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Chapter 66

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The next thing I remember is waking up in hospital. I sat up and look around there was no one in sight. I pressed the button to call for the nurse and seconds later in came a very smiley nurse.

"Hello Miss Copeland how are you feeling?" she smiled.

"Not to bad, what happened?" I asked.

"You fainted when you where out with your friends when they couldn't wake you they called for an ambulance and here you are." She explained checking some wires on the monitor behind me.

"So erm what's wrong with me?" I asked.

"Well when your friends explained the symptoms that you have been having over the past few weeks the doctor had a pretty good idea of what you condition actually was but just did some small tests to make sure."

"And my... Condition is?"

"Well considering what your friends have told us about your recent break-up I don't know if you'll consider this good news or bad news but your pregnant Miss Copeland."

"What? This can't be right. There must be some mistake?" I said starting to panic.

"Calm down Miss Copeland really please you need to calm down considering your delicate state." She said quickly trying to calm me down but not succeeding given her choice of words.

"What do you mean considering my state?" I asked even more worried.

"You see some women when they are pregnant experience some high blood pressure which normally wouldn't be to bad but it can be very harmful and serious to a pregnant woman and her child. We think that the stress you experienced at the beginning of your pregnancy, your break-up, is what has triggered all this off and why you have been so ill lately."

"So... so um what do I do?" I asked now very nervous.

"Nothing really you just need plenty of rest and absolutely no stress at all. With regular checks every two weeks to make sure your blood pressure and you and the babies health is fine then you will have a perfectly normal pregnancy and birth."

"But...but I can't be pregnant not now this, this just can't be happening."

"Well I'm sorry Miss Copeland But you are pregnant and you do need your rest and a stress free environment for at lest the next seven months. You are free to leave the hospital when you feel ready and your friends are waiting outside for you." she smiled then left me sat there in shock. This could not be happening. I mean yes I did want kids but when I was settled down and happily married. I waited for a few moments trying to get my head round all of this then decided to go to and see the guys.

"Erm guys do you think you could take me home." I said quietly walking into the waiting room to them. They obviously know what's going on as they all looked at me with a mixture of worry, sympathy and concern.

"Yeah sure, are you ok?" Gabby said standing up.

"No I'm not ok." I said then walked out of the hospital in a daze them all exchanging worried glances.

The ride home was silent when we got back to the apartment Linzi, Billy and Ryane said they would leave us in peace and went home. Joel was staying at our tonight before he went back tomorrow.

"Um guys I'm just going to go for a lie down ok." I said to them as soon as I got in then went upstairs to have some time to myself to think and get my head round the latest instalment in my living hell.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know I wake up and it's dark. I look at the clock by my bed for the time; it's two in the morning. I decided to go down for a glass of water. To my surprise when I walked into the kitchen there sat Joel.

"What are you still doing up I'd have thought you and Gabby would be in bed asleep by now." I said.

"She is but I couldn't sleep I'm too used to being up till three in the morning then sleeping all day till noon." He said I nodded. "How some your up?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulder sitting down opposite him with my glass of water.

"Dunno I've been asleep for most of the afternoon I think." I said he nodded also.

"So how are you doing, you're probably sick of that question by now but I really do care you now. We all do." He said.

"I'm fine I mean I never wanted or would wish any of this on any one but I've just got to deal with it there's nothing I can do about it now." I said.

"I always loved that about you, you just got on with thing s and dealt with them and they never seemed to turn out so bad no matter what." He smiled.

"Well this time I don't think I'm going to be that lucky but now I've not just got to do it for myself I've got to do it for my son or daughter. You don't know how weird it is saying that."

"I bet. It sounds weird hearing you say it. So when are you going to tell Benji?"

"I'm not in fact I'm not ready to tell many people just yet." I sighed.

"What? You're not going to tell Benji?"

"No well maybe eventually but no just ay time soon. He's made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want anything to do with me there must be something seriously wrong in his head to make all those false accusations and go on them with out letting me explain anything. So no I'm not going to give him any more excuses to hurt me. Besides I don't want him thinking that I'm just making it up to try and get him back."

"I really don't think he'll see it that way."

"I do considering how he's been 'seeing things' lately."

"Soph it's his child too though you can't not tell him."

"Joel you heard what the doctors said I can't have any stress at all and I have to rest or it will but very dangerous for me and the baby. I'm going to be a mother I need to start thinking about what's best for me and my baby now." At that he went quiet and looked down I could tell he didn't agree with me but he didn't want to argue with me because I did have good argument anything to do with Benji at the moment would defiantly cause me a lot of stress and that's not health for me or the baby.

"Look Joel I understand what you're saying but seeing Benji right now is just setting myself up for disaster."

"What if I talk to him, I promise I won't tell him about the baby but if I talk to him try reason with him about your break-up, try to get him to see the truth that you really haven't done anything wrong apart from love him then will you think about it."

"Joel if you can make him have a complete attitude transformation then yes I will think about it." I nodded he looked happy at that. "But don't get your hopes up this is Benji where talking about."

"Yes the Benji that was, is and always will be madly and deeply in love with you. he's just well I don't really know what's going through his head at the moment but I promise you I will make him see sense if not for you, him or anyone else but for my little niece or nephew."

"Joel you're a big softy really aren't you."

"No." he blushed.

"No it's really sweet, you're going to make one girl very happy one day and I hope the lucky girl is Gabby." I smiled.
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