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Chapter 68

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Sophie POV

It's now been two weeks since Joel left and promised to talk to Benji. The day after he left he called me up saying he'd had a break through with Benji. Benji's finally seen sense and returned to normal Benji after Joel made him see some cold hard truths. Joel promised me that he was sure Benji was going to call to make things right with me. At first I got my hopes up and really did believe that everything was going to be ok again and that Benji would call but it was now two weeks later and I still hadn't had a call from Benji. Joel kept promising that he would though but after a while I just stopped caring and listening to his obvious bullshit. Benji wasn't going to call just like all the other people in my life that I love and who are supposed to be important to me Benji had like my mother and the rest of my family let me down.

I was now two months pregnant and still not showing yet which I was thankful for. I have come to terms to the fact that I was going to be having a baby and that I would be a single mother. Almost ever one knew by now about my pregnancy and all the drama surrounding it apart from Benji, Robin and Sarah we didn't tell Robin because she would tell Benji out of loyalty to her son and we didn't tell Sarah because everyone knows she can't keep a secret.

Everyone was being overly nice to me and making sure that I was well looked after and stress free which is just what the doctor ordered. They all still thought I should tell Benji but when I said I wasn't ready for all that yet they left it at that. although in two months Benji would be home from tour and then it would be harder than ever to keep it a secret from him and also not be see him where ever I went.

Benji's POV

It's been two weeks since Joel had that serious talk with me about Sophie. Everything he said was right no matter how much I tried to hide the truth from him he always saw right through it, through my insecurities and my mood swings, he knows exactly how I think and what goes through my head.

All I want now is to make things right with Sophie, I ant her back so much but I'm scared to talk to her again after two months I acted like a complete ass too her I don't blame her is she never wants to have anything to do with me ever again. Joel recons that if I just let her know I didn't mean any of the shit I did and said, that I really do love her and no one else then she'll forgive me but it doesn't make me any less nervous.

Joel's been really pushing me to talk to her and make things right. he's been acting really strangely about it too like there's something he's not telling me; come to think of it most of the guys are acting a little wired around me when ever Sophie is brought up.

"You still sat by that phone, have you forgot her number or something here let me dial it for you." Tony laughed walking onto the bus and picking up the phone that I seem to be spending more and more time sat by instead of actually using.

"No, no I've not forgot her number I'm just trying to think of the best way to do this." I said quickly snatching the phone off him.

"Benj there's no easy way to do something like this you just gotta swallow your pride and do it."

"But I'm scared what if she hates me."

"Sophie will never hate you. Any way didn't you hear that saying there's a fine line between love and hate? Thing is with you two it's from one extreme to the next so that line must be really, really fine in your cases." He laughed again I'm glad he finds all this funny.

"Tone it's not funny." I said but couldn't help a smile.

"Come on Benj do us all a favour and just call her."

"I will, I will."

"When? I mean call her now. Just do it." he said tossing the phone to me again.

"I can't right now."

"What ever Benj if you wait too long someone else might just snap her up."

"What's that supposed to mean? Who's she seeing?" I said getting slightly annoyed at the thought of Sophie with someone else.

"Nothing. No one. But the long you wait the further away you two grow apart now you can't deny that."

"No but..."

"But nothing Benj if you love her do something about it. Girls like her don't just come along all the time." He said tossing the phone to me one last time before leaving. He was right everyone was right.

I spent the rest of the day sat holding the phone trying to get up the courage to call Sophie but I didn't get any further than typing in her phone number I never actually got to the bit where I pres the 'call' button and talked to her.

That night after the show I decided it was now or never I had to just do it or I never will. I went to the back of the bus where it was quiet and I could be alone with pout being interrupted while I called her. I dialled in her phone number and with one final deep breath I pressed the call button. I realised it was getting a little late but I couldn't back down now. It rang a few times and then I heard her answer the phone. The minute I heard her voice my heart fluttered and I got butterflies in my stomach. It had been so long since I'd heard her voice or spoke to her. I almost forgot why I had called.

"Hi erm, Soph. its Benji. P...please don't hang up on me." I stuttered.

"Any why shouldn't I? Countless times all I got the dial tone from you." she said her voice turning cold.

"Please Soph I need to talk to you." I begged.

"I've got nothing to say to you. You made it perfectly clear you wanted nothing more to do with me two months ago and now that I'm finally getting over you, you call me and expect me to be all forgiving well you can fuck that right off. Bye Benji." She said in a harsh tone and I deserved it. My heart dropped when I heard her hang up. I called her back instantly but before I could say anything she interrupted me in the same cold unforgiving tone.

"See it's not very nice to get the dial tone now is it."

"I... I know...but p...please Soph hear me out."

"Why should I do anything for you?"

"You shouldn't I don't deserve anything but please you've got to I'm begging you."

"Your right you don't deserve anything and you most defiantly don't deserve to waste anymore of my time. I'm not dealing with your shit any more you screwed me over for the last time Benj. Now please don't call me again it's late and I'm would like to get some sleep before I have to be up for work in the morning."

"I'm not giving up on us Soph." was all I could get in before she hung up. I decided it probably wasn't a good idea to call her again that night but I was not giving up. Speaking to her now and hearing how much I really have hurt her only made me even more determined to make things right with her.
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