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P.S. Sick Little Girl

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I'M SOOOO BAD! I'm sorry it took sooo long to finally write this and I know it sucks and it's more of a filler chapter (once again) and I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! I hope it amounts to expectations and I hope that anyone who reads this will review because it's obvious that I need motivation to update more often. Again, I apologize and hope you enjoy...

It was early in the morning, before the sun was even up. My phone started to vibrate under my pillow at the set alarm time. I turned it off, stretched and carefully got out of this crappy mattress bed, then walked silently to my bedroom, locking the door behind me and then crawling into my big comfortable bed.
I don't do this often really, but I knew that if I didn't escape now, they would wake me up in the morning. Most of my friends all woke up before noon and I didn't want to deal with them in the morning. I felt kind of guilty that I hadn't woken up Maria and taken her to the room also, she's the only one that slept late. Poor her. Too bad.

I pulled the soft blanket over me and snuggled with my bear. Yes, I sleep with a bear and I'm not ashamed. It would take forever to fall back asleep, at least half an hour, which sucked because I was really tired. I turned onto my left side, adjusting every few minutes or so, drifting off just as being awake had become unbearable.

Of course, I dreamed about him. Frank, that is. Honestly, I loved him and I had successfully convinced myself that I was in love with the man. Kind of a downer since he's about 12 and half years older than me and engaged. Sick, I was a sick little girl. His face had become even more beautiful in my dreams after being so close to him, I was secretly pissed that I hadn't talked to him more and was nice for everyone else's sake. Sick and selfish; he would never have liked me.

Most of my dream was very realistic, not as much as a fantasy now that I had actually been up close at a My Chem concert. It went as most dreams go really, until somehow I ended up alone... with Frank... sitting next to each other on a couch.
I stared into his gorgeous hazel eyes as he looked at me and touched my arm lightly. I snuggled up next to him, enjoying this sick dream. My body was facing him and my head rested in the curve of his neck while he held me in his arms. I felt him kiss the top of my head.
Fuck. It all felt so real, just sitting there with him for what seemed like hours... dream hours. I finally looked up at him and, yup, you guessed it, we kissed. It was heavenly, then again, how could it not be? It was what I imagined a kiss would be like and more. I continued to work my lips against his; there were very few limits at that point and I had granted him full access. That lasted for a bit and things were beginning to get a little steamy, but before anything more could happen my dreams crashed and I was jolted awake by a rude and loud banging on my door. It was times like these where I was forced to wonder if I hated my friends more than myself at the moment.

I groaned, rolling onto my back and rubbing my eyes. "Go away," I murmured sleepily, my words all jumbled and confused, trying to slip back into the dream. The banging continued.
It wasn't long before I heard my mom shout from downstairs, "You've been doing that for over 5 minutes, she's not getting up!"
Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. They called my phone and it started to loudly play Blood. I heard them laughing, Amanda shouted through the door, "I think it's about time to change that ringtone."
Yea, it was creepy and loud and I really did need to change it, but it was the only one that worked so clearly when I recorded music and I hadn't felt like trying to get any other song to work.

"GO AWAY!" I shouted a little louder. It was useless though; I was clearly awake and just wanted to fight with them since they were the cause of my consciousness.
"Unlock the door!" Lisa shouted right back at me.
"Let me sleep!" I replied lazily.
"Em, it's late." I heard Maria say to me.
"I don't give shit!"

I heard a click from my door and before I knew it, there was a big blundering puppy jumping on me and licking my face. Fuck dogs. "JENNINE! GET YOUR ANIMAL OFF OF ME!" I shouted frustrated. It was her; there was no doubt about it. She was the only one who could get a damned credit card to work in my door.

I could tell she was standing at the door when the dog jumped off my bed and ran into her open arms. "A puppy? For me!" she said in her sickeningly sweet voice that she used when talking to Comet. "Come here Angel," she said taking her into her room and leaving Maria, Lisa, Amanda, and me.

Well, I had taken to lying flat on my back, unmoving and sore. They charged into my room and ripped the blankets off, therefore making me curl into a ball. "You guys suck!" I argued as they tried to get me off. It wasn't long before they risked their lives and tickled me.
"GET OFF! GET OFF! I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL PEE ON YOU IF YOU DON'T STOP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. It's gross, but I had just woken up, hadn't gone to the bathroom, and they were tickling me.

I felt the fingers stop and retreat. "Ew, go to the bathroom." Amanda said scrunching up her nose in disgust.
"Screw you," I retorted, still grumpy, and got up to go to the bathroom. I washed my hands and looked at my watch, a breath escaping my lungs as I saw the time on it. It read 3:30 PM. I stretched and walked out of the bathroom.

All three of them were huddled on my bed. "How long have you guys been awake?" I asked rubbing my eyes for effect.
"Eleven," they replied together.
"What've you guys been doing?" I asked stunned.
"Talking, stuff, there wasn't much to do with you asleep," Maria answered.
"You sleep too fucking long." Lisa accused in a hysterical voice.
"Not my fault! Don't you guys know never to interrupt a girl when she's dreaming?" I asked them. Oops, wrong thing to say.
"And just what were you dreaming?" Amanda said in a stern voice.
"None of your business..." I muttered under my breath. The pervert that she is, she scrunched up her nose again. Thankfully, she didn't say anything and silence fell upon the group.

"I'm hungry," I said finally speaking. They all kind of nodded and we walked downstairs. I was surprised that they were still in their pajamas like me. Well, if you could even call my clothes pajamas. All it was were some old mesh gym shorts and a random big shirt. Last night it had been Pencey Prep in honor of Frank. I wore it a lot, to sleep... it was unfortunately bigger than I would've liked. Not that big of a surprise I guess, most shirts swam on my small body even though it was only a Youth Large.

"Good morning," my mom greeted.
"Food," I answered. She gave me a look and went around to make something.
I sighed, "Good morning." I said giving her a hug and then sitting down at the kitchen table, followed by everyone else.

It was quiet again. Damn.
"So..." Lisa finally said.
"Have you and Sean talked?" I asked her, wondering what they were going to do.
"Yea..." she replied uncertainly.
"Well? How far does he live? Are you two going to go out or something? Come on! Don't leave us hanging." Amanda bombarded her with questions.
"Shut up, jeez!" she sighed, "He goes to South Fork, probably 10 or 15 minutes from Emily's house. I don't know if we're gonna go out..." she said drifting off.
"Well, that's good news then, isn't it?" I asked, "I mean, he lives within decent distance, you should ask him out somewhere."
"Can we just forget about it?" Lisa asked. Confused as to why she didn't want to talk about it, we dropped the subject.

It was quiet again. I didn't bother to say anything, figuring someone would say something if they wanted to talk.
I went off into my own head, singing Pencey Prep songs in my head. First was my favorite, 19; I just loved Frank's nasally whiny singing voice. Again, I'm sick. Then was 10 Rings. I smiled as I sang in my head 'Stop calling my house!' Then Lloyd Dobbler. I could tell my face was going dreamy as I thought of this one.
"What's wrong with you?" Maria asked, nudging me.
"And I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler, with a boombox out in the street. And I'll be there if you need someone... even if he isn't me." I sang softly as a reply. I loved that song, especially that last line. It's something that I yearned for, but no one would ever say it to me, /especially/Frank. Fuck did I need professional help!

I heard one of them give a sigh. "Em... what?" it was Maria. Lisa was grinning.
"It's a Pencey Prep song." She told her for me. I smiled in thanks as my mom came to the table with some food for us all. It smelled good and looked like bacon, only it was beef. Beef strips, the kosher alternative.
My mom ended up making some grilled cheese as well; we had all forgotten that Lisa was a vegetarian. It kind of sucked because we were still getting used to it. I tried being a vegetarian once... I like meat too much. So I ended up avoiding red meat when possible instead, obviously not today since I was eating the beef strips. At least it was kosher meat, so it was killed humanely. Not that that was a decent excuse, but I liked to tell myself that it's a good enough justification.

We finished, still pretty quiet. It kind of sucked when we were like this. Now we retreated back upstairs where we changed and brushed our teeth and shit, meeting back in my room where I put in the Pencey Prep CD on shuffle. We all sat on the bed, talking about last night and some people shared dreams. Some people, I wasn't going to be one of them.

The conversation resulted in changing the CD to My Chemical Romance and almost all of us singing along and jumping around. When it came to Pencey Prep and My Chemical Romance, I really sang. So far no one had made fun of me, so it was all good for the most part.

One by one they were all picked up, to my displeasure. Once they were all gone, I grabbed a little journal that I never used and wrote down their names:


These three girls are my best friends, even when we do nothing. Sadly to say, that's most of the time. We all have some similar interests and at least one unshared hobby. For me, it is Frisbee. Maria has RBD. Amanda loves to write. Lisa likes to take random videos with her cousin where they just dance like idiots in her room and post it on youtube. We're all addicted to the computer and loved music.

It's strange really, our friendship. I know I shouldn't be having these thoughts, but I can't stop.

Maria is the first one I met, in fact, she is pretty much my best friend. It's really weird because she's the most different from all of us. She's quiet, a bookworm, listens to more popular music and says that she likes a song if it has a good beat and could really care less about the lyrics. We have had many arguments based on that actually. But still, she is such a great friend to have despite the fact that we're complete opposites. I guess you just really have to know her. We can be bored together and we can tell each other anything.

Then there's Lisa. She's crazy... and loud. She is one of the funnest people ever, obsessed with music and considers most scene/emo looking people to be hot. Well, I can't blame her really. She is really random and wild, we can talk on the phone until like 2 AM discussing what was on the radio and really talking about nothing while she tries to sleep on the floor and rolls around hitting her leg on her bunk bed ladder until she finally gives up and goes into her bed. Lisa feels strongly about many things and would go to many lengths to protect something she believed in. Long story short, she is awesome.

Finally comes Amanda. I met her through Maria and Lisa; they were all friends before I came into the picture actually. Well, Amanda is my pirate hooker and I am her whore. We can be real pervs when put together but she is just an awesome no shit person. She really likes crazy things, which shows in the crap that she writes. Well, it's not crap actually; she's good at it, really good. Amanda, like myself, has a 'thing' for older men. Well, it's not like we have really big problems and hated guys our age or anything, she just loves Johnny Depp and Ray Toro.

There are really not enough words to describe any of them. It is extremely difficult for me to summarize a person, let alone these three.

I stopped there, rereading what I had written. Why the hell was I writing this anyway? I had no idea why I had done it and looked over my messy handwriting again. I guess this is just another thing for memories.

I closed the otherwise blank journal back on my desk went downstairs to turn on my computer. Once it was loaded, I checked my Myspace, only to be greeted by a new comment. I opened it and read. It was from Shannon:

heyy! what's up girly? long time no talk. school soon, sucks. how've you been? talk to me soon! cya

I ignored the message and went back to my homepage, continuing my daily computer duties. I set up an away message on AIM and made myself appear offline on MSN. I really didn't feel like talking to anyone right now and ignored pretty much every message that I received, even when Amanda started to IM me. Hopefully she'd just let it drop and believe that I wasn't here.

I pushed the computer away and turned it off after an hour. I could've stayed on longer, but I had remembered that I had met MCR last night and that they had signed my stuff. Shit! I quickly ran upstairs to grab the bag and empty it's contents. The first thing I managed to grab was the booklet from the Black Parade Special Edition. What I ended up reading pretty much made my eyes bulge out of my head as my eyes scanned a number numerous times with a small message that read:

P.S Call me.

I stared, disappointed and intrigued, at the signature beneath the P.S. message.

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