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Chapter 72

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Joel's POV

Everyone was round at ours and when I said everyone I meant everyone all the GC, Mest, Fall Out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold guys, Josh, Wes and not forgetting the girls where here, you can't move for people. we where all having a welcome home party for us all getting off tour and we also decided to turn it into a kind of party thing for Sophie's pregnancy now that everyone knew about it and was happy about it. Well when I say everyone there was just a few important people that didn't know about it and that was both our's and Sophie's mom and Sarah.

"So Benj gonna be a daddy?" Syn laughed.

"Yeah I am." Benji grinned proudly he's been beaming ever since he had that talk with Sophie in the hospital no one knew what was said apart from what ever it was made Benj a totally different guy he was back to our normal happy fun Benji.

"So what's going on between you and Soph now Benj you never did tell us what you two talked about in the hospital yesterday but it must have been something good because you've not stopped grinning ever since?" I asked.

"Oh we just talked a few things through." He said not giving too much away.

"So does that mean your back together?" Matt Shadows asked.

"No, well not yet anyway."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Pete asked walking over joining in our conversation too.

"Well well after the shit I put her through she said she needs to build the trust up again she's not willing to just forgive me and get back to normal just yet, which is understandable. But I will win her back I will." He said the last but positively like it was his one single mission in life.

"Well good luck with that." Wes said standing up patting a hand on his shoulder. "I'm going picking her up now see ya'll in a bit." He said getting his keys out of his pocket and leaving the room.

Benji went into the kitchen and I followed him. No one else was there giving me a chance to talk to him.

"So how are you?" I asked. He turned to look at me.

"Ok, good actually."

"So you're ok with everything now?" I persisted.

"Yeah I mean I acted like a total ass I don't know what got into me you seriously should have beet the shit out of me a long time ago. Anyway all this has actually made me see what I've put everyone through especially Sophie and you so now I'm just trying to make everything up to you all."

"Ok and the whole Sophie being pregnant thing, your going to be a dad?"

"Well it's not exactly how I planned I mean I've always wanted kids and I love Sophie more than thing in the world. It's always been Sophie and always will be. The though of settling down and having kids with Sophie has always been a dream to me but now that dream can come true. Granted it's not the way I thought it would be but still I'm going to make things work. I'm going to make things right between me and Sophie I have to if I don't then there nothing in the life for me."

"Well if this is all what you want then I'm happy for you. I just wanted to make sure your know with everything and not going to blow up at any given moment." Joel laughed.

"Nah I'm good now everything's good and it'll be even better when I win Sophie back."

"When? Getting a bit confident aren't you." I laughed teasing him.

"I will win her back Joel I have to I can't see her with any there guy. She's mine Joel and I will make her see that."

"Oh she already knows that she's just got to make sure you do first."

"Well I do so now all I have to do is prove it to her."

"Well good luck bro." I said giving him a hug.

"Thanks bro.

"Sophie's here!" we heard people calling from the living room. We went out to great her. Everyone was happy to see her all of them asking her how she was and asking all about the baby.

Sophie's POV

When I first arrived at the party it was crazy everyone wanted to talk to me, ask me how I was and all about the baby. The party went on for hours until the early hours of the morning. I have to admit it was so nice having everybody home and getting along just like we always used to when we where younger. We all had such a laugh and caught up with each other. As it got past midnight people started to leave, by two am which is what it is now there was only me, Ryane, Gabby, Linzi, Katie (Paul's long term girlfriend), Joel, Benji, Billy, Paul, Wes, Matt shadows and Syn left. Me, Benji, Joel, Matt and Syn where outside on the patio it was a really nice night, warm with clear skies so that you could see all the stars clearly.

"So are you two staying over here tonight?" Joel asked Matt and Syn.

"Yeah if that isn't a problem?" Syn replied.

"Not at all." Benji said.

"Ok well I'll just go show you to the guest rooms then." Joel said getting up as Matt and Syn followed leaving me and Benji alone almost as if planned.

Benji was sat swinging gently on the bench swing and I was sat on a deck chair. It was so quiet outside. We could hear the laughing and joking going on from inside where Billy and Paul where in a video game tournament with the others watching cheering them on. I looked up at the stars just enjoying the peacefulness. I shivered slightly.

"You cold?" Benji asked who had been watching me intently since Joel, Syn and Matt had left us alone.

"No." I said quietly as I got up ad went over to sit next to him on the swing. He stopped it for a second while I got on then gently carried on swinging. "Not now." I said as I cuddled up to him each others body heat keeping the other warm. He lifted his arm to put round my shoulders and pull me in closer to his chest. This is how we're supposed to be me and Benji and this is what I miss. We sat in silence just enjoying being with each other.

"So how's being pregnant treating you?"

"Not too bad if you don't include the constant need to pee, the morning sickness that does in fact last all day, the whole no stress thing for me, and the wired cravings then not too bad oh yeah and the no alcohol thing sucks ass I miss that already and I still have another five months to go." I said making him laugh gently.

"I look good."

"Yeah right sure I do." I said sarcastically.

"No seriously you do you look beautiful, you've always been beautiful but you look, your just glowing at the moment." he smiled.

"Thanks." I smiled not really knowing what to say to that complement.

"Did you enjoy the party?"

"Yeah it's been really good I've had a really good time and it's been really nice seeing everyone."

Yeah it feels so good to be home, I missed home so much when I was away more than what I usually do."

"But you still had a good time though I mean you love touring, don't you?"

"Yeah I love touring its so much fun and everything but sometimes it just gets so tiresome and I get so home sick and lonely." He admitted. I nodded understandingly. I yawned feeling very tired.

"Look I think I'm going to have to go home I'm absolutely shattered. I have had a really good time, thanks." I smiled getting up of him.

"Thanks for what?" he asked a little confused. I shrugged.

"Dunno just thanks for everything, it's been nice. I'm going to go get Gabby. Night." I gave him a peck on the check then turned to go in the house to get Gabby. He grabbed my hand before I started walking and pulled be gently back towards him.

"You can stay here to night you know, both of you, if you want to?" he said looking into my eyes.

"I don't think that's a good idea. It's been a great night Benji but I need to go home." I said knowing he was disappointed and upset but I can't get into anything with him so soon and staying here the night would just be a whole other can of worms I wasn't ready for yet.

"Ok take care. I love you." he said quietly.

"You to." I smiled then turned to go and get Gabby and go home.

"When I found Gabby she was more than just a little drunk. With a lot of help form Joel I managed to get her into the car to take her home. When we got home she went straight to bed as did if.
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