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Chapter One - The Past

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Simone Sparrow. Jack's wife. He made the mistake of leaving to protect on their wedding night, the same night he was mutinied. Now he needs to face the music when she decides to show up in Tortuga ...

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Chapter One

"/What are ye doing out here by yourself, love?" the man asked suspiciously when he came upon his bride standing alone at the crest of the hill. "Ye /are alone, aren't ye?"

"Of course, well unless you count the moon and the stars."

"I'd forgotten how much ye can sound like a lady at times. But, ye are right. 'Tis a beautiful night, I can't blame ye for lingering out here." Sidling closer, he embraced her from behind, resting his chin on her intricately plaited blonde hair.

"Were your dealings with Le Vatour profitable?" she questioned idly, leaning back against him.

"Better than I'd hoped. Of course Bootstrap was along to see that Le Vatour held up his end of the bargain. Our booty brought a good price, and even after Le Vatour's cut the men will be pleased with their shares."

"Then you found Le Vatour to be trustworthy?" Simone probed, jerking Jack from his musings. She'd hoped his answer would ease her misgivings about the French buccaneer.

"Only so far as it pleases him to give his trust." Jack frowned, annoyed by Simone's interest in the buccaneer. "Why are you so curious about Le Vatour? I admit he cuts a fancy figure in his handsomely fine clothes, but what about me?"

"I don't care a fig about the man. I was merely making conversation," she quipped. "Besides I love you, so don't even think about it."

Completely ignoring her last comment, he tightened his grip on her. "While you're in my arms, conversation is the last thing on my mind," he said, nuzzling her neck. "Come inside, love. The guests are gone and I've thought of nothing but undressing ye all evening. Admittedly that gown looks outrageously lovely on ye, but my greatest pleasure comes with removing it, as well as all the other fripperies underneath that conceal your natural beauty."

Simone sucked her breath in sharply. His voice was low and strident, the most sensual she'd ever heard come from Jack. Time and again, she'd vowed to resist his devastating appeal, but her resolutions faded beneath the assault of ragged, spontaneous emotions. When he was near, nothing mattered but the need to touch and be touched. Nothing counted but being loved by this vital man who possessed her with wild abandon and loved her to distraction. Finding herself responding to her husbands loving with the same wild abandon well... that was reason enough for her to believe his love was true. Soon she would be beyond redemption and bound to him forever. But forever had no meaning where she was concerned. A light secret wedding had been perfect for the pirate couple. No whore, no pirate or anyone in general would have expected the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow to fall in love, but he had. She'd saved him from the gallows in Port Nassau and he in turn had fallen for her. The hangman stalked them wherever they roamed, determined to hang both of them for the trouble they'd caused. Involvement with him was too uncertain, too dangerous. It would mean pain and separation and near certain death, a thrill both pirates loved. But, not knowing when or where death Captain Jack Sparrow and pirates lass Simone Englehorn Sparrow awaited. Still, until their deaths she could see no earthly reason not to enjoy his loving.

"Do you know what I'd like, Sparrow?" Simone suggested impulsively.

"If it's within my power, it's yours," he promised rashly. "Just don't ask that I let you go. I... I just can't."

"I'd like for us to make love out here, beneath the moon and the stars, with the cool grass for a bed." Her soft evocative words turned him instantly hard. When he finally managed to speak, his voice was spiked with jagged edges. "Just hearing you ask me to love you is more than I ever hoped for." He turned her in his arms, and his mouth covered hers with a scorching passion that singed all her nerve endings. Anxious to feel the texture of his skin, Simone slipped her hands under his shirt, delighting in the tempered strength beneath her stroking fingers. The firm flesh and rippling muscles that shifted beneath her touch felt like steel sheathed in skin, and Jack groaned in frustration. Savouring the honey sweetness of her kiss, he slowly bore her to the ground, at the same time, shrugging out of his shirt to allow her better access. Simone lost all knowledge of time and place as she nuzzled his chest, her lips locating the tiny nubs on his flat male breast. She nipped and sucked with delicious abandon as Jack jerked in response. She knew every secret about him, she knew what he liked and what he hated, even what he was thinking at times.

"God's bones, love, I wish I knew what triggered this burst of unbridled passion. I'd like to think it's due to my great appeal, but something tells me there's more to it than that."

"Don't question my motives, Jack. Not tonight," Simone purred seductively. "Just enjoy this night."

"And all the nights to come," he added, flashing a devilish grin. "I adore you, love."

With a gasp, Simone sat up in her bed, sweat covered her body like a second skin. Groaning, she fell back onto the mattress and stared up at the ceiling. Every night, every hour she spent sleeping, her dreams were filled with flashes of her past, from when she was a child growing up on her father's ship up to when she had become the wife of Jack Sparrow. Jack, it had been three years since their wedding night, the same night he had left and the same night he had been mutinied by his own crew. She couldn't have despised him more for leaving her when he did. Simone Englehorn Sparrow, daughter of Connor Englehorn a long dead, but still famous pirate Captain, estranged wife of Captain Jack Sparrow and mother to his unknown three year old son. Turning her head to a smaller bed that lay on the opposite side of the room, she smiled at seeing her son still sleeping soundlessly, his long and shaggy dark hair falling into his face as he rolled over. Sighing, she pushed the covers back and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Pulling her night shirt and pants off, she grabbed a pair of worn brown pants , a white lace-up shirt and a black vest. She pulled on a pair of very old, and very dirty pair of boots, before walking over to her son's bed. Leaning down, she pressed a kiss to his forehead before walking over to a chest that rested at the end of his bed. Kneeling down, she opened it and pulled out a belt, a white sash and two different coloured bandannas. Opening the door, she smiled at the weathered man sitting at the table, drinking as a buxom redhead stood at the stove, cooking. Simone nodded to him as she sat down and began pulling her hair up into two intricate pigtails. Her mind kept replaying her dream, over and over. She didn't understand why he had left -- and on their wedding night, no less.

"Morning Simone. Sleep well?" the buxom woman asked as she set a plate down in front of the twenty-seven year old.

Simone shook her head in response to the question, saying, "I couldn't sleep right. What about you, Gibbs?" She took a bite from the piece of bread she had picked up and pointed the piece at the weathered man.

The man, Gibbs, looked up at hearing her speak. "I slept well lass. I need ye to do some jobs for me today. Larissa can ye watch the lad for a bit?"

"Of course. The tyke can me with some jobs around here," Larissa, the buxom redhead replied, setting another plate down for Gibbs as she took the bottle of rum out of his hands. He tried taking it back from his lover, but she merely swatted his hands away. Tying the bandanna around her head, Simone turned, mouth still full at hearing the bedroom door open. The young boy walked over to his mother and climbed onto her lap, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he yawned and stretched.

"Morning sweetie," Simone said, brushing the boy's thick, dark hair back before fixing the other smaller bandanna around his head. "Now you look like a pirate."

"Morning. Are you going to The Faithful Bride today?" Gibbs shook his head at the boys words and picked up a fork. Simone picked at her food, while Jacob ate and talked to Gibbs. Something was pulling at the back of her mind. Whatever it was, she couldn't place it, but knew it was important. She had yet to enter Tortuga's main town for a week. Only for safety reasons and the rumours spreading around that Captain Neil O'Shay was in Port and looking to settle some /business /with her.

"Gibbs, can I do those jobs a little bit later? I just want to scout the main town for O'Shay. If he's still here, he'll be at The Faithful Bride, won't he?"

Gibbs knew all too well where O'Shay would be. He and the pirate Captain didn't get on all too well, but it still did pay to know the most ruthless pirate known next to Barbossa and his men. "Lass, don't ya think it's best to let me handle O'Shay? I can... blend in well enough to go unnoticed," Gibbs suggested. Jacob jumped from his mother's lap and walked over to where a pigskin ball lay in the corner.

"I'm going to play outside," he beamed before running out. Simone stood, knocking her chair over in the process as she tried to stop the three year old.

"Be careful!' she called, when she missed him. "I swear he's more like Ja... his father than what I want, but I can't change him." Sighing, she walked over and leaned against the door frame, watching Jacob and a group of children begin playing with the ball. She looked back at Gibbs. "Gibbs, what were those jobs?"

- - -

Simone carefully stepped into The Faithful Bride, hoping that most of its customers would be heavily intoxicated or passed out from the previous nights fun. Though she had a pistol and cutlass tied about her waist, she was still cautious. Making her way towards the bar, Simone stepped over a few drunks sleeping on the floor.

"Simone! I... I thought you wouldn't be back until after O'Shay left?" the large, burly man behind the counter greeted as he continued cleaning some mugs.

"You don't know me too well then. I don't like laying low all that much, Matthew. I'd much rather find a way to deal with O'Shay," she retorted, sitting on one of the bar stools. Looking around for a minute to see if anyone was watching them though, thankfully, most of the men were passed out. The bartender had turned his back on her for only a second when he heard the cocking of a pistol. Turning, he found Simone still sitting pointedly on the stool, only this time she held her pistol aimed at his forehead. His eyes moved to where a pistol was hidden under the counter. Simone having worked at The Faithful Bride for a few months, knew exactly what he was thinking. She'd had to put up with dozens of drunks who had been too intoxicated to control.

"I wouldn't dare try it, mate. I had to put up with dozens of drunks and know all too well that the gun isn't even loaded," she warned, standing up as she pushed the stool from under her. "Now. I'm gonna ask you this one time and one time only, and I do expect a straight answer. Where is O'Shay?"

"You think I'm gonna tell ye, Simone? Neil would kill me," the man replied.

"I kill you if you don't tell me!" she growled, aiming the gun for his chest. "And I can make it hurt like hell."

The bartender clearly seeing that she was no longer being friendly, pointed upstairs, saying, "Last door on the right."

Backing towards the stairs, she kept her pistol trained on him, all the while carefully stepping over the passed out men, most of which belong to O'Shays crew. Once she was at the bottom of the stairs, she turned and ran up them, two at a time. Knowing, she wouldn't have long before Matthew managed to wake some of O'Shay's crew, she made her way to the last room, on the right. Very slowly, turning the handle, she grumbled under her breath about accursed locks as she pulled a thin piece of straight metal from a leather pouch hanging about her waist. Picking the lock, she entered the room. O'Shay wasn't in the main room, but she could hear him humming as she moved about the room. A glint of sun entered the room through the half closed curtains and hit something lying on the desk. Walking over, she picked up the gold medallion. A skull was shaped into the gold.

Aztec gold! The Isla de Muerta
she thought in surprise. The pirate world knew of the Aztec gold and that Barbossa and his crew were looking for the last few pieces they needed to free themselves of the curse that lay upon them. Sitting in the chair, she propped her feet up on the desk and aimed her pistol for the door adjoining a small washroom to bedroom. Looking at the necklace, she slipped it over her head, deciding she liked the trinket, she fixed the actual medallion down into her shirt. The door opened and she looked up to find O'Shay standing there with no clothes on, his wet dark curls sticking to his forehead.

"Sparrow," he greeted, shutting the bathroom door and grabbing a cloth to dry himself with. Simone quirked an eyebrow.

"Its Englehorn to you, O'Shay," she replied. He chuckled and grabbed a pair of black pants. Once he had them laced up, he stepped forward, only to have her raise the pistol. "Try me, O'Shay."

"What? You still upset that I took your daddy's ship?" he questioned, stepping forward so the pistol end was right against his chest. Simone looked up at him. It was true, the stories about him looking like a god. Neil O'Shay a pirate from the Black Sea regions, had tanned skin from where he was under the sun all day, dark ebony eyes, the kind that made simple whores or frightened women swoon, dark curls, a goatee and stubble helped make him even more dashing. But it was the fact that he stood near two heads taller than her and was built for being able to overpower women and men.

"As a matter of fact -- yes, I am. You stole my father's boat from Port without bothering to think about the fact, you took it during the night and threw me overboard. Did you even think about what I had planned for /The Sea Stallion/? Oh, wait a minute, you don't think a dam about anyone bar yourself," she said raising her voice as she spoke.

"Lass, you were good, but I don't settle down like Sparrow does. No man would sail under a female's flag, unless of course they're daft, like the saying goes, "It's bad luck to have women on board," he stated, smirking down at her ruefully. "Oh, and that is my medallion." He reached out to take the chain, but Simone stepped back and held the pistol towards his neck.

"Consider it payment for my father's ship." He glowered and grabbed the chain, jerking her forward.

"You know the trinket is cursed Aztec gold? I've managed to avoid Barbossa so far, but what chance do you hope to have?"

"Once Barbossa finds me, I'll give him the medallion. They need it, so I'll give it up. I'm no fool when it comes to the mangy dog," she answered, lowering the pistol to his groin when he backed her against the door, putting his arm against it to block her.

His gaze moved to where the pistol was aimed, smirking at how cunning she'd become since he'd last seen her. Keeping the gun aimed at him, she pushed him away and moved to open the door, turning her back on him as she did. "I hope that when you die... I'll be there and make sure I do the job," she promised him.

"You take all your anger at Jack out on everyone else, especially me. Have you ever thought that maybe it's not the men you fall for, but you? How about the next time he's in Tortuga, you actually /talk /to him, instead of hiding?" he suggested. She stopped at hearing Jack's name. Opening the door, she found three of O'Shay's crew standing with their pistols aimed at her forehead. "Stand down men. She just came to talk. Didn't you?"

She nodded, and walked past the three men and back down the stairs. Leaning against the wall once outside, she shut her eyes and counted to ten, calming her shaking nerves. Neil was right, no matter how much she didn't want to believe him, he was right. Jack probably left because of how clingy she was and that wasn't the way he liked his women. She knew all too well, exactly what type of women he liked. Every time she came to town, once he was gone, she heard the whores talking about how much of a god he was in bed, how he knew exactly what they liked and how handsome he was, and every time she felt herself remembering their wedding night and the nights before. Drawing in a deep breath, she pushed off the wall and headed back to Larissa and Gibbs's home.

- - -

The town was dank and dirty at night, well it was during the day as well, but during the night was when the tides seemed to have swept together the scum of the Caribbean -- pirates, privateers, buccaneers looking for a good time, prostitutes, thieves, and drunkards. With its cantered, rotting docks, weather-beaten buildings, and odd assortments of livestock running free -- a donkey, chickens, cows -- it was far less civilised than Port Royal.

The infamous Captain Jack Sparrow and his young male companion moved through the crowd of drunks and whores. He swiped a walking stick from a man who was too drunk to even notice.

"More importantly, it is indeed a sad life that has never breathed deep this sweet, proliferous bouquet that is Tortuga, savvy? What do you think?" Will looked at the people around him and leaned closer to Jack to answer him.

"It'll linger."

"I tell you mate, if every town in the world were like this one, no man would feel unwanted."

A redheaded whore turned her head and noticed Jack, long before he noticed her. She stalked over to him. He finally noticed her and threw the cane over his shoulder, walking over to meet her. "Scarlett!" She suddenly slapped him, causing his head to snap back. Satisfied, she turned and strode away. "Not sure I deserved that." Will didn't even bother to acknowledge her, but paid attention to Jack, who straightened and turned around, only to come face to face with another whore. "Giselle!"

The blonde whore, motioned in the direction Scarlett had stalked off in, saying, "Who was she?!"

"What?" She slapped him. His head snapped back again and he looked at Will. "But, I may have deserved that."

Will finally noticed one certain woman approaching them. She wasn't wearing a whore's dress, but the garb of a female pirate. "Jack?"

Before the pirate Captain could turn around, he heard a very familiar voice. "Hello Sparrow." He stiffened and slowly turned. Without seeing who the person was this time he wasn't slapped but punched -- right across the jaw. Will raised an eyebrow in amusement, clearly liking the sight of Jack being hurt.

"Look lass, I really don't have time for this... Si... Simone?" he stammered, not believing his eyes. He'd heard that she lived in Tortuga's outskirts, but rarely ever came into the main town. The fact that she had come when he was here, made him realise that this was no chance meeting. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, know here is the funny thing. You need something that I have and well..." she trailed off, lifting the medallion from between her breasts. Jack's eyes followed her movements intently and noticed, when they settled on her breasts, that her chest was a lot... fuller than what it had been three years ago.

Will moved to take the medallion, only Jack stopped him. "Love, now how did you get that?" Jack questioned.

"That's my medallion," Will retorted, trying to move forward.

"This medallion belonged to a pirate named O'Shay, lad. There is more than one of these medallions, you did know that, didn't you?" Simone retorted. Jack smiled at Will, before grabbing Simone's arm and dragging her away from him. "Who is the... lad?"

"You shouldn't be hear," he replied. "I... I mean... uh... Love, what are you doing carrying one of those... things around?"

Simone pulled her arm free of his and looked up into his eyes, very dark and scolding eyes. Shaking her head, she looked down, muttering, "O'Shay stole my father's ship after... anyway I just thought this morning when I found the medallion, in his room, that I might keep it. Now, why does that lad think this is his?"

"I'm looking for a crew. The lad and I are going to save his bonny lass. Now, I need to find Gibbs, do you know where would he be?" Jack probed, trying to weasel his way out of talking. But, Simone knew better than to let him trick her.

"If I take you to Gibbs, then I'm in your crew. Make me a deck swab for all you like, but I'm not letting you trick me into helping you, for nothing in return. This medallion is one of the last few pieces that Barbossa needs to break his curse. You know this, the lad doesn't seem to and I'm curious to know why?"

Jack's lips pursed together, he was annoyed. Good. He deserved it, after all that he had done to her. "Love, can I explain later? I... we really don't have time for this? Agreed?"

Simone, guessing that Jack already had another agenda for saving this lad's woman, which she was going to find out what it exactly was and how to stop him, was determined to outwit him. She looked down at the hand he held out for her to take. Despite the fact that she had thought the idea was good at the time, she had still done what O'Shay had suggested, she was really beginning to hate herself right now. "Agreed," she sighed, reluctantly taking his offered hand. It was warm, and very powerful. She'd started to forget what his touch could do to her. Her dreams were just dreams, but this -- this was real. Teaming up with her husband, whom left her on their wedding night and now was back in her life, just like magic, she decided she was ready to face the music.

"Now let's get Will, and go find my Quartermaster."

- - -

Simone was nervous. If Jack saw inside Gibbs's house, he'd surely find her secrets out, unless Larissa had let Jacob stay at one of his friend's homes. She opened the door, only to have a pot thrown at the wall beside her head. Lucky Larissa didn't have good aim.

"Simone? Oh sweetie, I'm sorry! I thought you were Gibbs," the redhead gasped. She noticed Will and Jack, their appearance made her smile brightly, like a cat that had just caught the rat.

"Where is he?" Simone asked, noting the tears staining her friend's cheeks.

"Around back somewhere." Nodding, Simone led Jack and Will though a small hallway and towards another door. Opening it, she stepped into the mud and groaned out loud in annoyance.

"Why is it, every time they fight, I'm the one who has to fix the problem?!" she questioned no one in particular as she trudge through the mud with Jack and Will following close behind. Simone noted that while she walked over to the pig sty, Jack filled two buckets of water from the well and handed one to Will.

Standing back, she watched as Jack strutted over in his unusual, yet normal manner and threw his bucket of water onto Gibbs.

The weathered man sat up abruptly, shouting, "Curse you for breathing, you slack-jawed idiot! Mother's love! Jack! Simone? You should know better than to wake a man when he's sleeping. 'Tis bad luck."

Jack only dumped the empty bucket in Simone's hands, who even though tempted to throw it at him, set the bucket calmly down beside her. "Ah, fortunately I know how to counter it. The man who did the waking buys, the man who was sleeping, a drink. The man who was sleeping drinks it while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking."

"Aye, that'll about do it." Gibbs stood, only to have Will throw the other bucket over him. "Blast! I'm already awake!"

"That was for the smell."

Simone shook her head at the younger man and turned, quickly making her way back to the house before the men got there. "Larissa! Where is Jacob?"

"He's in bed, sweetie. Where else?" the woman replied as she swept the floor.

"As soon as we're gone, I want you to put him in your bed. Jack can't know about him, just yet, well he will, but only if I ever work up the courage to tell him."

Nodding, the two women fell silent as the men walked in and out the front door. Simone smiled at the redhead before following them.

- - -

Simone was ordered to stay at Will's side while Jack got drinks for him and Gibbs. Looking at the man beside her, she held out her hand.

"Simone... Sparrow," she introduced, using her marriage name. Will took her proffered hand and smiled at her.

"Will Turner." /Turner! Bootstrap! So that's why Jack is so interested in keeping Will close. He's Bootstrap's one and only son. So why does Barbossa have a woman prisoner? /her mind shouted to her.

Jack approached them, leaning close to Will, he murmured, "Keep a sharp eye." He then moved to sit at a secluded table with Gibbs.

"So, are you Jack's younger sister?" Will inquired.

Simone snorted indignantly, saying seriously, "No. His wife. That's why there is no family resemblance."

Will stared at her in complete and utter shock and disbelief. Whether or not he believed her was his choice, but she was his wife and the ring on her finger proved it -- Jack had the same one. Nodding, Will turned his attention towards Jack and Gibbs's conversation, not paying attention to Simone. She felt someone move to stand beside her and found Neil O'Shay leaning against the wall. His voice brought Will back from his stupor.

"I see you took my advice. Now, can I have the medallion back?" he asked. Simone gritted her teeth, when his arm snaked around her waist. He leaned his head down to her ear, whispering, "Or shall I tell Jack about us, and his..."

Simone quickly delivered a blow to his stomach, before walking over to Jack and Gibbs who both looked up at her. Sitting down beside Jack, since Will had taken the one next to Gibbs, she looked over at where O'Shay was talking with his men. This won't end well.

It was the look on Neil's face that gave him away. "So, how about Gibbs and I search for a crew while you two head back home?"

"Nay, lass. Jack promised we would catch up," Gibbs replied, before Jack could stop him. Simone turned her enraged gaze to Jack.

"I thought you said you were in a hurry?!"

"We are. Alright, we all have one drink and that's it and then we can go do business," Jack answered. His words silenced Simone, who merely nodded and stood when Gibbs asked if she could get the drinks. Will decided to tag along.
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