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“Mum, I’m home, just dropping some clothes off” Gerard and I were already dressed, and Mikey was with us and we were in my room, un-packing some clothes. Mum walked in while I was un-packing some of Gerard’s clothes.
“Did you have fun last night?”
“Yeh, we had an early night but it was all fun and yeh”
“Okay, cool” she left and we were all ready to leave. We walked to Frank’s house, but he told us he wasn’t coming today and then we just went to school. Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob and I were going to the lockers when I saw Izabella looking at us, I just gave her a glare and the guys followed me to the lockers. I opened my door and packets fell out, I looked at them and they were tiny condoms. I pulled half of them out and looked at Izabella she just laughed. I walked up to her with a packet in my hand.
“What the hell is this?”
“Well you wouldn’t want to run low on condoms as you are pregnant and the size fits Gerard’s dick” I slapped her and she fell to the ground, her friends just huddled around her, but then the guys came up behind me to back me up.
“Hey, you want to play lets play”
“Well for starters I’m not pregnant, and you know I’m not so why are starting false rumors”
“You know damn why I started them” she then just smiled.
“You are not getting me back Izabella, I love Nicole” spoke Gerard.
“Ha you’ve been told” I said after him,
“You loved me once, you were my first Gerard, and I was yours, we are meant to be together”
“No we are not, you cheated on me”
“Well you were boring me, you didn’t do anything fun”
“Oh and getting back together with me, will be fun again?” he asked giving a sarcastic look.
“We had fun Gerard, the first time was fun”
“Do you hear what you are saying had and was?”
“Oh shit” she mumbled, I couldn’t help but laugh, what a dumb ass.
“Shut up whore” I lunged at her and slapped her again, I felt someone’s arms around my waist pulling me of her, but I ignored that, I saw Harley coming into view and he started to run towards us, Izabella jumped on me and I fell to the ground with her on top of me, she started to slap me all over the face, her slaps then turned into punches.
“GET OF ME” I yelled, but she didn’t listen, I squirmed trying to get her of me, but then I felt the weight being lifted of me, Harley had grabbed her and he was pulling her away, Gerard’s hands snaked around my waist and he was lifting me away,
“HARLEY LET GO OF ME, SHE NEEDS TO PAY” I got lifted away and placed down the next hallway were no-one was. He put me down on the bench and sat down next to me, Ray handed a wet cloth to Gerard and he started to clean my face.
“Thanx man”
“No problem, are you okay Nic?” I looked up at Ray and smiled. He sat down on the floor in front of us but I noticed Mikey wasn’t with us.
“Where is Mikey?”
“I had a call on my phone so he went to take it” spoke Gerard. Mikey came running in with a huge grin plastered over his face.
“Guys we got signed, and they want us to start recording on the weekend!” he started dancing around with Ray and Bob, but Gerard was busy doing my face, he had a huge grin on his face as well.
“This is like the best day ever” he smiled, and kissed my cheek. I hugged him back,
“When did you send you’re demo in?” I asked him,
“I got Ray to go up to the desk and send it in before we met you” I smiled and hugged him, but in the process I hurt my face, I tried not to make a scene but Gerard noticed, and kissed my lips.
“Sorry” I looked into his eyes and he went up with the guys and danced around. The bell rang for first class, and we went to class, we went down the hallway where it all started, the condoms were still splattered on the ground, I went to maths with a happy Mikey, he was bouncy throughout the whole lesson, the teacher had to even tell him to go outside and settle down, I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I was clearly happy, it was recess and Frank came up with a girl behind him, and without being lesbian but she was hot!
“Guys this Josie, she is new” she was a bit shy but after a while, she relaxed.
“Are you and Gerard going out?” she asked,
“Yes, and I’m not pregnant, if that’s what you’ve heard” she just laughed,
“Haha, Frank filled me in, don’t worry I saw what Izabella looked like, yuck!” she laughed again, Frankcouldn’t stop staring at her, I think he liked her, but it was hard to say because he looked at me on the first day like that.
“What are you doing after school? The guys are doing band practice, so do you want to hang out?”
“Oh my god, that would be awesome, I’ve never met someone like me, not to freak you out?”
“Ha, no you haven’t and me either, like I’m always by myself, kind of boring”
“Yes, maybe we are twins, haha” she is really open about things that are what I like about her.

“Wow, you and Gerard are really close” Josie was going through my pictures on my wall and mirror,
“Yeh, he’s my first” She jumped on the bed next to me,
“Oh my god, really, I’m still a virgin, did it hurt?”
“Uhm, yes at first but now I’m use to it, well we’ve only done it once, because it’s that time of the month”
“Oh shit, I’m on mine as well, haha, twins” she put her hand in the air and I high five her. Josie and I were getting to know each other very well, but then there was a knock at my window, I opened the window and Gerard fell in,
“Hey sugar” he kissed my lips and lay down on the bed next to Josie,
“Has she been good?”
“Yes, very, sorry to leave like this, but on school days my curfew is 5, bye”
“Bye, hey it’s not safe to walk home alone?”
“Oh Frank is outside waiting for her, he said he’d walk her home” Spoke Gerard,
“Oh cool, see ya Nic and thanx for letting me come here after school”
“No problem” she left and I closed the door and Gerard snaked his arms around my waist.
“Well, what is she like?”
“She is really nice, I reckon Frank likes her”
“Yeh he does, he is asking her out on the way home, babe I’m so happy”
“I would be too, are excited about recording on the weekend?”
“Yeh, are you coming with us?”
“I have no idea, probably wouldn’t be allowed”
“Oh, well I’ll miss you”
“Ha, it’s not even the weekend”
“I know, but when you’re not around I miss you” Aww, I love him so much.
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