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Don't Swear

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How lucky are you people, 3 updates on stories :)
---Mikey's Point of View---
I walked along the streets to Nicole's house and Bob was with me it was silent on bloody hot. I took of my black jumper and tied it around my waist, very skinny waist.
"Mikey do you reckon she will be okay?"
"Huh, oh I hope so" Bob nodded and looked around the street, this street looked pretty uptight no wonder Frank didn't like anyone on this street only Nicole.
"Is this it? I haven't been here in a while so excuse me for not remembering"
"Haha, yes it is" We turned down the long driveway and knocked on the front door, I knocked again no answer.
"Maybe no-one is home"
"No, someone is home she has no-where to go"
"Gee you make it sound as if she has no life"
"Well after this I don't think she thinks she does"
"True" Bob knocked as well.
"Maybe we should just go in" I nodded, Bob reached out for the handle and opened the door it was nice and cool, I could feel a rush of cold air when it hit my face.
"Pretty nice in here" I laughed and Bob just gave me a confused look. Now we have to find Nicole.
"Shhhh, she might be sleeping"
"Okaayyy Miiikkkeeeyyyyy"
"Shut up" He laughed and we walked through the hallway, upstairs. I could hear Nicole's music but it was soft she must be sleeping for sure. I walked in and nearly got the shock of my life, their sat Nicole well actually laying Nicole with a towel stuck to her arm and a razor. Bob walked in behind me and I saw his mouth drop and I knew he was going to yell and make her jump from a heart attack. I quickly covered his mouth and dragged him out of the room. I put a finger to his lips and told him to be quiet. He nodded and went downstairs probably to mumble to himself. I walked in the room where Nicole was, and removed the towel from her arm, it was stuck I went into the bathroom and let the water run warm and grabbed a cloth. I walked back into the room and slowly started dabbing the towel, and pulled it of slowly trying not to wake her. She is an idiot wait till I see Gerard, I should let her tell him but that's way too hard, she won't admit to it. I'm going to have to tell him because she won't. Gosh this is so confusing, Gerard and his damn Ex and now this, poor Nicole. She turned slightly but she just stirred. The towel came of and I went back downstairs.
"Hey Bob, can you help me move her onto her bed?"
"Uh sure, can we go back to your place after this, I mean I want to know what happened as well but I don't think she would want to wake up with us in her face"
"True, well I'm going to tell Gee because she won't and when they you know have sex he Is going to see the scars and you know the rest"
"Yeh I know, come on" We walked back up to Nicole's room, I grabbed her arms and Bob grabbed her feet and legs, and she was lifted on the bed. I pulled covers over her and she turned around but faced the window Bob ran out of the room, I think he would be scared if she woke up. She looked so peaceful now back to home to tell Gerard. I walked out of the room and found Bob outside waiting for me, god he makes me laugh.

---Way House---
Third Point of View
I was lying on my bed in my room and it was so boring, damn chick messed up my life bloody hell.
"Gerard dear, Mikey is home and he wants to see you downstairs now" Why was she acting so formal, something must be wrong.
"Okay but before you go mum why are acting so formal?" I started a smile and she stared at me the smile soon faded by the way she was looking at me.
"NOW GERARD" I jumped she never yelled at me, something must be wrong. I got of the bed and walked downstairs to find Mikey sitting on the couch watching TV, some crappy cartoon I guess.
"Hey Mikes, what's wrong?"
"Don't Mikes me, you know what, Nicole is lucky to have you but now I don't think she will want to see you anymore" What the fuck is up with him, I didn't do nothing wrong, I feel like I'm left out of something, I sat down on the other sofa and mum was just looking at me, very disgusted. What's with this fucking family, if someone doesn't tell me what is going on I'm going to yell.
"What the hell is going on with you?"
"Oh my god, don't act dumb"
"TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON" I sat up from my seat and just stood there staring at him blankly.
"Oh my god Gerard, you knew that Nicole heard Izabella in your room"
"GERARD ARTHUR WAY, DON'T YOU DARE SWEAR" Mikey looked at me; trying his hardest not to laugh oh I could just kill him. Now I'm in deep shit with mum, fucking hell.
"Well maybe I wouldn't swear if someone would just tell me what is going on" She walked over to me and slapped me. I fell back into the chair, I had enough of this, I got up and walked away, but I couldn't walk any further because someone had hold of my arm I turned around and saw Mikey holding my arm I think he is going to cut of my circulation if he doesn't let go.
'Let go of me"
"Sit down"
"No not till you tell me what happened?"
"Fine, Nicole cut herself" What oh my god, she did what.
"Eh- wh- oh my go- shit"
"Gerard what did I just say about swearing?"
"Oh sorry"
"No you shouldn't be saying sorry to me, you should be saying sorry to Nicole"
"How did you know?"
"Do you honestly think I'm out of the blue, you promised her you wouldn't speak or see her"
"Gerard she came onto to you, and your still seeing her"
"Hey she was the one who came and saw me today in the morning and stayed with me, Nicole didn't even bother"
"Gerard she was scared, she thought Harley bet the crap out of you" I knew Mikey wanted to say shit but mum was there.
"Oh I didn't know that"
"Well don't go accusing her until you've heard the full story, I'm going up to my room, you figure out what you want to do from here Gee because I don't care at the moment" He walked of and walked upstairs I heard the door slam, and with that he was not going to talk to me for a while I knew it, the music made me jump he must have it blasting through the speakers. Mum walked past me didn't even look at me.
"Mum I'm sor..."
"No I don't want to here it, if you can't keep a promise to a girl don't talk to me" My mum hated me; wait till dad here's about this. I'm in serious shit. I walked upstairs and walked past Mikey's room and heard the music from inside my room. I changed from my old clothes and into something different I walked out of my room didn't even bother saying goodbye to mum, I walked down the driveway and dad just pulled up, I'm leaving before I get into even more shit. I walked down the street and on my way to Nicole's house.

I walked in not even bothering to knock, no-one would be home except for her. I walked up to her room and saw her curled up in a ball on her bed, so peaceful. I took of my shoes and got on the other side of the bed and lay down, and just looked at her. I reached out for her arms and looked at the cuts. She did more than 2, I sat there examining them, and they were pretty deep. Her chest rose and fell each time she breathed in and out. She looks so gorgeous I just want to grab her and hug her all over and kiss her. I have to get Izabella out of my life and concentrate on the band, family and Nicole.
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