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Pickies and Photos - JULY 8

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Kara has a bad day at school. Moncia and Elle spend the day together.

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After arriving at school Tuesday morning, Kara was quickly aware of a buzz in the air. She wasn't quite sure what the excitement was and frankly, if it didn't involve her, she just didn't care. She was more concerned about passing her mid-term exams. She had her hands full with that worry. Okay, let's face it, she couldn't care less about any of her subjects, but graduation was a few short weeks away. If she played her cards right, maybe she'd finally get the car she wanted - a corvette convertible - God's gift to summer days. She would be so stylin' in it. That Stratus was such an old fart car.
So far the day had gone well. She'd only had one mid-term this morning. She'd taken the other 2 yesterday. That only left Algebra II and English Lit for after lunch and then it was on to Spring Break. She couldn't wait for Bob to come home. She had so many plans for them. It was really cool that she was out of school while he was home. She entered the lunchroom and spotted her posse sitting at their usual table. She quickly got in line for her usual salad. After paying, she wove her way to her table. While passing that bitch, Maggie Herpster's gang, they broke into hysterical laughter. It seemed to be directed at her.
"Hey, Kara. How's your boyfriend?"
"Fiancé." she quickly corrected her while waving her ring in the general direction of the table.
"If you say so." The entire table laughed.
Geez, that Maggie was a total bitch. She had been on her ever since she transferred to the school. She couldn't help it if the slut wasn't popular anymore. Kara moved on to her table. She noticed that the gang was huddled around a cell phone. They quickly broke apart and snapped the phone shut.
"Hey, Kara. How are the tests going?" asked Sarah. Kara started to answer her only to be interrupted by Maggie's voice.
"I'm sure you're wrong, Michele, that's really his sister. He'd never do anything like that to Kara. They're love." She looked up and smiled at Kara. The smile didn't reach her eyes.
"What's your problem, Maggie?"
Sarah whispered, "Kara, just ignore her." She glared at Maggie.
"They're so cute together. Who is she, Kara? Am I right? Is it his sister? They look so close."
Kara thought she had lost her mind. What was Maggie talking about?
Maggie continued, "Now Michele here thinks that that's his new girlfriend and that you're nothing but a broke down skuzzy ass liar, but I told her that she was wrong. You'd never lie to the entire school, would you, Kara?" She gave Kara a sickly sweet smile.
Kara stood up, "What the fuck are you talking about?"
"Are you serious, you really don't know? Why don't you ask your friends? They're the ones who showed us."
Kara looked at the girls who at least had the common decency to look guilty. "What the hell is she talking about?"
"The pictures of Bob and Gerard in Europe. Surely you've seen them?"
Actually, Kara hadn't gotten on the Internet yet to download the Paris concert.
Sarah continued, "There are dozens of them." She sounded rather smug.
"Let me see." 3 different girls pulled out cells and offered them up. There for all the world to see was her Bob being very chummy with some brunette. It was obvious that the pictures had been taken over several different days, but the same girls appeared in them all. Some skunk-haired ho was all over Gerard in several pictures. They were kissing. All of the sudden, the late phone calls made sense. That lying sack of shit. While she was here worry about him and his cold, his happy ass was partying all over Europe with some ho.
She became aware of the buzz in the room. It seemed like everyone was staring, pointing and laughing. They all knew. They ALL knew. Completely forgetting her mid-terms, Kara fled from the school and her humiliation. Kelly, who had been watching the drama unfold, hurried after her.

Liv had dropped Elle off at eight and said she would be back between 1:00 and 2:00 to pick her up. Monica had told her she would be glad to watch Elle all day but Liv had just given her a bored look and repeated the times she had stated earlier.
Monica had wasted no time in bustling Elle off to the park. She had spent time on the 'wings' and Elle had even talked Monica into going down the 'wide'. Monica had laughed as she slid down thinking how silly she must look but it hadn't mattered. She was having a wonderful time. If only Gee was here she thought the day would have been truly perfect. He had sounded so tired last night when he had finally called. She was worried about him.
She and Elle had just gotten to McDonalds and were ordering their lunch. "Sweetie do you want a happy meal?"
Elle smiled and motioned to be picked up. Monica lifted her in her arms. "Elle like Happy Meals with a hambabug and toy."
"Well of course a toy. Happy Meals wouldn't be happy without one." Monica added a regular cheeseburger to the order for herself. The girl behind the counter handed Elle her Happy Meal box. Elle smiled and said, "Tank you."
The young girl smiled to Monica, "Your daughter is adorable"
Monica almost corrected her but stopped herself. Elle was going to be her daughter. She told the girl thank you and she and Elle walked to a table near the front of the restaurant.
Elle opened her box and pulled out the toy first. It was a chicken figure on a surfboard wearing a hula skirt. "Wuv 'em'" Elle said happily.
"Got to eat first before you play with him," Monica said wondering if Elle would balk. She simply put the figure down and dug into the box pulling out her french fries. Monica tried not to laugh as she stuffed four of them in her mouth at once. Then she pulled out her hamburger and unwrapped it. She lifted the bun and sat it aside.
"What are you doing?" Monica asked
Elle's little fingers lifted the pickle off the burger.
"Don't you like pickles?"
"I wuv pickies" Elle declared as she shoved it in her mouth and began to chew.
Monica unwrapped her own burger and opened the bun, "Do you want my pickie?"
Elle smiled and picked it off then stuffed it in her mouth, "Tanks Mommyca."
After lunch they walked to a small store specializing in children's clothes. Elle held on to Monica's hand even after they walked into the store.
"Hello" the sales woman greeted them. "Can I help you?"
"We just want to look around a bit." Monica said.
"Let me know if I can help you with anything." The woman looked them over and added, "There are some really nice little girl outfits on the clearance rack in the back."
Monica's eyes narrowed. Yes, Elle wasn't outfitted in the nicest clothes. They were a bit worn and she was wearing jeans and a hoodie but it angered her that the woman was assuming they couldn't afford to buy something in the store that wasn't on sale. Monica looked down at Elle, "Honey do you see anything you like?"
Elle's eyes grew wide as she looked around. There were so many adorable outfits. A pink dress with line green polka dots caught her attention. She pointed to it.
Monica walked over to the dress and tried not to gasp when she saw the price tag. Lord, she thought, who would pay that for this simple dress.
The saleswoman piped up, "That is one of the newest dresses we have in the shop." She named off some designer Monica had never heard of and explained that it was from his new line.
Beside her Elle jumped up and down looking at the dress, "Pokie-dots" she said happily.
Monica took a deep breath, "Would you like to try it on, Honey?"
Elle nodded happily. The sales woman frowned. "It's really quite expensive, maybe she would like something else."
Monica was officially pissed now, "Excuse me but isn't it your job to try to sell things in this store?"
"Well, of course it is." the woman huffed.
"Well, good. Then she would like to try this dress on."
The saleswoman looked at Elle then back at Monica. "Very well, come this way" She grabbed the dress and led them to a dressing room.
Monica helped Elle take off her coat; jeans and top then helped her pull on the dress. It looked adorable on her even with her old tennis shoes. "Lookie lookie" Elle danced in front of the full-length mirror. "Me's pitty."
"Yes baby you are very pretty. Lets take it off and go pay for it."
Elle frowned, "Don't wanna."
Monica shrugged, "Well then lets go pay for it." She picked up Elle old clothes and they exited the dressing area. "She loves it and wants to wear it now."
"Very well" She led them over to the register. She wrote up a ticket and told Monica the total. Without blinking Monica took out the credit card Gee had given her and handed it over. The woman took it from her and was soon smiling.
Monica realized she has happy now that she knew the card was good. "Thank you so much please come back again. Here's my card." She tried to hand Monica a card but Monica shook her head.
"Sorry but I'm sure we won't be coming back. I hate people who judge others by their looks." She took Elle's hand and grabbed her coat and the bag containing her old clothes, "Oh and by the way. If I wanted I could buy your entire store," she whispered leaving the woman staring at her.
She and Elle walked back outside. "Honey, you need to put your coat on, it's chilly."
"Don't wanna cover my pitty dress." Her bottom lip quivered. "Coat uggy."
Monica had to admit her coat wasn't all that nice. "How about if we buy you a pretty coat?"
Elle smiled and they walked into another store. This time the saleslady was friendly and helpful. Monica slightly flinched when Elle picked out one of the most expensive coats in the store. Still it was warm and made well. She pulled out the credit card and wondered briefly if Gee would object to her buying such expensive items. No, she decided he wouldn't mind because they were for his daughter.
Walking back to the apartment hand in hand Elle entertained Monica by singing silly songs. Her sweet voice made people walking by smile. It was almost one as they reached the apartment and opened the door. It had been a wonderful day and she was smiling happily. Elle was holding her hand and laughing at her own song. Walking into the apartment Monica's smile vanished as she saw her daughters standing across the room in front of the computer. Jamia was with them staring at the monitor and shaking her head.
"What's wrong?" Fear gripped her. Had something happened to the guys?
Kara rushed to her mom, "Oh mom" was all she said before bursting into tears.
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