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Chapter 67

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The next morning Joel was all packed and ready to go. We drove him to meet Linzi and Billy at the airport to get their flight back o the tour. We where all saying our goodbyes and me and Joel where the last.

"Bye Soph, look after your self and my little niece or nephew." He said as he hugged me tightly.

"I will you look after yourself and that dumb ass brother of yours." I smiled hugging him back.

"I will and I will make him see sense I promise I will." He said as he realised m from the hug. He and Billy said a quick final goodbye to Linzi and Gabby before boarding the plain and leaving once again.

"There goes another goodbye and another long wait before I get laid again." Linzi sighed with a giggle.

"You're a dirty bitch really aren't you?" I laughed playfully pushing her.

"I learn from the best, I leant from you." he laughed back.

"See she always says it's me the bad influence on her but really it's all her isn't It." gabby laughed.

"Come on lets go." I said changing the subject and walking away.

"Anyway what's all this I hear about you not telling Benji he's going to be a daddy." Gabby said catching up to me and walking on my left.

"Wait what? You're not going to tell him? Why?" Linzi said catching up to me also and walking on my right.

"Because..." I struggled to explain myself again Benji did have a right to know.

"Sophie he has a right to know he's the dad." Linzi said.

"I know but he's made it perfectly clear he wants nothing more to do with me, he doesn't trust me, and obviously doesn't love me." I said.

"Sophie that is so not true he is head over heals in love with you." gabby said.

"Has one hell of a fucking funny way of showing it." I spat.

"He's just well I don't know what he's going through at the moment but he does love you and only you." gabby said.

"Funny that's exactly what Joel said. Come on I'm not stupid I know what you guys are all after you think if I tell him about the baby we'll have to get back together no matter what and then you all get what you want."

"No Soph that's not..." Linzi stuttered I knew it was true it has been ever since high school when we used to hate each others guts all they've wanted is to push us together as a couple whether we want to be or not.

"It is exactly what you want. All that all of you have ever wanted since high school is to push me and Benji together no matter what." I said starting to get very emotional.

"Soph maybe they can all see what you two can't that how good you and Benji are together everyone can your two are made for each other even if you and Benji can't."

"Gabby I've heard it all before and after all I've been through because of him don't you think that you're wrong that it really just is not meant to be."

"Fine Soph do what ever you want but you're making a big mistake." Linzi said.

"Well it's my mistake to make." I ended to conversation.

I really did know deep down that Benji always had been and always will be the only one for me but then all this shit happens and it make me second guess my gut instinct. I know Benji has problem and I know he's fucked up but so am I and that's what makes us so good together we understand each other on a level no one else can.

Joel's POV

I and Billy had just arrived back at the bus from visiting the girls. I couldn't believe that Sophie was pregnant especially with Benji's child. A few months ago this could have been like a dream come true but right now especially for Sophie it was more like a nightmare. Gabby called me before telling me about a heated discussion her and Linzi had had with Sophie after we left. I really did feel bad for Sophie none of this must be easy for her all her life has been full of drama, hurt and disappointment. She deserved tp be with a nice safe guy like Liam and settle down and have the perfect white picket fence life with Liam but she was meant to be with Benji. The happiness that her and Benji give each other when they are together is something not many people ever have it's defiantly something that I wish I could have if just for one week but they can have it for a life time. If they can just get through their disagreements they'd see how much they are alike and suited for each other a few months ago when Liam left and they got together I thought that was it they would finally be happy together for ever but I guess I was wrong.

"Hey bro where you been?" Benji asked coming into the bus.

"oh erm me and Billy went to see Gabby and Linzi." I stuttered not wanting to get into the discussion of Sophie yet.

"Oh you see the bitch?" he asked referring to Sophie.

"If you mean Sophie than yes."

"Of course I mean that bitch. Who else would I be calling a bitch defiantly not Ryane she's never do any of the shit that Sophie did to me?"

"Benj when will you get over your self and see that Sophie never did and never will do what you keep accusing her of. She can't cheat on you she's not like that she loves you so much."

"Well she cheated on Liam with me so what makes you think she won't cheat on me with Liam."

"Benj that was completely different. Benj she's always loved you and always will do and I know you love her too. You two are meant for each other. You're just feeling a little insecure. So what if she wouldn't come on tour with us Linzi doesn't and her and Billy are fine."

"Don't compeer Linzi and Billy to me and Sophie."

"Why not they where high school sweethearts made for each other just like you and Sophie so what if there have been a few bumps in the road don't you think that you need to straighten them out. She's tried her hardest to explain something to you that she doesn't have to explain because there is nothing to explain it's all in your head. You know how insecure you are and you know that Sophie's the only one that will handle your bullshit."

"Joel you have no right saying all that." he said trying to sound angry but I could tell I was getting through to him.

"No Benj you need to hear it you need to hear all of this. You need to stop cutting yourself off from everyone and start facing up to things. I know all this time you've been hurting and all you want is to have Sophie here by your side. I know you know deep down she's the one for you and the only one for you. I know you know she'd never cheat on you and that you two would make each other happier than anyone else can. Benj just apologise to her make it up to her." I said half way through my lecture he broke the flood gates opened and all the emotion he's been building up all this time was finally out. He collapsed next to me crying his eyes out. I was the only on apart form Sophie he would ever cry to. He though letting see someone see you cry was showing them you where weak and he never wanted anyone to see that. He just felt safe and secure around me and Sophie.

"Joel you right. What have I done? I've been such an ass to her. Why do I always put her through so much shit? She doesn't deserve me she deserves to be with someone like Liam someone who won't hurt her and put her through all the shit I put her through. She's never going to want me now will she? I've screwed everything up." he sobbed.

"Benji she might deserve to have a normal life a normal family with a safe brogan guy like Liam but I think she deserves so much more she deserves to be truly happy with the only guys she was ever meant to be with, you. If you just go to her and make things up to her I know she'll forgive you she has to because she's as mad about you as you are about her."

"Joel I can't if I really do care for and love her I'll stop hurting her but no matter what I end up doing something stupid I give up I'm letting her go to fond someone to truly love her and look after her."

"Benji do you really mean that? Do you really want to let her go? Do you not truly love her?"

"Joel I don't want to let her go i do love her more than anything else in the world but I have to."

"No you don't have to you have to fight for her."

"What do I do though Joel? How can I make something like this up to her?"

"Benji all you have to do is show you really care and love her and that you didn't mean anything that that shit."

"But I'm scared Joel what if you're wrong what if she won't for give me what if I really have truly fucked up."

"Well you'll never know unless you try. At least if you try you have a chance of getting her back. Just giving up, you have no chance of getting her back."

"Thanks Joel, I really mean it and I'm sorry for all the shit I've caused on this tour too. I must have been hell to live with." He said finally returning to normal Benji.

"No more than usual." I joked and we laughed. It was so nice being able to laugh with him again like old times. I just hope that he will go and, make things right with her.
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