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Nanna is a whore.

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Chapter title says it all.... Nicole has to get a tutor, Gerard gets lucky and Nanna can get into you're personal life. Review Please?

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“Gerard stays the night please?” I looked into his hazel orbs and I knew he wouldn’t stay.
“Babe, I can’t”
“Why? Don’t leave me alone with my hell hole Nanna?”
“Sorry Nic I can’t”
“I just can’t okay?”
“You’re lying to me aren’t you?”
“No I’m not”
“Babe, tell me?” I looked down at my bed, that was un-made and my messy room, I turned my attention towards Gerard and hovered over his body. I trialed my fingers from his neck down towards his belly button, I played with it for a while, then I moved down to his happy trail, my fingers twisted at the hair and soon enough they were in his pants.
“Oh Nicole, don’t stop” I loosened his belt and pulled his pants down just bellow his knees and I could see his member through the satin in his Snoopy boxers, my mouth went down to suck on his member.
“I wish I could feel you’re mouth on my dick” I looked up at him, and pulled out.
“Can’t you?”
“Work you’re stuff babe, please” I laughed and kissed his happy trail and a moan came from his mouth. The boxers soon went down along with the jeans and I looked at his member, he had sweat already forming from his face.
“Babe, please” I snickered and kissed his left hip bone.
“Don’t make me beg”
“I was thinking about it” I laughed and took his member into my mouth, I flicked my tongue along the head, and grazed my tongue around the sides, I reached up and grabbed his balls, he moaned my name, I could already taste the pre-cum and knew it wouldn’t take him long to cum.
“Nicole?” I heard my name from downstairs, and looked up at Gerard with his dick still in my mouth, his eyes were closed, I squeezed his balls and my teeth ran along his dick and he moaned my name, I swallowed his cum and I heard footsteps, Gerard quickly fell of my bed and hid underneath I got under the covers and pretended to be asleep.

The door flung open and I closed my eyes, the person came to the edge of the bed and shook me.
“NICOLE WAKE UP” I stared blankly and looked, and saw it was my Nanna.
“Eh, yeah?”
“Go get dinner ready, Craig and you’re mum won’t be home for another half an hour, and they asked me to cook it, but I don’t know what so you can do it”
“Fine” she stayed at my bed and didn’t move.
“I need to fix up my hair” she huffed and grabbed my arm, practically yanking my arm downstairs.
“Get dinner ready NOW” I turned around and rolled my eyes, she was watching me the whole time, and what the hell doesn’t she trust me?
“I heard Gerard up there” I just shrugged my shoulders and continued getting the lasagna ready.
“What were you two doing?”
“Nothing” I knew that answer wouldn’t satisfy her, but oh well.
“Bullshit” I shrugged my shoulders again, and smiled to myself. The doorbell rang and she went to answer it, she argued about me not getting and for me to do dinner. I heard some voices and it sounded like Frank.
‘She isn’t seeing anyone right now’
‘Oh, can you give this to her then?’
‘Sure, anything else?’
‘Uhm can I just ask her if she is walking tomorrow?’
‘Sorry but like I said she isn’t seeing anyone right now’
‘Oh okay, well thank you anyways’ I heard the door shut and she came back into the kitchen and sat at the table looked at my scrapbooking album, that Frank was editing for me.
“Excuse me?”
“What?” she didn’t look up and continued examining it.
“That’s my personal property”
“So?” From the corner of my eye, I could see the pictures of Gerard and I from the shops, when we got my underwear, and another one was a party, I was in Gerard’s lap kissing him passionately.
“What is with this picture?” she pointed to the one of Gerard and I kissing and I gulped.
“Gerard and I”
“Has you’re mother seen this?”
“I think she should”
“Why? It’s my personal shit”
“What else are you hiding?”
“Ha, I’m sure” I heard her put the book down and she went down to the lounge room. I put the dinner in the oven and went up to my room, Gerard was long gone. I looked out the window and climbed down the vine, I ran to Frank’s house, and knocked on the door. Ray answered it.
“Hey Nic” I smiled and gave him a hug, I walked in and saw Frank on the couch, I went down at sat by him.
“Where is you’re parents?”
“Getting a divorce and I have good news, I get to stay and live here”
“Oh Frank that’s awesome, is that why you came around just before?”
“Yeah, and to give you the scrapbook” I smiled at him and took of my shoes, and relaxed into the couch watching the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp.

“Hey Frank, where did Gerard end up going?” I saw his eyes flicker and then he turned to face me,
“Don’t get mad at him, he went to sort things out with Harley and Kara”
“Why won’t he tell me these things? I feel as if we are falling out of love”
“Don’t say that” spoke Ray, he came up and grabbed my hand.
“He loves you a lot; I suppose he is just trying to sort things out himself” spoke Frank
“I could help?”
“Not you’re things, stuff in the past with Izabella and cheating” Frank looked down and nodded as Ray kept going on about Gerard and I, I looked at the clock and it had well been over twenty minutes.
“Guys I had better get going, if you see Gerard tell him I love him”
“Will do”
“Oh and Frank you and Josie are so cute together” he blushed and I closed the door, I walked back and saw that mum was home, I walked in and it was quiet normally it would be yelling or something, I smiled and walked through. Mum looked up at me and smiled.
“Nicole, go for you’re shower please and dinner will be ready shortly” I nodded and ran up to the bathroom, I walked in and grabbed my Pjs, I had my shower and went to my room. I closed the door and turned on my air-conditioning and lay on my bed, oh so comfortable, I checked my phone and saw I had a new message from Gerard.

Babe, I love you.

Maybe Frank had called him or told him, I heard my name and went downstairs and I could smell the lasagna everyone was seated and I sat down, it was quiet at first but then Jessica started talking about her new boyfriend Mark.
“What I still have to tell you the best part, mum his dad is a chef and we can get discounts at Pizza Bellaroma”
“Oh that’s so good”
“I know” the conversation died down, and then mum started talking to me.
“Nicole I need you to get a tutor for you’re English and Science you are failing”
“How did you know?”
“School phoned me” I nodded and kept on eating.
“Maybe if you didn’t see Gerard as much you’d be passing” spoke Nanna, I sighed and looked down.
“Oh Debra I think you should look at this” Nanna pulled out my scrapbook, my hair now covered my face and I could feel myself getting yelled out.
“Nicole and Gerard, making out, Nicole and Gerard, Gerard touching certain areas of Nicole’s body”
“I think you should look at this more closely” I looked up and Lisa and Jessica were up looking at the album, why is this happening? They sat back down next to me, and continued eating, Nanna had the best smile on her face, and mum looked up at me and sighed.
“We need to have a talk young lady” I shrugged my shoulders and finished of my dinner. I put my plate in the dishwasher and sat back down.
“Nicole here is the number for a Joshua he’ll be tutoring you, he goes to you’re school” She handed me the number and I put it on my jacket pocket. Jessica and Lisa left the table and went down to the lounge room and Craig went upstairs and Nanna lets just say she stayed and listened.
“Nicole, why do you have these pictures?”
“It’s just Gerard and I mum”
“I know that but why?”
“Because it’s a scrapbook of memories”
“No, it’s Gerard touching you”
“Mum, we are in love” she just sighed and the room fell silent,
“I think Debra it would be best if Nicole didn’t see Gerard anymore”
“Why?” I asked her.
“Because he is taking you’re focus of school and toying with you’re emotions”
“He is probably seeing another girl, because you’re just a back-up”
“I’m not his back-up, how can you say that when you haven’t even known him for a week”
“Whatever” I gave her a glare and went up to my room, I slammed the door shut and lay down on my bed.
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