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All Hell's Broke Loose JULY 9

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Monica looked over Kara's head toward Kelly and Jamia and mouthed the word, "what?" Both Jamia and Kelly remained silent, looking very uncomfortable. Monica pulled Kara's head from her chest. "Honey, what's wrong? Why aren't you two in school?"
Elle walked over to Kelly. "See my new coat and dwess? I pitty." Elle pirouetted in front of her. She stopped suddenly, falling into Kelly's lap, laughing. Neither Kelly nor Jamia were really paying attention to her. Elle looked over at the computer. "Umm, they's kissin'. Yuck" Jamia reached over and minused the screen.
"All right, someone tell me what's going on." No answer. "Now."
"Mom, Bob's...(sobbing) Bob....he..."
"Bob, what, Honey. What's wrong?"
"He and Gerard..."
"Kara, don't." Kelly interrupted.
"It's all right, Kelly. She'll have to hear it some time." Jamia said. "Let's just wait until...." She cocked her head toward Elle.
"Hear what? For the last time, what's going on here?" Monica was starting to lose patience.
"Oh Mom, they've been out every night with women. We've been sitting here and they've been out screwing around with old girlfriends. It's all over the internet."
No one noticed that Liv had arrived and had walked in through the door that Monica had left open. She was standing behind Monica.
"Jamia, what is she talking about? Old girlfriends?"
"You'd better sit down, Monica."
"Why?" Monica felt strangely calm.
"Someone posted lots of pictures of the guys out at several different parties."
"Yeah.... We knew they had gone out. That's not a problem."
"That's not the problem. The problem is who they were out with. The pictures are of them with Eliza and her sister Katlin." Jamia said quietly.
Monica heard a snort of disgust, "So she's reared her ugly head again."
"What?" Monica turned to face Liv "Who?"
Liv pushed her dark sunglass down her nose just slightly, "Eliza, Gerard's 'Friend". The word friend dripped venom.
Monica turned to Jamia, "Please tell me what's going on?" She moved towards Jamia who was still standing by the computer.
Jamia looked more upset than Monica had ever seen her look. Instead of answering she turned to the computer and pulled up the screen that they had previously been viewing.
Monica stood completely still taking in the picture, her mind not wanting to believe what her eyes were seeing. There on the stage stood Gerard kissing a woman. She finally found her voice, "Eliza?"
Jamia nodded.
"Mommyca, can I have a cookie?" Elle pulled on Monica's hand trying to get her attention.
Monica closed her eyes and turned away willing herself to be strong. "Ask your mama if it's okay?" she said to her.
Elle danced over to Liv "Cookie?"
"We have to go now, baby." She picked Elle up and started for the door.
In her arms Elle began to wiggle, "Down, peas."
Liv sat her back down, "What?"
Elle twirled around, "Pitty" She threw out her arms.
Liv looked at the dress she was wearing under what appeared to be a new coat. "Where did you get that, baby?" Her tone was reserved.
Monica walked away from the computer and toward them. "Liv, I bought them for her. I should have asked you first if it was okay...." Her words trailed off.
Liv's anger faded. She was looking at a woman who was dealing with something familiar to her. "It's okay." She picked up Elle again, "Tell her thank you."
"Me did" Elle said smiling. She reached up and put her hands on Liv's cheeks, "Me missed mommy." She said kissing her.
Liv smile was beautiful, "Mommy missed you too, baby."
Monica stood watching them feeling like her own world was falling apart. As Liv and Elle walked out the door Elle looked back, "Bye Mommyca, I wuv you."
"I love you too, Elle." She started to close the door but Liv spoke.
"Monica, she's wanted him for a long time."
Liv turned and walked down the hall.
Monica turned back to the group on the couch. "Show me the rest of the pictures."
"Monica, don't." Jamia said quietly.
Monica looked at her, "I guess this explains some of the strange phone calls between you and Frank. You knew didn't you?"
Jamia stood and walked over to her, "Monica, don't me mad at me. I didn't know what to do."
"How about telling me the truth? You knew he was screwing around." She tried to keep her voice calm but the hurt and betrayal came through.
"Please believe me, I still don't really know what's going on."
Monica walked to the computer, "Kelly, show me."
Kelly walked over the computer and pulled up more photos. The first one was of Bob and several people at a table eating ice cream out of a huge bowl. Bob looked very cozy with a brunette. "That's Eliza's sister, Katlin." Jamia said looking over Monica's shoulder.
"Who is she to Bob?" Kara asked, her voice shaky.
"They used to run around together a couple of years ago when Eliza was Mikey's hair dresser. She said the last words with air quotes.
Kelly pulled up several more pictures. They were taken at several different venues over what appeared to be different days. It was painfully obvious that the couples were comfortable with one another.
As Kelly pulled up one of several videos from YouTube of the Mama performance from the Paris concert, Jamia's phone rang. It was Frank. She flipped it opened and spoke quickly, "Can't talk to you right now. All hell has broken loose here."
"Are you and the babies okay? What's wrong?"
"Honey, we're fine, but Monica's watching the Paris video."
"Fuck." Said Frank as he hung up.

Frank immediately dialed Toro. "What the fuck is on the Internet?" He asked in way of a greeting.
"Man, I left a message for you to call me. Fuck, Frank, it's all over the Net. The video of them kissing, pictures of them out on the town. Not just that but the boards are going crazy speculating that Gerard has broken up with his fiancée and that Bob is dating the sister."
"I just called Jamia and she told me that all hell's broken loose. Monica is with her right now watching the "Mama" performance."
"Shit, I knew this was gonna happen. Does Gee know yet?"
"Don't think so, we just got to the hotel. I don't know if he's called home yet. You know what? I don't think I'm fucking gonna tell him. He got himself into this fucking mess, it's not like I didn't try to warn him."
"I'm just worried about Monica and Kara. Christa and I are gonna head over to your place." Ray yelled for Christa who was in the kitchen and quickly explained the situation.
"Someone needs to tell Mikey." Frank said.
"Shit, I'll call him. He and Alicia will probably want to go over there too."
"Ray, do you think I'm wrong for not warning him?" Frank asked quietly.
"Time for him to face the music. We all tried to warn him what was gonna happen and he wouldn't listen. He made his choice I just hope he's fucking happy with it."

AUTHORS NOTE: Hey everybody, just a heads-up but I will be leaving for a short vacation on Wed. There will be a chapter tomorrow and then nothing until Sunday. I have to be honest this will be the longest I have left this story and I'm sure I will suffer withdraw. LOL. If anyone would like a postcard e-mail me your mailing address. No problem if you're out of the U.S. I'd still be happy to send you one. Love ya all.
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