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Simone Sparrow. Jack's wife. He made the mistake of leaving to protect on their wedding night, the same night he was mutinied. Now he needs to face the music when she decides to show up in Tortuga ...

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Someday, Somehow

This is a prologue showing past, present and future events for my first P.O.T.C story.

Someday, Somehow trailer preview.

The starting parts up to FADES TO BLACK of this aren't in the main story, but in the prequel.

Someday by Nickelback starts.

Davy Jones raised The Black Pearl...

(image of The Black Pearl being raised from the ocean depths.)

Davy Jones;
"Ye have ten years."

Jack Sparrow found a crew...

(The Black Pearl and another ship engaged in battle)

(Jack, Bootstrap Bill and Barbossa enter the defeated ship's hold.)

Jack Sparrow;
"Make sure you get the rum an' money."

(Barbossa and Bootstrap pulling a crate of rum bottles out. A noise makes them look around in the dark.)

"Keep an eye out for anybody tryin' to hide."

But they didn't find the treasure they were looking for...

(A person falls down the stairs, when a large pirate knocks said person down.)

(Bootstrap grabs hold of a woman trying to get away from him and back up the stairs.)

"Let me go!"

They found the daughter of a pirate...

(Simone sitting in the brig. Jack enters.)

"What's your name, girl?"

(She looks up to reveal a pair of ocean coloured eyes)

"Simone Englehorn."

He took her onboard when she proved herself able...

(Simone climbing the rigging on one side of the ship while another pirate climbs the opposite rigging, trying to beat her to the crow's nest.)

Crew members;
"Come on Glasspoole!"

(Simone standing beside Jack in the midst of the Pearl's crew.)

This lass here is the daughter of none other than Connor Englehorn and she's joinin' the crew."

When he was in trouble with the navy...

(Jack standing on the gallows, a rope tied around his neck.)

"You, Jack Sparrow are hereby sentenced to be hung by the neck until dead."

(Jack rolls his eyes)

"Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow."

She wasn't ready to let him die...

(The Black Pearl crew stands around the stairs leading to the helm, where Simone, Bootstrap and Barbossa stand.)

"We can't just leave him there to die!"

We need to keep to the code, lass."

For a man she loved, she was willing to do anything...

(Simone stands on the ramparts with Bootstrap, a pistol aimed for the rope around Jack's neck.)

"Make sure ye hit the rope and not Jack."

"I have better aim than ye think to believe."

(When the hangman pulls the lever, the trapdoor drops opens and Jack falls through. Simone fires.)

(The crew is celebrating the return of their Captain. Bootstrap approaches Simone.)

"He truly is lucky to have met you, Simone."

"He hasn't met the real me yet, Bootstrap. Besides, I doubt he'll ever want to."

They fell in love...

-slowed heartbeats for the next few images-

- (Jack and Simone standing at the helm of the Pearl.)-

- (Simone wraps a bandage around Jack's upper arm.)-

- (Simone rips Jack's shirt down his arms.)-

- Simone V.O; /Jack!!! /(Jack jumps over the edge of The Black Pearl.)-

She is the only woman who holds his heart...

- (Simone lays in a bed, sleeping peacefully.)

- (Jack looks back at the Simone sleeping in bed, before shutting the door.)

Jack V.O;
/(to Bootstrap)/ "I can't stay with her. It's not safe. She's better off keeping away from me."

(Jack and Bootstrap stand at the helm of The Black Pearl, watching the ocean. It is night and Jack has a bottle of rum in his hands.)

"She'll never forgive you, Jack."

And yet he broke hers...

(Simone sits up in bed. It is morning and the beds empty.)

Simone V.O;
(to Jack) "I hope you realise that we are two completely different people and can never hope to find anything in common."

(Simone stroking Jack's cheek)

Jack V.O;
(to Simone) "The ocean, love. We have the ocean and the Black Pearl."

He was mutinied the very same night...

(Jack stands on a small isle, watching Barbossa and The Black Pearl sail away. /Zooms out to a longshot of Jack/)

/(whispers) /"Simone."


Pirates Of The Caribbean theme song starts. "Tia Dalma" song from the second soundtrack, 'Dead Man's Chest.'

"I tell mate, if every town were like this one. No man would feel unwanted."

Until his estranged wife turns up...

"Hello Sparrow."

(Jack spins around, only to receive a punch in the face.)

"Look, lass I really haven't got time for this... Si... Simone?"

And this time, she's staying...

(Simone and Jack stand at the helm of The Interceptor.)

"Tell me something, Jack. If Bootstrap had a son, why then is Barbossa holding a woman hostage when you and I know who the lad is?"

(Jack grabs Simone by the waist, from where he's hiding in a corner. Pulls her to him and kisses her. They at a large ballroom party.)

"Jack you shouldn't be here. What if Le Vatour finds out?"

"I had to see you."

And she's brought a surprise with her...

(Jack is in The Interceptor's hold. Something knocks over an empty barrel over.)

(Jack has hold of a three year old boy. The boy tries hitting him, but Jack keeps him at a distance.)

"Who are you?"

/(taking the boy from Jack.) /"He's your son and his name's Jacob Teague Sparrow. Fitting don't you think? After all he /does /look like you and your father."

They were the most unlikely pair...

(Jack grabs Simone to stop her from leaving the room. She hits him. They end up kissing.)

Simone V.O;
(to Jack) "I love you! Why is it so hard for you to love me?!"

(Jack sits beside Simone as Will rows back to The Dauntless.)

(Simone stands in front of a mirror. She's in a wedding dress. Tears stain her cheeks.)

Jack V.O;
(to Simone) "I left to protect you! I wanted to stay, but l couldn't risk losing you!"

Yet they love each other to the ends of the Earth and beyond...

Tia Dalma V.O;
(to Simone, Will, Elizabeth and Gibbs) "Would you do it? Hm? What would you... Hm? What would you any of you be willing to do, hm? Would you sail to the ends of the Earth and beyond to fetch back witty Jack and him precious Pearl?"

(Jack stands on a beach of an unknown area, staring off into the distance. /Zooms out into a longshot of Jack./)

(Simone holds Jacob. He's asleep in her arms. Tia Dalma approaches them.)

/(to Davy Jones)/"Take me instead of Will, and Jack. My soul should be enough to pay for Jack."

(Will and Simone climb up to tie a cannon steadfast. Bootstrap climbs another set of stairs opposite them.)

Davy Jones V.O;
(to Simone) "Ye have a good soul lass, but no soul is equal to another's. But I'll take your offer anyway."

"Will, the ropes gonna break!"

(Bootstrap knocks Simone over, not realising who she or Will are.)

/(whispers upon seeing his face) /"Bootstrap."

(Simone fixes Will's back as father and son talk.)

/(to Simone) /"You never were one for letting Jack die."

/(back to Bootstrap) /"Then you and I are more alike than I once thought."

He will make a choice...

-slowed heartbeats for the next few images-

-(Jack holds a gun, pointed towards the screen.)-

-(Jack and Barbossa in the middle of a fight. Jack jumps off the boulder he was standing on.)-

-(Barbossa and Jack fighting. Jack loses his sword.)-

-(Barbossa stabs Jack. Simone V.O; "/Jack!"/)-

-(Jack stumbles back into the moonlight and becomes a living skeleton. Simone V.O; "/Jack?"/)-

She will betray the one she loves and pay the price...

-(Simone stands at the alter. She raises her face. The man beside her isn't Jack)-

-(Le Vatour holds a gun to Simone.)-

-(Jack lowers his cutlass upon demand)-

Le Vatour;
/(laughing, to Jack)/ "The infamous Jack Sparrow fell in love and now to save said love will even give up his own life."

But will they survive when their world collapses around them...

-Rapid heartbeats for the next few images-

-(A gunshot is heard. Simone looks down at her shirt... Blood has soaked through the fabric.)-

-(Jack carries Simone onto The Black Pearl. Her skin is ghost white. She is soaking wet and is unconscious. Jack V.O; "/Move!"/)-

-(Jack lays Simone on the bed.)-

-(Will pushes him out.)-

"Let me go Will!"

"You can't do anything while in this state. What would she do in your place. Your son needs you."

-(Jack punches Will across the face.)-

Or have they given up on the one thing that has kept them alive...

(Jack and Jack Junior sit on the stairs leading to the helm. Jack has his head in his hands.)

"Mum, will make it. Right Da?"

(Jack stands at the helm of The Black Pearl. He's humming, 'Yoho yoho, a pirates life for me. Drink up me hearties yoho.' Zooms out as he does. He snaps the compass lid shut.)


Someday, Somehow

A pirate love story
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