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Chapter Twenty Four

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Young girls dream of falling in love, planning the most perfect wedding, and spending their lives with their husbands. They have beautiful children and balance work and activities. Waiting for the ...

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Rolling over, Ella wiped the sleep from her eyes as she realized that she must have fallen asleep. Both of the kids were down for naps, anyway. Bianca spent most of her time seeping and Dylan was taking his afternoon nap.

Sitting up, she ran her fingers through her hair. She hated how she always felt worse after she took a nap. She felt as if someone had drugged her. She didn't get enough sleep to feel refreshed and it was going to catch up with her eventually.

Hearing her sidekick begin to ring, she reached out and answered it without looking at the caller ID, she figured it was probably just Brendon calling from inside and her eyes weren't open enough to read anything in front of her.

"Ella? It's Mom." The voice came over the phone like electric shocks. The last person Ella expected to hear from was her mother. She had no idea why she had even bothered calling her. She hadn't bothered to speak to her in years.

"Hello, can I help you with something?" Ella asked as she went into this form of speech as if she were speaking to someone who had just walked into a store or something. She was not comfortable with her mother and she was not in the mood to do this now. She did not want to talk to her mother in any shape way or form.

"I heard that you are out on the road with my grandchildren." She stated. "Ella, do you really think that you've made a wise decision that it really is in your children's best interest to be traveling from state to state on a giant bus...?" She trailed off. She had no idea where her daughter's best interests were, but they weren't on her children.

"How did you even know that my children and I were on the road with my husband?" She had no idea where this was coming from. She hadn't told her sister where she was going or why and that was the only way her mother got the information.

"I went to your house after getting the address from your sister. When I got there, a young man opened the door. He said that you guys were on tour and he was house sitting. I asked him where my grandchildren were and he said they were with you." She said as if she were frantically looking for everyone and couldn't find them. Like she had been a constant visitor. Bull. Dylan didn't even know or acknowledge the fact that he had another Grandma.

"Yeah, that's Brendon's brother." Ella answered. She didn't want to be talking to her mother. "Can I ask you why you thought it would be a good idea to show up on my doorstep?" She got out of bed as she made her way to check on the kids, both of which were still sleeping. Bianca was amazing with naps and ever since he had been going to bed later, Dylan had been taking more frequent and longer naps. Frequent meaning he now napped every day.

"I want to see my grand daughter." She stated. "You have a daughter now of your own, it should be something amazing you share with your own mother." She told her.

"You want to see my daughter? My daughter is now special? What about my son, Mom? What about Dylan? You're just going to ignore his existence because I had him young? Because we weren't married or because you still think he ruined my life?" She spat as she walked to the front of the bus and pulled out a water bottle from the small fridge.

Her mother remained silent for a minute. "Ella, if you hadn't hd your son you would be going places now. You would have a great life and then you could have had your little girl. This was how it was meant to be. You were meant to have a little girl and a job in a marriage."

"You do realize that this not helping your case?! Brendon is still my husband and even the father of Bianca, so why is that okay? I will not let you alienate my son, forget that, I won't even let you near my kids. My son is my whole world. And, now my daughter. You do not treat them badly! And, I swear to god if you ever show up on my door step while I am home, I will be calling the police." She told her as she leaned against the counter, her eyes closed tightly.

"You have a lot of nerve, Ella. A lot of nerve. I will see you in court then. I want grandparent's visitation." She stressed as the phone then let out a click and a dial tone signaling that she had been hung up on.

Ella let out an exaggerated grunt as she threw the phone against the wall on the table. She dropped her head into her hands as she let out a sigh. She was not in the mood, this was not a good time. This was supposed to be happy time, relaxing and peaceful times.

"Hi, baby!" Brendon said as he came onto the bus. "What's wrong?" He asked as he noticed the look on her face. She looked stressed like she had been having the worst afternoon ever.

"I don't want to talk about it. Nothing." She shrugged him off as she walked towards the back of the bus. She didn't want to talk about it and now wasn't the time to be telling Brendon about there being issues with her mother. It always got him upset and then he was miserable. She didn't want his performances to suffer and she really didn't even want to think about it. What could her mother say? You can't make someone let someone else see or take their children. There was no way this would fly, especially in front of any self respecting judge.

Brendon sighed as he watched her go. He knew better than to go after her. He was just going to let her cool down and then he would find out what was going on. For now he would just go and check on his kids and play with them. He would worry about his wife in the back of his mind. Everything was okay. It had to be.
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