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Flip my world, upside down.

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It had been a few years since I walked away from everything I left in Chicago. In the beginning, there was times when I didn't think I was going to be able to make it, but the best of me prevailed and I fought through the loneliness and I won the battle. I had picked up the peices of myself months later when I started dating around again, nothing serious of course, because I wasn't ready to commit myself to anything again until I felt that I was compeltely ready. I went back to school and completed the courses that I chose, I got my degree in interrior decorating and wedding design. I opened my own little buisness and became one of the most sought after wedding designers. Being in high demand kept me busy and gave me little time to think about the history that I had and the regrets that I might have. I was thankful for everything that had happened to me since I walked away from that Chicago suburb the one fateful day, it made me realise that I was a much stronger person then I ever thought I could be.

Today was one of those days that if anything could go wrong, no doubt it would. The maid of honor had gained a couple pounds since the fitting and the dress was having a hard time fitting to her properly, the flowers been confirmed done yet, the food was going to be arriving late, and the groom and his men weren't at the rehersal yet. The wedding was exactly two days which didn't give me much time to work with anything to get anything fixed if people had any complaints at all.

I sighed and looked at my watch, it was now 6:15 in the evening and not even half of the wedding party had arrived yet. I told everyone to be at the church for 5:30 and be ready to reherse around 6 o'clock so that we could get the rehersal done and over with. I sighed, completely frustrated with these people and their disregard for being prompt and sat myself down on the front row bench in the altar. I felt the bench shift and someone sit down by myside, I looked over and the bride had a completely exhausted look on her face, I smiled sympathetically as I watched her play with her engagement ring. She looked like she had been doing everything for this wedding, actually, I was more or less convinced she was doing everything for this wedding because I hadn't even been introduced to the groom himelf yet, I didn't know anything about him really, I just knew that he was always busy because his job required him to be out of town for long amounts of time. I think she mentioned not that long ago that his named started with a 'P' or something.

I looked down at my watch again and it now was saying that it was almost 6:30. Exactly an hour late. I sat further into my very uncomfortable seat in the altar and rested my head back. I prayed that God would give me the patience to deal with this again, for the next three days I was going to need all the help I could get, I could tell.

I heard the church doors open and then male voices coming in from outside. The sound of thunder and rain were intrusive to the quietness that the church once held. Everyone's attention was foucused to the back where the men were coming in from the storm that had started since we'd arrived.

I thanked God, put a smile on my face and got up. I turned around to face the groom and his men for the first time. I placed my clipboard down where I once sat and watched as the blonde bride bounced passed me and ran into the arms of her fiance. I smiled as the kissed because it was a symbol of never ending love.

"Okay guys, lets get ready to get the rehersal underway. I need the guys over here, and the ladies over here." I pointed to the directions where everyone was supposed to be. I straightened out my pants and my shirt. I watched as people shuffled by me and to where they were supposed to be. I laughed slightly as I watched the blonde playing with her man's clothing to get it straightened out and looking goof for the rehersal. I watched as she pulled away and the most ever familar face turned around and caught eyes with me. My breath caught in my throat and I thought for a second I was going to die. I looked up to the altar and there stood my past, Patrick, Joe, Andy and Dirty. I turned back around, none of them had realised who I was because I had done some drastic changes to myself when I walked out.

The groom was taking off his sweater and his bride had walked up to her spot on the podium. I couldn't utter any words and my mouth was stuck in a shocked fashion.

"Pete.." I said in barely a whisper and my hand came up to my mouth. "Oh my god.."
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