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Chapter 4

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Faith LeHane Goes back to the time of Captain Jack Sparrow, where she meets up with an old friend turned enemy. CrossOver between BTVS and POTC. Takes place between POTC and POTC 2. FaithJack, Fait...

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Aboard The Black Pearl in the middle of the Caribbean. 1663

Gibbs steered the Black Pearl as Captain Jack Sparrow nursed a hangover, the third in four days.

"He keeps drinking he's gonna end up dying" Gibbs told Marty as he came up to give Gibbs his flask of whiskey.

"You're one to talk Gibbs." Marty told him. Gibbs shrugged as he drained the flask and looked back to the horizon and Marty walked back below deck, slamming the door.

Xander woke to a door slamming above him. He groaned as he sat up to see where he was, that's when he noticed a small feminine figure on the other side of the room he was currently in. After watching the figure for a few minutes, curiosity finally got the better of him and he stood up to see who it was. When he got close enough, he saw that the person was a woman with raven hair that went just past her shoulders, or at least that was his guess as it was kind of hard to determine the length when she was lying face down on the floor. He also noticed that she was wearing black leather pants and a black cropped leather jacket. He was about to roll her over when he heard the woman groan and began to turn over herself. It surprised him to see that this woman was the same one he had been searching for back in Sunnydale for the past four years.

"Faith?" Xander whispered as he knelt next to her. He was ecstatic to notice he had his voice back as well.

"What?" Faith whispered as she slowly opened her dark brown eyes. "Xand...what's going on?...Where are we?" she said while trying to sit up.

"I have no idea, I think we're on a ship or something." He told her calmly while helping her to sit up, and moving behind her, so that her back was leaning against his chest, to make sure she didn't fall again.

"What happened to your eye?" Faith mumbled before passing out.

Xander watched as Faith's eyes rolled back and she passed out. He noticed Lydia had been right about Faith being the same age as she was when she disappeared. It made Xander wonder how old Faith actually was, since she never mentioned her age to any of the Scoobies before. Xander also started to wonder where they were and when, especially since the ship was made out of wood. As he sat there holding Faith against his chest, he started to also wonder if Dawn had made it safely to Willow's house. 'I should stop thinking...not good for my health.' Was his last thought before he fell asleep, joining Faith.

Xander awoke a few hours later to a voice screaming somewhere above him. He looked down at the girl in his arms for a few seconds before deciding to get up and see where they were. He gently eased Faith out of his arms and laid her on the floor, before standing up and cautiously walking towards the door. Once he opened the door, he looked around to see if anyone was around before walking down a corridor towards a flight of stairs. Quietly he crept up the stairs, when he got to the top he was surprised to find out that the ship he was on looked like it belonged in the 1600's and the crew looked as though they would've fitted in the 1600's as well. Xander turned around quickly to get back to Faith before he was seen by any of the crew, however as he felt the cold metal of a sword at his throat.

"Now Lad...please explain to me why you're on my ship" asked the slurred voice belonging to the person holding the sword to Xander's throat.

Xander started to turn around to face the person, however when he did Xander realised he couldn't see his face as they were standing in the shadows.

"I don't really know, Sir...I passed out and when I woke up I was here with Fai..." Xander stopped himself before he could finish Faith's name in case they tried to hurt her.

"You and Fai..." the person said stepping into the light and giving Xander an opportunity to see his face for the first time. Xander noticed that he looked like the kind of guy that girls would swoon over.

"So there's someone else on my ship?" he narrowed his eyes studying Xander and without giving Xander a chance to reply he called over a guy called Gibbs "Take him to the brig and then search the ship!" he yelled.

As Xander was being dragged away, he called out for them to stop.

"Your name Lad." Putting his sword away.

"Xander Harris." the one-eyed man replied. "Who are you?"

"Me...Son...I'm Captain Jack Sparrow." he said taking off his tri-cornered hat and giving a drunken bow. "Welcome to the Black Pearl Mr Harris....Take him to the brig." he said putting his hat back on.

'Now to get me rum.' he thought walking down the stairs to the storeroom. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see a body lying on the floor. He grabbed a bottle of his most prized possession...Rum from the box near the wall, pulled out the cork with his teeth before spitting it out and taking a big swig of rum. He moved towards the body that was lying on the floor, as he walked closer he realised that this person was female and that it must be Mr Harris' friend that he mentioned. Jack took his time in studying the girl's features, noticing the strange clothes she was wearing. As he was looking her over he failed to notice the girls eyes opening until she started screaming, startling Jack and causing him to drop his bottle of rum.
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