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3 Year Anniversary

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Sorry that it took so long to update, I procrastinate and I'm sorry for that :( Hopefully this chapter is good enough, I'll let it speak for itself.

We had returned to our rightful seats while we waited for Linkin Park to take the stage. It was dark by now and the tears that had been streaking down my face weren't very visible in the dim light. But my voice... god, I think I finally lost it. I don't even want to try and talk right now; I just want some fucking water.

"That was incredible!" Lisa, Amanda, and Maria were freaking out.

"Gerard was incredible..." I said quietly, surprising myself with some form of a voice. Fuck, I really couldn't lose it!

"Huh?" Lisa asked, knowing damn well about my obsession with Frank. It really was unhealthy.

"3 years today, Gerard has been sober. Can you believe it? I don't know why he didn't mention it onstage... wow. He's a fucking hero..." I rambled like this for a while. August 10, 2007. Three years since Gerard Arthur Way has become clean and sober. It was incredible.

I didn't have much time to dwell on this amazing fact as the dim lights turned off completely and Linkin Park took the stage, starting with songs like Numb, then Bleed it Out, and just pretty much their most amazing songs and the whole Minutes to Midnight CD.

We stayed in the seats that we had paid for and I continued to sing to anything that I knew the words to, like I had been all day.

Probably the best night of my life.

But alas, all good... scratch that, great things must come to an end. Well, for most people anyway. Everything would've been perfect even if we had just jumped in the car and gone home, I mean, we were all pretty entertaining people. But the fun was just getting started.

"Time to go..." Amanda said in a dazed voice.
"I don't want to." Maria said looking at all of us.
Lisa was surprisingly quiet. Her hand was near her pocket, I could see the bulge her phone made as she probably waited for Sean to call. He won't.

"Hey guys, the fun's not over yet." I said quietly, barely audible with the roar of everyone trying to leave. A mischievous smile crept over my face; my mom was just focused on getting all of our crap together.

My comment was met by tired and surprised looks, even Lisa stopped paying attention to her silent phone and looked at me. I pulled 6 laminated pieces of paper out of my pocket. Each had a Black Parade character and a description of that character. Each had a story to tell. Each was a pass to meet My Chemical Romance.

We got stares as they all started to scream. Jennine walked over to come shut us up, but before she could say anything I shoved a piece of paper with a wolf on it in her face. Everyone had already claimed a pass. Lisa had Mother War, Maria had a few of the marching band skeletons, and Amanda had the twins. I looked down at my pass; it had the shredded skeleton, 3 arrows sticking out of his body and another arrow through his hat on the ground while he walked with his clothes ripped and a staff in his hand. It was perfect. Absolutely gorgeous.

"Whoa..." Jennine finally broke the silence that had soon followed the fangirl screaming of my friends. "How the hell did you get these?" she asked looking up from the detailed piece of laminated paper.

"We met Mikey at Starbucks!" I said proudly, sticking out my tongue. She had known about my plan, hell, everyone had, but like everyone else, they had doubted me. Well... and Amanda's flirting skills.

"Should we go?" Maria asked nervously.

"I guess so..." Lisa answered, more like to herself than any of us.

Without a word, I started to move my feet. I heard everyone else following, we should really be running. We arrived at the front gates and flashed our passes to some employees; they pointed us to the direction of the tour buses.

Before we got there I asked, "Why are these My Chem characters? I mean, shouldn't it just be Projekt Revolution passes..." I wondered out loud, I had been scanning the pass the entire walk over.

"Who knows? Who cares? I say this is much, much better." Amanda answered, obviously she had been studying the artwork as well.

"I didn't say it wasn't nice... I was just, wondering." I finished even though no one had cared in the first place. I hated this feeling of loneliness, especially when it was around my best friends.

There was no need to knock on the tour bus, the band was right outside. Mikey looked up and smiled, "Hey! You made it." We all kind of stared at them, then Lisa noticed Sean and almost screamed.

"You knew!" she said, shocked.
"Well... yeah. Emily said to keep it a surprise..." he said drifting off as we all began to pay more attention to the band. I noticed that the other Emily that I had met was there with the 2 other people she had mentioned. I was so glad that she had been able to put the passes to use, she deserved it.

Everyone had gone off to talk to the band. I was just kind of standing there until I heard a voice to the left of me ask, "Enjoy the show?" Of course, I jumped about 10 feet into the air. I looked over at Gerard and smiled, "Uh, yeah!" I said. "You were amazing, really." I added, still kind of shocked that no one else had been talking to him. He laughed lightly. "Oh well, thanks." He said. "No really! I mean, it's been exactly 3 years since you've gotten sober, you're a fucking hero." I continued like an idiot. He looked at me, probably didn't even realize that 3 years ago he had gotten clean and sober. I guess it was kind of a shock even.

"Oh, right." He said, laughing again. He noticed my shirt and things got quiet as he stared and turned me around, lifting up my hood and pretty much reading everything. I blushed in the dark; maybe the shirt wasn't such a good idea. And the hair also, he had to have noticed the MCR bleached into my side bangs. It was kind of hard not to...

Right as I was about to pull away, he turned back to face me directly. "That's incredible." He said; you could tell he meant it too, just by looking at his face.
"What's incredible?" I heard a voice too familiar to my ears. Frank looked from Gerard and then to me. Gerard pointed to my shirt and now it was Frank's turn to examine everything. Great. "It's not that special..." I said uncomfortably. The man I had convinced myself that I was in love with despite his engagement was up close and reading every inch of my shirt. "Yes it is." I heard Bob's voice, he must have started at the back, I hadn't even noticed him. Soon Ray and Mikey were joining him, along with everyone else.

I stepped away and leaned against the tour bus. "Really guys, it's nothing." I said blushing now, I pulled on my jacket as they all just looked, dumbfounded at what I was telling them. Finally, they continued to interact with everyone else. It really was rude to stare, and I was glad that they had stopped. I stepped up to Frankie who had been talking to my mom. I was now next to my mom, and yes, I was looking up at Frank... but so was she.

"Oh hey." He said in his happy voice, tucking his now long hair behind his ears.
"H-hey there..." I said quietly.
"You okay?" he asked.
"Yeah, yeah, fine." I replied a little too quickly. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a black Sharpie, apologizing for being so pathetic and asked if he would sign my neck. A little taken aback, he said sure and signed as I pulled my hair away from the right side of my neck where his scorpion tattoo was, even though he had gotten 2 new tattoos on his neck.

"Thanks," I said blushing still. Damn cheeks.
"Uh... no problem." He said, laughing his adorable laugh. Even in person this man was cute as can be. I couldn't help but stare as we started to talk more. It was kind of useless talking about him after a while since I already knew so much about the band, plus he kept changing the subject and asking about me. I really didn't want to tell him, my life was pretty pathetic other than my insane obsession about the band that he was in.

He soon left to talk to Amanda and I started to talk with Ray while my mom went off to whoever Jennine was with. This was incredible, though not how I had imagined meeting the band. I promised myself that I would let everyone talk to them, no matter how much I wanted to pull them all away for myself.

I looked around for a bottle of water, but there was none in sight... other than Bob's hand. I refused to ask, my throat could relax later. As the night wore on I ended up leaning against the bus while everyone was enjoying themselves. Just being in their presence was enough for me... that's what I had to tell myself. Hm... I'm not buying it either.

It was getting way too late, they had to be in Tampa tomorrow and it was like a 4 hour drive. Before we were cut off I pulled out everything from my shredded messenger bag and had each member sign it. Each of them signed everything but they also chose which CD they wanted to leave a personal message on. It was amazing that they were doing this for me.

After some pictures and some laughs we had to leave. I hadn't had time to look at any of their signatures and I wouldn't until tomorrow. Hell, I was dragging Maria down, practically passed out on the walk back to the car. I noticed that Lisa was still with Sean until he had to go his separate way, I was happy for her. Really. I also couldn't care as I fell asleep the minute I was strapped into the car. I didn't even notice my mom waking up my brother to carry me in upstairs for the night into our makeshift beds on the floor.

Insomnia wasn't an issue tonight. No, I slept fine. With a little someone on my mind as my dreams engulfed me for what seemed like hours.

Sorry if it's no good, I'll try and make more room to write... RATE AND REVIEW!
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