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Chapter One

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Faith LeHane Goes back to the time of Captain Jack Sparrow, where she meets up with an old friend turned enemy. CrossOver between BTVS and POTC. Takes place between POTC and POTC 2. FaithJack, Fait...

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Jack and the rest of the POTC gang don't show up till Chapter 4.

Takes place between POTC and POTC 2 and at the end of Enemies and end of season 7

"talking" 'Thoughts'

Chapter One

Sunnydale 1999 (end of Enemies)

Faith stood at the window, looking out on to the street below her apartment, thinking of the previous night and how she messed up. Behind her, the Mayor, Richard Wilkins the Third, was sitting on a chair looking at the young girl before him as if everything had gone to plan. "Well, you win some, you lose some. From where I'm sitting it's batting average that counts." He said standing up "So you lost some friends."

"I wouldn't exactly call them friends," Faith told her boss, turning around and walking to her favourite chair in her apartment and slouching down with a pained expression that comes from being betrayed.

"Well, what are worried about?" The Mayor said crouching down before her "Chin up! You don't see me looking disappointed. Heck No! You know why? Because you'll always have me Faith." Faith turned to look at her boss, knowing that he was right. "I'm the best and most important friend you'll ever have. Besides you know, once the ascension starts, the 'in-crowd' you're so concerned about? Whoo...They'll be lucky if there's enough of them to fit a pothole. Promise." He looked at Faith, seeing she wasn't convinced he continued. "Still unhappy? Oakie Doke...I've got two words that are going to make all the pain go away. Miniature. Golf" With that the Mayor put on his trademark grin. Faith tried her hardest not to smile but couldn't help herself after seeing his goofy grin.

"Fine boss...just give me a few minutes to get ready." After he nodded she got up and walked to her bathroom, where she reapplied her black eyeliner and dark red lipstick. 'Better take this with me' she thought as she put her eyeliner and lipstick into the back pocket of her black leather pants. 'Never know if I'm gonna end up going to a club' She bent down to retie her black knee high Doc Marten boots, with a four inch heel. 'God I love these boots' she thought happily.

" ready yet?" The Mayor asked her through the door.

"Yeah nearly" Faith replied as she finished tying her boots. When she stood up to look in the mirror, she noticed she felt light headed. Faith grabbed the edge of the basin and closed her eyes, hoping it would pass quickly. In her mind she saw a figure of a man, Faith focused on to the man's face and became instantly mesmerised by his dark brown eyes. She quickly took in the rest of his tanned face. He had long black hair, that was braided, dreadlocked and left out - as if he couldn't choose a single style, he had beads, trinkets and what looked like a bone woven throughout his hair. Holding his hair back was a faded, dirty red bandana, which also had some beads on it. He also had a moustache and a goatee - his goatee had been split into two and braided, each of the braids had two beads at the ends. Faith noticed that he had the most kissable lips she had ever seen on a person before. Faith refocused on his eyes, which were dark brown, nearly black and lined with black kohl.

Once the light-headedness had passed Faith let go of the basin and spun around as she heard a voice singing 'A pirates life for me'. "What the Fuck?" Faith whispered as she spun around and tried to locate the singing voice only to realise that she was the only one in the room. "Maybe the Scoobies are right, maybe I am going insane." Faith shrugged as she reached for the door handle and opened the door. She walked out of her bathroom and looked around her apartment for the Mayor, when she couldn't find him she walked to her large walk in closet and grabbed her favourite cropped black leather jacket and put it on as she walked out of the closet and straight into the Mayor.

"Fuck...Boss sorry...didn't see ya there." Faith looked at the Mayor suspiciously "Anything wrong Boss?"

"Yes Faith...You" at that moment Faith noticed another person behind her and felt a needle go in to the back of her neck. She turned around as saw she the Mayor's secretary with a syringe in her hand. Faith started to feel panicked as she felt her strength draining.
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