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Chapter 70

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I needed to talk to someone; I couldn't talk to gabby after our little bust up and I couldn't really talk to Joel because he was too involved I needed someone who I could trust who wasn't too involved. So I called Wes.


"Are you busy?" I asked.

"Erm why?"

"I doesn't matter if you are, never mind." I said.

"No it's fine. Are you ok? Is something wrong?" he said sounding a little worried when he realised something was wrong.

"I just, I need someone to talk too."

"I'll be right over."

"Thanks Wes." I smiled he was always there for me when I really needed him he was like a big brother there to protect me when I needed him.

It wasn't long before Wes was knocking on the door. I let him in and he could tell I'd been crying.

"Soph honey what's wrong?" he said sympathetically and pulling me into a hug.

"It's nothing I'm just being stupid." I said but starting to sob again.

"It's obviously not nothing if it's got you like this. Come on sit down and talk to Me." he said leading me over to the sofa and sitting us down.

"It's nothing I'm just over emotional with being pregnant." I laughed trying to stop crying.

"OK but still there must be something for the emotion to come from so come on talk to Me." he said he always knew how to handle me. I caved and told him everything I pour my heart out. I told him all about my little bust up with Gabby, I told about all what's been going through my head about Benji. He got the whole story inside out.

"So what do I do?" I asked.

"I can't tell you what to do that for you to decide but if you love Benji as much as I know you do and as much as everyone can see then I think you need to give him a chance. So what if he's a little unpredictable that's better than being boring." He said making me smile.

"I know I'm just scared I guess and this whole pregnancy has messed me up big time."

"Well from what I've heard Benji's just as scared and nervous as you. He really doesn't want to loose you and he is determined to make everything up to you and not to fuck up again if he ever gets you back. Everyone's made him feel like shit for the way he treated you and he's been through hell and back lately. You know what Benji's like on tour. He loves it but he gets so home sick and moody with his added insecurities its like torture for him." he said making me laugh.

"I know, I know." I agreed.

"So what are we going to do? Will you at lest let him know your pregnant with his child I think he deserves to know that"

"I don't know I'm not ready to get into anything too deep with Benji just yet and I can't do anything that will cause me any stress and seeing Benji is more than enough stress right now. I guess I could tell him that he is going to be a daddy at least."

"That's my girl and its better him finding out off you than hearing off someone else." He said pulling me into a hug laughing.

"So anyway how's the little one doing?" he said rubbing my belly.

"Not too bad. My blood pressures been quite stable lately which is defiantly a good thing but I know that's about to change from now on with them back off tour."

Wes Stayed for the rest of the day. He was in the kitchen making us some dinner and I was in the living room watching TV when I heard the front door being flung open and someone storming into the apartment.

"Where is she?" I heard a very angry Benji shout. Then come storming into the living room.

"Benji, Benj man I really don't think this is a good idea you need to clam down." Wes said running into the living room after him closely followed by Joel, Tony and Gabby.

"Calm down! Calm down! How do you expect me to clam down when I just find out that she's pregnant with my baby and she never told me!" he raged. I looked from Benji to Gabby, Joel and Tony. I knew it must have been one of them that had spilled the beans.

"Soph I am so sorry it just slipped out. I really didn't mean too." Gabby said apologetically.

"Yeah right sure it did." I said sarcastically. She wasn't exactly in my good books to begin with.

"Well! Is it true?" Benji shouted again.


"Cut the bullshit."

"Who the hell do you think you are barging into my apartment shooting and screaming throwing around your orders. And you wonder why I don't want to be with you." I argued back this wasn't good for my blood pressure.

"Lets just all calm down guys." Wes said knowing this was not good for mine or the baby's health.

"Answer the question." Benji said through gritted teeth.

"Yeah I am pregnant." I said simply.

"Is it mine?" he said a little more softly but that one question infuriated me more than anything.

"Who else's is it going to be?" I said sarcastically.

"I don't know well for starters there's Liam." He said his anger returning.

"Don't fucking start this again." I rolled my eyes.

"Start what how am I supposed to believe you that it's my baby when your busy sleeping around while I'm off on tour. That's if there even is a baby for all I know this could be some kind of trick you've planned to get me back." He said. I felt my self getting madder and madder. I felt my blood pressure rising and my heart rate rising. I had to get away form all of this it was not good.

"You see! You see why I don't want anything to do with him. Do you all really want to put me though all this!" I said to Gabby, Tony, Joel and Wes before getting up and storming out. I made it as far as the door before I collapsed.

"Sophie!" I heard Gabby call out and run over to me.

"Oh for fucks sake lets cut the drama." Benji said.

"You fucking dickhead she's ill because she's pregnant with your child." Tony said coming over to me. everything was blurry and the room was spinning. I heard Wes calling the doctor who told him to call and ambulance.

"W...What are you ...t...talking about." I heard Benji say his voice full of worry when he realised this was serious.

"She's got a blood pressure condition she's not supposed to be put under any stress or anything other wise it can be really dangerous for her health and the baby's health." Gabby explained.

It wasn't long before the ambulance was here and I was took off to hospital Wes came with me in the ambulance and Joel drove Benji, Gabby and Tony to the hospital.

When I got to the hospital they hooked me up to a machine that monitored my blood pressure and heart rate and gave me an injection that I'm not quite sure what it was for I was too busy trying not to have a heart attack at the size of it. Before long my heart rate and blood pressure had came back down again and I was feeling a lot better.

When the doctor had finished making all her checks and left to room seconds later Gabby, Wes and Joel came in.

"Can we come in?" Gabby asked timidly from the door way. I nodded. Wes came and sat at the right of me and Joel on the left and Gabby stood a little further back by Joel on the left.

"So how are you feeling, what's the verdict?"

"Better, there're keeping me in over night to make sure I get a good peaceful stress free night's rest."

"So what was it that caused it? Was it's your blood pressure thing?" Gabby asked.

"Let's just say Benji's the type of stress I can do with out right now."

"Tony's laying into him outside right now." Joel said with a little laugh. "We all have, we've gave him a really hard time for how he's been acting towards you." he said making me laugh slightly.

"You don't have to do that he has a hard enough time from me as it is." I laughed.

"Well he fucking deserves it. He needs some sense beating into him." Wes smiled.

"Soph I am so sorry I really didn't mean to tell him. We where all just talking and it just slipped out in the middle of the conversation. I feel so bad. I feel like this is all my fault. I'm so sorry and..."

"Gabs clam down I'm not mad at you well I was a little at first but you did me a favour really because I had no idea how I was going to tell him. On the other hand now this is the part where I'm going to say I told you so. I said I wasn't ready to see him or talk to him and yet you all insisted on pushing us together. I knew it was too much for me at the moment and look what happened. You all need to stand back and leave us too it. Stop trying to push us together so much because in the end all you're doing is pushing us further apart. We know how to handle each other and we know how to deal with each other just give us time and if it's meant to be like you all think it is then it will. If not then you'll just have to accept it."

"You're right I'm sorry." Gabby said Joel and Wes nodded in agreement.

"Ok I'm finished with my lecture now so let's stop with all this seriousness. How's the tour been Joel it feels like ages since I least saw you." I smiled turning to Joel hoping to lighten the mood.

"Good really good. So much better now that B... it's been good." He stopped mid sentence not sure whether to bring Benji up.

"You can talk about him." I laughed.

"Well it's been so much better now that Benji's got out of his foul mood now he's just determined he want's you back. It's quite sweet really he's like a love sick puppy."

"Well that puppy turned into a pit-bull before but I can't really blame him I mean he just found out I was four months pregnant with his child and I never told him so I kind of deserved his little out burst."

"You didn't deserve this though." Wes muttered.

"Can come and see my favourite mother to be." Tony said with a huge grin on his face coming over and giving me a huge hug.

"Hey Tone how are you?" I smiled.

"I should be asking you that?" he smiled releasing me form the hug.

"I'm fine now."

"Good, good and I made sure to beat some sense into that idiot out side and I told the nurse to call security if he tried to come in." he said making us laugh.

What would I do with out you Tone."
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