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Gerard’s Point of View

I tried going to sleep but nothing I did made me go to sleep. I squeezed Nicole, but she was asleep, my legs were still wrapped around her, slowly un-wrapped my legs from around her waist, but then she rolled over onto her back, my legs were spread open and the worst part was she was laying on my right one, so I could not move what so ever, without waking her.
“Nicole” nothing,
“Nicole, sugar”
“Nicole, you are on my leg”
“Huh?” She slowly opened her eyes and looked into mine.
“W-What?” her voice was all croaky.
“You’re on my leg”
“Oh right, sorry” She re-adjusted herself and then she was asleep again, how does she do that? I lay next to her and hugged her, I thought about tomorrow, well it might be, I looked over her shoulder and looked at the time, oh right it’s morning. I huffed and put my head on her shoulder, school is going to be hell today I know it, I might have to keep a good eye on Nicole, to make sure that Izabella doesn’t go near here.

Normal Point of View
Beep…. Beep I groaned and turned of my alarm, I looked over at Gerard and he was asleep, he was sprawled out on my bed, I couldn’t help but laugh, trying not to wake him. I got up grabbed some clothes and went for a shower. I came out and Gerard was making my bed.
“You don’t have to do that” he jumped and flopped on the bed.
“Well I was waiting for you to get up and yeh” I just laughed,
“Shower is free, but lock the door just in-case someone comes in”
“Oh meaning you?”
“Haha, no, now go take your shower” He grabbed his clothes and went for a shower. I packed my bag for school and waited for Gee to come out. He came out moments later,
“Gerard, why don’t you move some of your clothes here, and I move some of mine over to your house?”
“Ah sounds like a plan, are we walking with Frank this morning?”
“Uhm, I think so, always do”
“Pass me your clothes”
“Okay” I pulled out my clothes from 2 draws and put Gerard’s Pjs in there.
“There, now all you need is some more clothes and we have two full draws”
“Cool” I picked his clothes up from yesterday and put them in my laundry basket, and the same with mine.
“So, is your mum going to wash my clothes as well?”
“Nope, I’ll do that” He just nodded, I grabbed his hand and we walked downstairs. Craig’s mum looked at us when we were walking down,
“What the bloody hell are you wearing Nicole?”
“Uhm clothes”
“That is not clothes, you look like an emo”
“Mmm okay, Gee would you like some breakfast?” I ignored the look Nanna was giving me glares but I didn’t care.
“Uhm, do you want to get something on the way? Like at the deli?” he nodded, I grabbed my wallet and left and Gee soon followed. Mum just pulled up in the drive-way.
“Mum, Gerard and I are getting something at the deli; I don’t really want to eat with Nanna”
“That’s okay, uhm Gerard is it okay if Nicole sleeps at your house tonight, I’m going to talk to Craig and I don’t want the girls to be home?”
“Yeh that’s fine” I quickly went upstairs packed some clothes and utilities, and went downstairs. Gerard and I went the opposite direction to the way to school, we walked into the Deli, and I had a bacon and egg burger, Gee had the same but with a coffee, and we soon went to Frank’s house. We were eating and waiting for him to come outside.
“Hey Frank” we both said, he just nodded and kept on walking, we took that as our cue to start walking we caught up and went either side of him.
“What happened?” I asked him,
“Mum and dad just fighting again, dad is calling me a faggot and all that shit”
“Oh” I gave him a hug and he hugged back.

We walked through the school gates, we picked Mikey up on the way and Ray and Bob we met up with them at school. We were all sitting under the tree and waiting for the siren to go, when some new kid walked up to us.
“Excuse me, are you Nicole?” I nodded,
“Is it true you are pregnant and Gerard is the father?”
“Uhm, I’m sorry what did you just say?”
“Did Gerard bang you hard?” I looked over and saw Izabella laughing,
“Oh I have a message for Izabella, tell her to watch her fucking mouth, or I’ll have to do something to her”
“But are you pregnant?”
“No, fuck off” she just ran back to the group.
“Great, now people are going to think that we have slept together” spoke Gerard,
“I agree” I said,
“Eh, Nicole what are you going to do to Izabella?” asked Mikey.
“Uhm, I have a plan, when does she have cheerleading practice?”
“1st period, why?” asked Mikey.
“Because Miss. Diva is gonna miss some clothes” they all just laughed and the siren rang, I told Frank to tell the teacher I would be late, due to going to the nurse. I sat in the toilet cubicle waiting for Izabella to change and leave. I listened to the conversation she was having but I wanted to punch her the whole time, how could Gerard go out with a slut like that? I heard the door close, and waited 10 minutes and took that as clear. I went out, and spotted Izabella’s bag and went up to it, I pulled out her clothes and put them in the shower I turned the water on, and waited for them to get wet, I then placed them in her bag and left a note ‘Two can play at this game’ I put the note on the top of the clothes, and done up the bag. I snuck out and ran to homeroom.
“Ah you’re finally here” spoke the teacher I sat down next to Frank and we talked while the teacher was going through the notices.
“What did you do?” he asked.
“Uhm you’ll see, it’s to die for” He just smiled, and we then went to our first class, I had math’s with Mikey and Izabella, haha this is going to be fun. I walked in and sat down by Mikey and we were talking just as Izabella walked in late. Her clothes were drenched and she looked mad, I couldn’t help but smile. Everyone looked at her and laughed,
“Shut up!” she yelled at everyone, she took her seat at the back with her friends, and we went to work throughout the lesson she was giving me glares. Mikey could not contain his laughter, he high five me under the desk and I just smiled. The siren went and we left the classroom, Mikey had to go to the toilet so I waited out the front of the boys toilets for him, Izabella walked up to me.
“Feeling a bit wet?” I joked; she shot me a sarcastic look and pushed me into the wall.
“You whore”
“I’m not the fucking whore, why did you start the rumor about me being pregnant?”
“Because, I want Gerard again, you are going to pay for this bitch”
“Oh I’m so scared, what are you going to do, tell everyone that I’ve fucked Gerard?”
“Oh I’ll do more damage than that, watch your back” I saw Gerard come into view and he ran up to us.
“Get your fucking hands of my girlfriend Izabella!” he pulled her of me and she fell to the ground.
“Stay away from her, and don’t you fucking come near us and her ever again” She got up and walked away,
“Watch you’re back Nicole” I watched her go to her next class, and Gerard hugged me.
“Nicole, why did you do that to her?”
“Because what she said to me was awful, not me us” He just nodded.
“I agree, but why is she telling you to watch you’re back?”
“She thinks she is going to do something to me, oh and guess what she wants you back again, I knew it”
“Oh, well I can tell you now, she isn’t going to get me back no way”
“Aww, I love you” I pecked his nose and he squeezed me in the hug.
“Look it’s the pregnant girl” One of the girls said, as they walked passed.
“She isn’t fucking pregnant, just a rumor from my ex” spoke Gerard, I looked into his eyes and smiled. We walked to our next class, and sat down next to each other, we held hands under the table and did our work, but when I looked over at Gerard’s work, he was just doodling on the paper.

Mikey, Gerard and I were all walking to the Way household, and I was really excited, but I was sort of worried for mum, going through all of that shit at home. We walked up to the porch and waited for them to unlock the door. I stepped in first and then Gerard grabbed my hand and we ran upstairs to his room, he put a CD in and I sat on his bed, waiting for him to join me.
“So, how did you do on that art assignment, when you drew me?”
“Uhm, I did really well, that made my grades slip up a bit, she said”
“Aww, that’s good, glad to hear it”
“Yeh, it is” we fell silent,
“Let’s go to the park?”
“Uhm, Gerard I don’t actually feel safe going anywhere”
“Oh yeh, I understand”
“Hey, I know what we can do, organize some draws for you” I nodded he got up, pulled my clothes out, placed them on the bed then went to his dresser, pulled out his clothes and shoved them into the one draw, which were soon replaced with my clothes.
“There ya go, you know have a draw, well draws”
“Well when we go to pick up Frank tomorrow, we should go back to my house, and pack some of your clothes and put them in my draw, because it’s not full” He just nodded, we went downstairs and found Donna in the kitchen,
“Hello, Nicole is you staying for dinner?”
“Mum, is it alright if she stays the night, her mum and Craig are arguing and it’s like a bomb went of in their house”
“Oh why honey come here” I walked up to her and she embraced me in a hug,
“Well we are having something easy tonight, because you’re father and I are going out” He went up the bench and hoped on it, he ushered for me to come so I did, he moved backwards a bit and lifted me up on the bench in between his legs.
“Uhm, we are visiting your Aunt and Uncle, we are going there for tea”
“But aren’t you cooking tea for you as well?”
“No dear, we are leaving soon, so you guys are having an early tea, and you are all better be in bed when we come home”
“What time is that going to be?”
“Uhm, 8:30”
“Mum, why so early?”
“Because I said so, can’t you just have one early night please, I’m sick of having to wake you boys up and get yelled at”
“Oh right sorry”
“Now Nicole, will you be sleeping with Gerard, or would you like me to set up the spare room?”
“Oh, I’ll just sleep with Gerard, it’s easier” she nodded and went back to the cooking. Gerard blew down the back of my neck, he placed his head on my shoulder and we just watched Donna cook our tea. Mikey came down moments later and sat up on the bench with us.
“Mum, I’m bored”
“Well, I don’t know what you can do, oh wait I do have something, go clean your room”
“But mum, eh yuck”
“Yeh eh yuck, I walk in there and it’s disgusting, go clean” he looked over at us and just frowned,
“Gerard has to clean his as well then, his is ten times worse”
“He can do it tomorrow when he gets home”
“Ah you suck” he went back upstairs and Gerard just poked his tongue at his younger brother which led, to Mikey flipping Gerard off.

We had ate our dinner, showered and watching TV, we were watching some crappy show, don’t know what it was called but Mikey was dozing off. I chucked a pillow at him and he fell of the couch.
“Go to bed if you’re tired”
“Yeh I think I might, cleaning makes ya tired” I just laughed and he went up to bed,
“Night Nicole”
“What don’t I get a goodnight?” asked Gerard,
”Yeh, I was getting there, Night Gerard!” he yelled,
“Night Mikey Wikey”
“SHUT UP” he slammed his door, and I looked at Gerard, he just smiled.
“Babe, I’m tired wonna go to bed?” I nodded and we went upstairs, Gerard left his parents a note and I waited for him in bed, I lay on my side, and I felt him crawl into bed, his hands entwined in mine, and I fell asleep with the man of my dreams.

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