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And The Horse He Rode In On JULY 10

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More of the aftermath

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Kara had seen enough of the pictures. She left the couch and went to the window. She leaned against the cool pane, not really seeing the view. The others continued to search the Internet. Monica sat expressionless, still not really absorbing what she was seeing. Kara's phone rang. From the ring tone she could tell it was Bob. Should she answer it? Why? What would she say? Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. She wouldn't answer it. Crap, this can't be happening. Somebody tell her that it wasn't real. She continued to cry as the phone went to voice mail.
Monica looked over at Kara when her cell rang. When Kara made no move to answer it, she sighed. Everyone thought of Kara as an airhead, not caring about much in the outside world. But in truth, Monica suspected that Kara felt everything more keenly, that most of it was an act and a form of protection. She wondered again how much of her relationship with Kyle Kara really knew about.
"You need to talk to him," Jamia told Monica, "have him explain."
"Explain what? Explain why he's been running around Europe with his "special friend"? Explain why he's on stage kissing her? Tell me, Jamia. Just what should he explain to me." She moved away from the computer and walked over to Kara. "Are you okay?"
"Are you kidding? No, I'm not okay. I'm not going to be okay again. Nothing's going to be okay again." Her voice started to rise as she turned toward Monica. She stopped as she caught sight of Monica's face.
The look of utter despair cut off her tirade. "Shit, Mom. I'm sorry. Are you okay?" She moved toward her and enveloped her in a hug. "It'll be okay, Mom. It'll be okay."
They broke apart when Monica's phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket and noted that it was Gerard calling. Without pausing she pushed the mute button and put the phone back in her pocket. She couldn't even begin to imagine talking to him right now.
" So did you and your sister just leave school without telling the office?" She needed to deal with her life here, right now. Not the part of her life that was thousands of miles away.
Kelly spoke up, "Mom, they ambushed her in the cafeteria. Her so-called friends had already spread the pictures to everyone else. It was pretty bad. They were all talking about it and laughing. No one stuck up for her. I don't think you're going to get her to go back."
Kara spoke up, "Mom, I'm taking Kelly back right now. I'll see if I can straighten out the mess at school. I don't want her to be in trouble just because I couldn't face anyone. She only left because of me."
She turned. "Come on, Kelly. If we hurry the admins should still be there." Fixing this for Kara would take her mind off of the unmitigated mess her life had become. Monica hugged both girls before they left.
Monica leaned on the door for a minute then stood and turned to Jamia, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take it out on you." She crossed the room and sat down by her. "Tell me what Frank has been saying."
Jamia stared at her, "He's told me how pissed he is at Gee and Bob. That they have been staying out late."
"With them" Monica said sadly.
"Yeah, with them. But he's told me that all along Gee tells them that he's not doing anything wrong. That they are just friends."
"Do you believe that?" She watched Jamia's face, looking for the truth.
"I know how much he loves you. I also know sometimes he's pretty clueless. Maybe he's just made some poor choices." She reached out and touched Monica's arm, "You won't know until you talk to him."
Monica leaned back and shut her eyes, "I can't talk to him right now, it hurts too much. That picture of him kissing her. That's a real kiss, Jamia. Why the fuck would he be kissing her if nothing was going on between them?"
Jamia started to answer when the doorbell rang. Monica opened the door to find Ray and Christa.
"Monica, he's an idiot sometimes but he love you." Ray said. Beside him Christa turned and glared. "Shit Ray, he's more than an idiot." She hugged Monica, "He does love you, I know that but face it he's a guy."
She leaned over and opened the box Ray was holding. Carefully she lifted out a chocolate covered cheesecake.. "Chocolate solves everything"
Monica stared at her a moment then took the cheesecake out of her hands, put in back in the box then turned to her. "Christa...." Tears sprung to her eyes, "Thanks" she whispered as she hugged her tightly.

Bob hurried to Gerard's room and knocked. He waited a brief moment then knocked again. Gerard opened the door and stood back allowing Bob to enter. "Have you talked to Monica?"
"No, I called once but she didn't answer." He said wondering why Bob was so upset. "Why?"
"I have called Kara at least ten times. She knew I was gonna call as soon as I could and promised to answer even if she was still in class." He moved to a chair and fell into it.
"Chill dude, I'm sure she'll call you back." Gerard continued unpacking his stuff.
"Something is wrong, I just know it."
"If Kelly said that I would worry, you not so much. You're not psychic Bob, nothing it wrong."
Bob shook his head, "You're wrong. I'm gonna talk to Frank." He left the room while Gerard continued to unpack.

"Frank have you talked to Jamia" Bob asked as soon as the door opened. When he looked at Frank's face he had his answer.
"Yeah, I've talked to her. She couldn't talk long cause all hell had broken loose in my apartment."
"Fuck, Monica saw the pictures of Gee kissing her didn't she?"
Frank shot him a disgusted look, "Hey Bob, you should be more worried about Kara seeing the pictures of you and Katlin. I've heard they're really something."
Bob actually paled, "Oh fuck."
"Oh fuck, indeed. You and Gee were having such a great time weren't you? Well time to pay the piper. Look, Matt's on his way with his laptop. We'll just see what you two idiots were really up to."
"I didn't fucking do anything wrong. I told you I went along cause I didn't think Gee should go alone."
"Nice excuse, wonder if Kara will fall for it?"
Bob glared at him, "Kara will believe me." Even as he said the words he didn't believe them. He plopped down in a chair, waiting for Matt and grumbling at the world.
Matt soon showed up, James in tow. Oh great this was turning into a real cluster fuck. A few minutes later and there they were, the damning pictures. There were dozens of shots taken at different parties and events they had attended and most prominently featured Gerard and Eliza or Bob and Katlin. Several photos showed the couples sightseeing. It was weird but he didn't remember these pictures being taken and he certainly didn't remember Katlin being all over him. The damn pictures were on several different sites. There were at least 10 different videos of Mama and the kiss. He looked through some of the pics again.
Who the hell had taken them all? And how the hell had they all shown up on the net? Something was really screwed up about all of this. He needed to talk to Gerard. He left the others to hash it out amongst themselves.

"We are so fucked" Bob said as soon as Gerard opened his door. He pushed past him and walked into the room. "There are pictures of us and the girls all over the fucking Internet. I told you something was wrong but no, you didn't believe me. Well, you can't get much wronger than this."
"Well, what?"
"What do you mean, what? You were fuckin' kissing her right in front of the entire fucking world and all you can say is what? Damn it, you have screwed up everything. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have a fucking death wish or something? You couldn't just go back to the room afterwards? No, you had to party every night with your friend. I only went along with you because no one else would. I didn't want you going alone and this is the thanks I get? Now all hell's broken loose at home and Kara won't answer the phone. If this has fucked up everything with Kara, I'm going to fuck you up."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: For those of you playing catch up with the story - just to let you know - there are NO chapters for July 11th thru July 14th.
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