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forgive me?

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I felt someone cuddling me, and I jumped up from my spot. I saw the person that lied to me. He looked sad, I couldn’t believe he had the guts to show up in the house, and on my bed to cuddle me, I think he wants me to forgive him. I stared into his eyes, no-one spoke; I looked down at my feet and waited for something to make me leave this room, but everything I thought of led to him.
“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to break the promise she just showed up” oh I’m sorry is that all he can say.
“Please look at me, don’t hate me”
“I don’t hate you” I mumbled but he heard it,
“Well that’s a start, can you look at me?”
“Every time I look at you, I see betrayal” I didn’t want to hurt him, but I wanted him to know what it feels like.
“Oh, well I might as well go” he got up from my bed and walked out.
“Gerard wait” I walked out my room and he was just about to go down the stairs, but he turned to face me.
“I can forgive you, but I know I might be too protective, please don’t see her again, I know she wants you back”
“You’re not being too protective”
“You’re not going to see her again?” He ran up to me, and embraced me in a hug.
“She’s gone” he bought his head down, and pecked my lips. He guided me to my room and we just stood staring into each others eyes. I couldn’t help but smile, he ran his hand up my arm and I winced at the shock.
“You’re not going to do it again are you?” he asked while rubbing his thumb over my cuts. I shook my head,
“No, but if I ever find out that you’ve been with her, I’m sorry but the relationship is over, she wants to be with you again, I think she asked Harley to try and have his way with me”
“I wouldn’t dream of seeing her, I love you too much” I smiled and pecked his nose, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he walked me to the bed, he fell on top of me and started to pull my shirt of.
“Gerard, I can’t have sex with you” he gave me a look of confusion and stopped pulling my shirt of.
“Why? Can’t you trust me?”
“I can trust you but I can’t”
“I don’t understand” I huffed, this is hard.
“I’m on my period”
“Why didn’t you just say, I would’ve under stood”
“I felt stupid”
“Well when did you start?”
“Two days ago, why?”
“Just wondering and how long do you go for?”
“Uhm, 6 days, why?”
“Because I want to know when I can have sex with you” I just smiled and pecked his lips. Gerard and I just talked for a while until mum came home and Gerard had told me that Mikey had been around and saw my cuts.
“Nicole, can you come here please” I walked downstairs, and found mum getting dinner ready.
“Nanna is coming down tonight and she wants to meet Gerard, is he doing anything tonight?”
“Nope, don’t think so; is it your mum or Craig’s mum?”
“Craig’s” Shit, she is a real bitch, she will hate Gerard.
“Okay, I’ll ask him” I went upstairs and Gerard was just reading one of my girl magazines. I cleared my throat and he jumped.
“May I ask what you are doing?”
“Just reading”
“Well, okay moving on Craig’s mum wants to meet you, can you stay for dinner?”
“Sure, can I call mum?” I nodded and handed him the phone, he gave me a thumbs up and I went downstairs.
“Donna sad he could” She smiled and I went upstairs, I crept up behind him and he was reading a sealed section.
“Gee, what are you doing?” He just laughed and put the magazine down. I sat down in front of him and we started making out.
“Excuse me, but when you get your tongue out of my sister’s mouth I was wondering whether you could help me out with something Nicole”
“No” I reached for my door and slammed it; Gee just giggled and went back to kissing me. God he is amazing, love him a lot. Damn being a girl I want to feel him inside of me. I sat up and Gee fell of my bed, bugger, I helped him up and looked into his eyes, we did that a lot now.
“I have to warn you, Craig’s mum is a bitch, not being nasty but she won’t like you, she doesn’t really like is girls, she’ll ask really personal questions but mum will stick up for you” Great he is probably shit scared now.
“It’s okay, I’ll just answer with the truth and see how she likes it” I smiled and went into my dresser.
“Do not laugh at what I have to wear okay?” I pulled out some flare jeans (ewww), a flimsy shirt and a roxy jumper. He was just smiling.
“Okay, I know it’s ugly, it’s the only thing she likes, she hates the tight shit well the ‘emo’ look, Lisa only has tight clothes and she’ll have a go at her tonight, you wait and see” He just nodded.
“Right, do not laugh when she tells people of, I learnt my lesson with that, and tonight it would be good if we do a low profile”
“Okay, can I hold your hand?”
“Yeh, just don’t kiss me, and when we sit together keep your hands up on the table not underneath”
“Rightio, I think I’m ready” I nodded and quickly got changed. He went back to reading the magazine when the door bell rang. I grabbed his hand and we walked downstairs, all of us girls went down and there she was the Nanna from hell. She gave Lisa a disgusted look, and then her eyes fell to Gerard.
“Is this him?” she asked Craig, he nodded and mum asked us to sit at the table. Gerard sat next to me, and Nanna was on the other side, she was busy communication with Craig about work and etc. I looked over at Gerard and he looked a bit bored. Mind you I wouldn’t blame him, I’m bored as well.
“So Gerard is it?”
“How long have you been going out with Nicole?”
“Uhm, about 3 weeks”
“Oh okay, have you two slept together?” I choked on my food and so did Gerard.
“Now Maria don’t you think that is in appropriate” Mum backed us up,
“Well when I was in the kitchen I saw tablets and they were in the pill case, and I knew Lisa keeps hers in her room and Jessica well sorry hun but I don’t think you have a boyfriend, well I haven’t heard of anything with you, and that just leaves Nicole” How rude is she? What a bitch! Mum was out of words and I didn’t know what to say, but then Gerard spoke up.
“Well yes we have” everyone looked at him,
“Okay, that’s all I wanted to know” we all fell silent and ate our dinner, but no she wasn’t finished.
“How many times have you two had sex?”
“Just once” I spoke; I didn’t want him to answer that,
“Can’t you fulfill you duties Gerard?” she snickered, I felt my blood rise.
“I don’t think that is your place to say that” defended Lisa, she always had my back.
“Don’t you even get me started Lisa about your boyfriend?”
“Uhm, well Nic and Gerard could you help me with dessert?” I nodded and we followed mum into the kitchen.
“I’m so sorry Gerard, she is really rude”
“Its okay” We brought the dessert into the dinning room and ate in silence,
“Debra, mum is staying here for a couple of months, her house is getting renovated” Mum looked so angry and all of us were angry.
“Well I better go set up the room, sorry but in the morning I might wake you up”
“Oh okay, what room will I be sleeping in?”
“The one downstairs, is that okay?”
“Oh well isn’t there a spare room next to Nicole’s?” No, No way please no.
“Oh okay, would you like to sleep there?”
“Yeh okay, Craig could you take my bags up to the room?” He nodded and took the bags up with mum, I could hear them arguing and it was not good, this was messed up.
“Well I’m going to take a shower girls, and guy, excuse me” we just sat in silence and waited for her to room.
“Oh my god, she is sleeping next door to me” I banged my head on the table and the girls just sighed,
“I can’t believe she thinks I don’t have a boyfriend I do! Just because we haven’t had sex yet doesn’t mean anything”
“I know, and she was dis-liking Troy, what a bitch” I just slumped into my chair after lifting my head. Gerard just sat in silence; I looked over at him, and rubbed his leg.
“Hey its okay, wonna sleep over tonight, we can go to school tomorrow together?”
“Sure, I’ll have to use your phone and get some clothes for tomorrow, oh and tell mum about how everything is okay between us”
“Yup, I don’t feel like sleeping alone tonight” He just gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and went back to having his jelly with ice-cream. We girls just talked and then I waited for Gerard to get of the phone.
“She said yes, and she also said that she is glad that we sorted it out” I hugged him, and mum came downstairs, looking really sad.
“Mum, Gerard is going to sleep over tonight; I really don’t want to sleep alo-”
“That’s okay, girls you can go up to your room now, goodnight” we each gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and went upstairs.

I had changed into my Pjs and Donna came around with Gerard’s clothes and his mum talked with my mum for a while and you know what I mean. We were in my room snuggled up to each other talking about random things. I heard a knock on my door and Craig’s mum was standing there.
“Would you please be quiet?”
“I’m sorry but we were talking” she had a confused look on her face and poked her head in.
“Why is he in your room?”
“Gerard is sleeping over tonight” she looked mad,
“Does he sleep in the bed with you?”
“Ah yes” she turned and walked away,
“Keep quiet” she walked away and I closed the door and went to lay down with Gerard.
“I’m bored” I placed my legs either side of his sides and started to kissed him deeply, he placed his hands either side on my hips and squeezed, a moan escaped my lips and then my door opened, I fell from the bed onto the floor.
“Would you keep it down, for god sakes?”
“Oh my god where you two just about too?” I got up and sat back down on the bed.
“No, I can’t” she then had a smirk on her face,
“Oh really why is that?”
“I’m on my period” I mumbled, she turned away and laughed. Gerard just gave me a hug and we sat in silence, I got up and left the room, I had to go to the toilet. I walked in and Gerard was already in the covers, I got in with him and turned of the main light, and left my bed side table light on. I gave him a kiss and I went to sleep, his legs were wrapped around me and I soon fell asleep.
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