fine because look at us now." He ranted.

"and whose' faults that. I told you I love my job. Where's all this coming from. I understand that you're upset because the tours been extended but Benj that's your job that's just how it is. We can work through it. We've done it before and we can do it now."

"Answer me this is it the job you love or some one there?" he snarled. Shocking all three of us I can't believe he's bringing this up.

"Leave Liam out of this he's got nothing to do with this." I said coldly.

"Yes he has, he got everything to do with this when you're fucking him behind my back! That's why you won't leave your job, that's why you won't come on tour with me and commit to me. That's even why you still have a job because you're still fucking the boss!" up till now all what Benji had done and said hadn't upset me or hurt me but that last statement about Liam really got to me.

"I don't believe you, you really think I'd cheat on you, you really think I'm still seeing Liam and you really think I only have a job right now because I'm fucking Liam. You need some fucking help you've gone off you head." I said not shouting or anything just shocked that he said or event thought that for a second.

"Benj I think you're a bit out of line there." Joel spoke up.

"I think you need to get out and come back when you're going to act civil." Gabby said putting an arm around my shoulders.

"So that's it is it your not even going to deny fucking around with the boss? Benji spat as he was being dragged out by Joel.

"I have nothing to deny or explain to you." I said in a normal tone but also a very serious and stern tone my face remaining emotionless, I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing the hurt he was causing me even though at the moment the anger was over taking the hurt.

"So that's it is it." he snarled still very wound up.

"Yeah that is it you can get the hell out of my house and get the fuck out of my life. Where over Benji don't ever come back. I don't want to see you again if you can say and do all that shit to me and accuse me of all those things then your obviously not the man I thought you where. Good bye Benji." I said then slammed the door in his face him still being pulled out by Joel who looked at me apologetically.

"Are you ok?" Gabby asked. I just turned to look at her. "I know, sorry stupid question."

"Don't believe that just happened I never thought he would be capable of doing any of that. I'm really am shocked and lost for words to explain all of that."

"So that's it your really over?"

"Well yeah, I mean I do still love him and want to be with him it's always been him but there's no way we can get past that." I said still rubbing my wrists subconsciously.

"Are you ok, your wrists?"

"Oh yeah they'll be fine bruised a little but nothing to worry about."

"So now what?"

"I don't know I really don't know. Just carry on as usual, minus Benji." I sighed.
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