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Chapter 3

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Faith LeHane Goes back to the time of Captain Jack Sparrow, where she meets up with an old friend turned enemy. CrossOver between BTVS and POTC. Takes place between POTC and POTC 2. FaithJack, Fait...

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AN - Faith's powers were 'transferred' to a new Slayer by the Watcher's Council. The new slayer worked for the Mayor after Faith disappeared, except she was still on the Scoobies side and they knew what she was doing.

Chapter Three

Cleveland 2004 (after Season 7 finale)

Xander Harris readjusted his eye patch as he walked into the kitchen of the house he shared with his long time friend, Buffy Summers and her younger sister Dawn.

"Hey Xander." Dawn said in her usual perky voice.

"Hey Dawnster...Has Buffy got any info on that witchy chick we ran into yesterday?"

"Nope...well actually we did get a name." She said while throwing her school books into her backpack. "Yeah...Lydia Post, She's the older sister of an ex-Watcher, Gwendolyn Post or something."

"Gwendolyn Post...I remember her...claimed to be Faith's new watcher, before Wesley of course." Xander paused as he thought back to four years ago and remembered how the ex-watcher had used Faith. "Speaking of Faith...any news on her?"

"Nope. It's weird isn't? maybe she skipped town after you guys found out what she was doing with the Mayor." Dawn said getting a bottle of juice and two glasses before pouring the juice in to them.

"No way Dawn...She wouldn't have left her stuff, especially her leathers and weapons." Xander told Dawn before grabbing one of the glasses of juice and drinking it down quickly. "Well it was a good thing the Watcher's Council activated the next Slayer, otherwise we'd be dead. How did they do that by the way with Faith still being alive?"

"Don't know Xand...she could be dead." Dawn told Xander her voice cold, reminding Xander how much Dawn disliked Faith.

"Never found her body Dawn."

"Well well about the rogue slayer. The slayer that almost killed you." Said a unfamiliar feminie voice from the backdoor. Xander and Dawn turned around and saw Lydia Post standing before them.

"Oh forgive me for not introducing myself...My name is Lydia Post. I do believe I have some information on the Slayer your looking for...that's if you want it." Lydia explained to the stunned pair while walking closer to them. Xander quickly pushed Dawn behind him to protect her.

"Get away for us." Xander warned.

"Please if you don't want the information I've got fine but be polite about it."

As soon as Lydia was close enough Xander backhanded her, grabbed Dawn and ran towards the lounge room, where the weapons chest was kept.

"Dawn, where's Buffy?" Xander asked urgently, while grabbing an axe from the chest.

"At Willow's." She told him, her eyes widening as she saw Lydia walking into the room.

Xander pushed Dawn towards and out the front door.

"Go, get her.... GO!" When Dawn refused to move Xander pushed her towards the steps of the porch and slammed the front door shut, locking him inside the house with the deranged witch.

"Where is Faith?" Xander demanded his voice rising, while raising the axe in case she decided to attack.

"What no please? Well maybe I should just take you to her? Would that be good enough for you?" Without waiting for a reply Lydia started to chant something in Latin under her breath. Xander could barely hear her, but as soon as she finished he felt strangely weak and sank to the floor.

"What did you do to me?" He demanded weakly.

"Well can't have you trying to chop me with that axe while I'm trying to help you get Faith now can I?" She explained to Xander. "Well actually this will kill two birds with one stone. You trying to find your rogue slayer and me trying to kill your other slayer. Sending you to Faith means less of the slayer's friends protecting her." Lydia said preparing her spell.

"Why kill Buffy?"

"Well after I sent Faith away I did some research and found out that it was Buffy that had killed my sister not Faith, I almost felt guilty for what I did to Faith, however I did owe Richard a favour." Lydia said, her voice deadly calm. "You know something, you do talk way to much." Lydia chanted under her breathe again and Xander lost all power to speak.

Lydia giggled at his panicked look. "Oh don't worry it's not permanent, Now If you stop distracting me I'll send you to see Faith. Don't be surprised if she is still the same age as she was then. I am quite accomplished with magic's and can send people to different time periods.... It's actually quite enjoyable." When Lydia finished her rambling she started to chant in Latin again and the last thing Xander remembered thinking was that Lydia talked way too much before the darkness claimed him.
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