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Out of Body Out of Mind

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Okay, I was debating with myself whether I should add more to this, personally feeling bad that I forgot about HIM and Placebo haha, but yea. I've decided to leave it as it is, sorry if my chapters seem short at all, but I'm dragging the story out pretty long so I hope you don't mind and remember to REVIEW! With that being said, here's the next chapter:

"He's gay."

"No he's not!"


"No mom, he's not gay. A Mick Jagger wannabe maybe, but not gay."

Placebo and HIM had already played. We had been arguing for a while now until TBS came onstage, Jennine even joined in. See, Taking Back Sunday was also at Buzz Bakesale, right before My Chem also... who would have thought? So anyway, the lead singer did this thing where he flung the microphone around and pranced around the stage and I thought it was hilarious but it pretty much disgusted my mom.

I remember exactly what Adam Lazzara had said that night. He starts talking and says:
"Now, I was talking to one of my best friends in the world backstage, Mr. Gerard Way! Well, he says to me, this is what he says to me, he runs his fingers through his gorgeous blonde locks and says...."

Okay, so I don't remember EXACTLY what he said, but that part was really the only important part. It was just funny to watch him talk. My mom and I had actually debated after the concert about Taking Back Sunday, I told her that he probably writes the lyrics and that they are really good friends because to be honest, the band didn't need him. He's not a great live singer and their guitarist, Fred (I think) had a great voice. Wow, what was with me and guitarists whose name starts with an F?

"He's GAY!" she said, not willing to give up.

"Shut up Mom, they're about to start." I said annoyed, relieved that everyone began screaming and I couldn't hear her anymore. It's really weird too, there are at least 3 Taking Back Sunday songs that I could think of that my mom likes...

Who cares?

We all jumped up and started screaming our hearts out.

I think those are the words? Who cares? No one can hear me, this is fun! Well... no duh. Why am I talking to myself instead of rocking out??? I asked myself.

Of course, they played my other songs. First was Make Damn Sure. One of my favorite choruses to sing just because I have fun using a scratchy voice... it just worked. And then my other favorite, Cute Without the E.

"YOUR LIPSTICK HIS COLLAR DON'T BOTHER ANGEL, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT GOES ON!" I screamed my lungs out to every single word of the song.

I remember in class some kids were talking about this song and someone asked what it was and before they could answer I was just like "Cute without the E by Taking Back Sunday, otherwise known as 'Cut from the Team"
They looked at me as if I was crazy.
Especially since they already think I'm emo, and Cute without the E just so happens to spell "Cut"

What a coincidence, huh?

STOP THINKING! I commanded myself. Screaming along to the music. I looked around, everyone was screaming and standing, not quite as crazy, but close. Then again, I probably gave myself waaaaayy too much credit.

Adam introduced My Chem again, but it wasn't the same. It was still great though.

"Okay, now the next band that'll be playing for you guys are some of our best friends in the world" duh. "They made a great album and ended a tour for that album a little while ago, how many of you saw them on that tour?!?" he asked, I screamed. "Well, this is going to be different they tell us, do you believe them!?" screaming, again. "GET READY FOR MY, CHEMICAL, ROMAAAAANCE!!!!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. Then he did something that would definitely piss my mom off, he threw the microphone up in the air, caught it, and flung it fancily around his body. I was laughing just because I had snuck a glance at my mom's face. Priceless.

Even when they were just setting up, Lisa, Amanda, and I were screaming out heads off, singing off our favorite lyrics.
"WELL MY GUN FIRES 7 DIFFERENT SHADE OF SHIT, SO WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR, PUNK?" I shouted. They laughed. Behind me, a security guard began to walk towards us. Typical that I didn't see him.

"You guys wanna get up front?" he asked, already knowing the answer. I shushed Lisa and Amanda against their will and replied.

"This is my 3rd time seeing them I would give anything to be up front." I told him, trying to keep calm, but I'm afraid my whole body was compulsively shaking from excitement.

"I'm really not supposed to do this, but you guys won't shut up! How old are you?" he asked concerned, aww.

"We're all thirteen." Amanda said.

"But my mom's right there!" I added pointing to her. "Please mom can we go?" I already knew the answer.

She nodded her approval and the guard motioned for us to run up towards the stage. "You guys will probably have to stand in the aisle up front, but I have a feeling that's no problem." He said chuckling.

"Wait!" I told Amanda, Lisa, and Maria before they ran up there, I took them towards my mom. "Mom, wanna go up there?" I asked, I did owe her. She pointed to her ears and shook her head no. I looked at Jennine, she said, "Maybe Later." Shrugging, I left them and we ran up towards the front. Since there wasn't a middle aisle we went to the left one, my idea of course.

I put my hand onto the stage, a guard pushed me away and pointed to some seats that I'm guessing the people left early. "Another person's ignorance is our gain." I said smiling to everyone.

It felt like FOREVER until they finally came on. We immediately jumped up and started singing. I knew every line to every song by then, Lisa almost knew every song by heart as well, and Amanda was getting close, she knew enough. Maria... she knew a few songs. Oh well, as long as she wasn't being a party pooper, which she wasn't, since she was jumping too.

I was on the aisle, reaching out towards Frank as I sang and jumped and headbanged like a motherfucking psycho.

"STAND UP FUCKING TALL DON'T LET THEM SEE YOUR BACK AND TAKE MY FUCKING HAND AND NEVER BE AFRAID AGAAAIIIN!!!!" I screamed my heart out, still no sign of voice loss though. Gerard was a fucking maniac now, and Frankie was... well, Frankie. He was all over the place, I just hoped he learned his lesson about jumping off of Bob's drums. He decided to jump off of the speakers instead... smart.

"FRANKIE!!!!!!" I screamed while I wasn't singing, along with other phrases such as, "I LOVE YOU GUYS," and other things people say. I still refused to say that they saved my life, even though they did, but not like they had for other people, so I felt it wouldn't be appropriate to say it out loud. In my head it was fine though.

People were looking at us, fuck them. Then I noticed Gerard was over by our side of the stage bending over and singing and banging his head, and that's when I noticed that I had tears running down my face. Fuck!

I tried to wipe my tears as I was singing, but I really couldn't help them. Of course it was during Mama, one of their best live performance songs, it was just a ball of energy and emotion and Gerard trying to sing Liza Minelli's part as Mother War with a feather boa around his neck.

He pointed the microphone to the crowd, I screamed louder than humanly possible.

Gerard, "And if you would call me your sweetheart, I'd maybe then sing you a song."


I joined in for every other word as usual, wiping what felt like the last of tears away. But no, things just aren't that simple.

As the set kept going, I kept crying for songs like Disenchanted, Cancer, Helena, and even the Ghost of You. I never cried to the Ghost of You, I barely cried for the other songs! It was just... mindblowing. Really, an out of body out of mind experience. I couldn't believe this was all happening, and the papers in my pockets were an even better reminder for what yet awaited us. I didn't want the set to end, but it was going so slow and so incredibly fast at the same time.

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