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Say something if you see something...but how should I know

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I couldn't help that I had fallen into the love trap with the girl who murdered Spencer's wife. Love is cruel. Love is bitter. And worse of all it had taken a chunk out of me. R and R pleaseeeee

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Pete's POV

I wiped my eyes hoping that the last two weeks had been a nightmare, this was a feeling I had hoped for, for the last fourteen nights I had woken up in cold sweats, in the same clothes as the night before in a lonely double bed. I got up off the bed and stared at my reflection in the mirror, the large cut along my arm haunted my thoughts with the name that everyone I knew wanted to forget...apart from me. I couldn't help that I had fallen into the love trap with the girl who murdered Spencer's wife. Love is cruel. Love is bitter. And worse of all it had taken a chunk out of me. I collapsed onto the bed and the memories started flooding back.

In the field two weeks before...

I stared at her as she collapsed onto her knees and dropped the blood stained knife onto the floor. I felt sick as she stared at the blood she had spilled on her hands, the blood she had spilled to be with me. I felt my chest tighten and my heart rate quicken as her cold eyes locked with mine. I quickly turned around and stared at the figures on the horizon running away from the very human being that I was stood next to.

"What have you done?" I said squeakily while pacing the floor.

She stared up at me and let the tears stain her eyes; this is what living like this does.

"What have you done?" I chanted again.

"I did it for you!" She screamed while throwing out her bloody arms.

I bit my bottom lip so hard it almost went through, and I practically pulled my hair out with frustration. "Don't you dare say you did this for me! You fucking stabbed two people! You have wrecked two people's lives...your twisted." I shouted.

She jumped to her knees and tried to wrap her arms around me, but how could I hug someone who I had lost trust for? I pushed her back to her feet and glanced into her hollowed out eyes.

"You lost me the second you forced that knife at someone." I said coldly.

I didn't want to hear anything else so I just ran...far away. I wasn't aiming to get anywhere, heck, I couldn't see past next Tuesday. I didn't look back I just ran, I let the dust colour my jeans, I let the tears scrape heavily down my face, and I let myself get lost in the fountain of deceit. I didn't know where I would end up, but any sign of tranquillity that I would be locked from the world would do just fine. I remembered noticing a small hotel on the side of the horizon, I walked towards it. It was like a lifeboat, and I was out at sea drowning. And that's where I will stay.

Present day

Brendon's POV

I didn't take my arm from around her, I hadn't...I couldn't. I knew I should have said something even if the time was in the wrong, could have been the mourning or maybe even the cigarette smoke flowing from my lips. Both of these two things I had become custom to.

"We can do this." I whispered softly.

"I know." Jenna sighed sadly.

I threw my cigarette butt on the floor and combed my fingers nervously through my hair as I noticed Jon helping Elspeth out of the hospital doors with the aid of crutches. The cold silences were black and seemed to suck any sign of conversation into a dark hole. My mind was crammed up with so much crap. That cold stare of love, the fiery anger of grief and that white hot hatred of mine. When I was a kid I never intended of being in this situation, I don't think anyone does. I exchanged a broken hearted stare with Elspeth as we all got up and walked over to my car. She had put her heart on the line and I had pushed it aside like an unwanted meal. The timing was wrong, I was wrong and worst of all I had this bad feeling in my stomach that I couldn't shake off... with my luck it would let's itself out when I didn't want it too.

"Should I drive?" Jon asked me as we approached the car.

"Yeah...I'll go in the back." I said while pulling yet another cigarette out of my pocket.

"I'm gonna go and get Spencer in my car." Jenna said while clenching my hand tight.

"Okay...I'll see you there." I said while stopping for a second and placing a soft kiss on her lips.

She smiled weakly at me and walked away towards her car, I could still feel the warmth of her hand on my skin. I sighed and got in to the back of the car where Elspeth was already sat. I noticed that the rim of her eyelid hadn't been covered with its usual black edge; anyway, it would only get washed off. Today I don't think anyone will have a dry eye when the sun sets in the sky. She noticed me staring at her and she gave me that weak depressed smile that she had been wearing for the past two weeks. Jon turned the key in the car and we sped off away from the hospital, the hospital where we had all lost something. Her eyes always drew me in, if they were gemstones they would sell for millions, she was truly beautiful. All that could be heard was the humming from the car engine, I wanted to say something...but its times like these when silence means everything. I slumped in my seat and stared out the window and watched the world flicker past the window. I felt a cold hand grab and slowly slot their fingers between mine. I turned my head around and smiled softly at Elspeth. I wasn't sure what this meant but I knew that I needed this now. She knelt her head on my shoulder and I tilted my head to the side so that my hair brushed slightly against hers. I slowly shut my eyes and for one second...just one second, everything disappeared and I felt okay.

I felt the car stop to a halt and I quickly opened my eyes, "I'll go and get the others...." Jon said while turning around.

She nodded at him and quickly let go of my hand since she could tense that the look on Jon's face wasn't one of happiness...but who could blame him? He got out of the car so it was just me and Elspeth. I felt a wall growing between us and I just needed to say something.

"Elspeth...I know today is hard...but I said something to you two weeks ago and I-"

"Brendon not now...the time just isn't right, even if I did say yes you still have a girlfriend and you can't end with her. Not now." Elspeth said seriously.

I could tell that when she said that her heart broke.

"Okay." I said quietly while biting my bottom lip.

"Ryan can sit here if it's easier for you." She said breaking the awkwardness, well at least attempting.

" need a friend now...and I'm here." I said truthfully.

She smiled weakly at me; I quickly looked out the window and noticed Jon walking up the path with Ryan, and Tash. Elspeth shuffled closer to me so that there was room for Ryan to sit in the back, my car wasn't the biggest in the world. I stared into her watery eyes and I knotted my fingers through hers making sure no one could see, it was a secret and secrets hurt when they get let out.

"Hey guys." Ryan said as cheerfully as he could as he got in the car.

"Hey..." Elspeth said quietly while turning her head round since she couldn't see through her right eye because of the bandage.

Tash and Jon got in the front and we soon started to make our way towards the cemetery where we'll see Hayley...for the last time. At least my mind can rest knowing that the person in the photographs won't change for her...the person in mine already has.

I found this chapter easier to write than any of the others tbh please rate and review all are greatly apprechiated :D X
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