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Chapter 2

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Faith LeHane Goes back to the time of Captain Jack Sparrow, where she meets up with an old friend turned enemy. CrossOver between BTVS and POTC. Takes place between POTC and POTC 2. FaithJack, Fait...

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Chapter Two

"Why?" Faith said, sinking to the floor as her legs had no strength to hold her up any longer, she was surprised to hear her voice sounded more like a whimper than her usually strong, raspy voice.

"You revealed our plans to the enemy Faith, something you should NEVER DO!" The Mayor screamed at her.

"I thought I was gonna kill B." Faith said weakly, tears forming in her eyes at the thought of being hurt again by someone she trusted completely. "You said I did well, and you were OK with what I did."

"Darling, you still have a lot to learn about people, no matter what you've been through so far."

"What the fuck was in that stuff she stuck me with?" the thought only occurring to Faith then.

"Only something I got from an old pal of mine...Used to work for the Watcher's Council. She was a very good friend of mine and I do believe she was your watcher for a while...Gwendolyn Post...She was a lovely person...When she arrived in Sunnydale she gave me that in case one of the slayers got out of hand. It's practically the same as the Watcher's Council gives to slayers on their 18th birthday's but Lydia here altered it to make it permanent." The Mayor finished with his trademark grin, this time Faith was unable to smile back due to the pain caused by his betrayal of her. The Mayor then addressed the woman standing behind Faith, who to Faith looked like the exact clone of Gwendolyn. "Lydia, please start the spell now."

"What?...What spell?" Faith said, her panic rising to a mild hysteria.

"Lydia here is going to send you back to a place where you can't cause any more trouble for me or my plans....Oh by the way Lydia is a very angry young lady, so you should count yourself lucky that she's only doing this, especially since most of that anger is directed towards you, My dear little Firecracker." The Mayor told Faith, as he crouched down and stroked her shoulder length raven hair.

"What...Why me?" Faith asked the Mayor, her voice quivering partly out of confusion and partly out of disgust at having the Mayor touch her.

"Gwendolyn was my baby sister you little tramp." Lydia said, the anger and coldness of her voice making Faith shiver, before continuing her preparations in silence.

"But B was the one who killed her not me." Faith said terrified of what Lydia could do. 'Damn another person who betrays me, If I get send away because of this bitch how am I ever gonna make things right with The Scoobies?' Faith thought before realising that this wasn't the time to be thinking of such things. It was then that Faith started to feel her legs begin to regain some strength and she started to stand up. The Mayor, who noticed this, grabbed the nearest heavy object, which happened to be a lamp off the table and hit Faith over the head with it.

"All right Lydia...You may begin the spell once you're ready." The Mayor told Lydia.

Faith heard was Lydia chanting in Latin as she welcomed the darkness.
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