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My Mark

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Sex, School and questions. REVIEW?

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“Nicole, time to get up” I rolled over and looked at my clock, 6:30.
“It’s too early I don’t have to be up for another hour” I yelled at my Nanna.
“NOW” I got out of the bed and opened the door.
“I don’t get up for another hour, even ask mum, Jess and Lisa”
“Just get in the shower, okay and don’t argue”
“What the hell? Why do you always pick on me?”
“JUST GET IN THE SHOWER” she pulled my arm and shoved me in the shower. I slammed the door and looked at myself in the mirror. Eww, my hair is ruffled everywhere, my Pjs are turned around and all over the place and I’m missing a sock, I looked down.
“Oh bloody hell” I turned on the water and stripped down; I got in and just relaxed as the warm water droplets fell onto my skin. There was a knock at the door but I ignored it, the sound went on again.
“WHAT” I yelled, the door opened and I looked out, there stood Gerard with his back pack and in his Pjs, I laughed at him and he closed the door and locked it.
“I missed you” I smiled at him and watched him drop his back and strip down to nothing; he opened the curtain up and jumped into the shower with me.
“Shh, my Nanna could be right near the door”
“Well what we are going to do will make her jump”
“Wha-” and with that he pushed me against the wall, and forced his lips onto mine.
“I missed you too” I could feel him smile against my lips and I deepened the kiss by grabbing his neck, I played with his neck hair while my other hand traveled down to his dick, I toyed and lightly pulled it and could feel him grow under my touch.
“Like that baby?” all he could do was moan, he reached down towards my breasts and firmly grabbed them, I gasped in shock but then it went to pleasure with the pulling and twisting of my nipples.
“G-Gerard fuck me” I pushed him back and he leaned up against the wall, he reached out of the shower and quickly slipped on the condom, I laughed at him try, he was going to slow so I went down and put it in my mouth and slipped it on, through my mouth, I heard him moan and when it was firmly on, he pulled me up.
“Lift you’re leg” I did so, so it was around his waist and his grabbed my ass cheek and helped me up, I was truly excited I’ve never had sex standing up, well this is my second time, I looked into his eyes and smiled, I pushed my lips to him, and pulled away, I looked down and Gerard was positioning himself at my entrance and without any notice he pushed himself into me.
“Oh Gerard” I heard him snicker and I pushed my face into the crook of his neck, I bit down on the skin and started sucking on the white skin that was infront of my eyes. I pushed my hips into Gerard, to meet each thrust,
“Gerard you’re amaz-zing” I squeezed my legs against his waist and bucked my hips into him once more, Gerard slid down the wall with me against him, he lay down and I went back to the mark on his neck, I felt Gerard thrust against me, and he pulled me up and looked into my eyes, he grabbed my breast and took it into his mouth, I felt his tongue against my nipple and twirled it around, I felt my muscles tighten,
“G-Gerard I’m going to cum” he squeezed my breast and I came, I collapsed on top of him and I reached down and tugged lightly on his balls, and he came screaming my name.
“I love you Nicole”
“I love you too Gerard, you’re one foxy man”
“I know right” I got up of Gerard and helped him up, I turned of the water and reached for two towels and handed one two Gerard, he went to the mirror and expected his neck.
“Wow, you left a mark”
“I know, I planned on too” he smiled and dried himself of, I watched him dress in his school clothes and I went out towards my room and made sure the coast was clear, it was and I motioned for Gerard to come into my room, I got dressed and did my make-up.
“Well what to do now” I spoke, I landed on my bed with a thud, I felt someone’s hand on the very tip of my thigh, I looked over and Gerard was playing with the lace on my underwear.
“Enjoying yourself?”
“Y-Yeah” He pulled my knee high skirt down and got under the covers, it is only 7 o’clock. Gerard followed and wrapped his arms around me, I felt him kick something and he went down and I looked over.
“My sock” he laughed at me and chucked it on the floor, Gerard was just playing with my hair running his hands through it.
“Nicole, you better not be in bed” I sighed and looked over my shoulder, Nanna stormed in but then looked shock when she saw Gerard.
“What is he doing here?”
“He has a name, Gerard and he always comes in the mornings”
“I know his name; it’s seven in the morning”
“Go downstairs and have some breakfast”
“Gerard and I go to the deli in the mornings”
“Why waste you’re money, when you can get something here for free”
“It’s just our thing, we only do it once a week” I got up and sat Indian style on the bed.
“Why are you making life so difficult?”
“Okay I’m not, it’s just something Gerard and I do every Friday okay?”
“So I suppose you’ll be seeing Gerard all weekend?”
“Yeah, I’ll be sleeping over his house”
“Does you’re mum know?”
“What the hell? I’ll tell her later”
“So she doesn’t know what about you’re tutor?”
“That can wait till Monday after school, Joshua can wait he has a life aswell on the weekend”
“I think you’re mum wants the tutoring to start on the weekend?”
“Well I can do the tutor for two hours and still see Gerard”
“I want to see you downstairs before you go”
“Whatever” she slammed the door and I huffed and lay back down.
“Josh is tutoring you; you never knew that he liked you?”
“What? No?”
“Yeah Mikey told me, he asked Mikey if anyone was going out with her”
“Why do you tell me this stuff now?”
“I don’t know, I thought you knew?”
“Does it look like I do?”
“Eh no” he smiled and grabbed my hand. I gabbed my school bag and so did Gerard, we walked downstairs and I saw mum getting ready for work and Craig had already left.
“Nicole, are you staying at Gerard’s?”
“Okay, Monday you can start you’re tutoring”
“Okay, bye then” I waved goodbye and Gerard and I walked to the Deli, we ordered the same as everytime and walked on to school, the siren had already gone, I ran to Math’s and took my spot next to Mikey.
“Why are you late?”
“Was having breakfast with you’re brother”
“Oh okay, well teacher is late so all good”
“Awesome” I grabbed my text book and talked with Mikey, the teacher came ten minutes late and for the first time I thought I learned something in maths.

I sat down next to Gerard, and at my sausage roll, I finished it and pulled out a chicken burger, they all looked at me and laughed.
“Hungry are we?” asked Ray.
“Hell yes, you have no idea” they all laughed and Gerard wrapped his arms around me.
“Do I get a bite?”
“Yes” I handed him the burger and he took two huge bites.
“Why don’t you just give me money on Monday and I’ll get you one?” I looked down at my burger and saw I only had a little bit left, I handed it to him and it was gone in minutes.
“How much are they?”
“Holy shit, that’s a lot” I laughed at him, and glanced over his shoulder and saw Kara and she looked pissed. The siren had rang and that motioned for us to go to next class, I was so bored of school already, Gerard grabbed my hand and we walked to Art together, in art we were drawing Anime and lets just say I gave up half way through and watched Gerard draw, I saw someone come and sit at our table but then they left.
“Gerard what did you, Kara and Harley talk about?”
“Harley didn’t go, only Kara”
“Well can you tell me what happened?”
“Sure, I told her to stop piss farting around and leave you alone”
“Did she do anything?” he looked up from drawing and looked into my eyes.
“Did she?”
“Well she tried to kiss me but by that time I had walked away”
“Babe, nothing happened you can trust me” I nodded and he went back to drawing.
“Gerard is I you’re back up girl?”
“Have you been seeing Kara, because she has been around lately and you keep seeing her?”
“No you’re not, sorry for getting mad but what the hell?”
“I’m just asking, because you know she wants you back, and I’m scared I’m going to loose you because if I do, I’ll die inside”
“I’m not seeing her trust me” he still didn’t look up.
“Can you look at me and say that?”
“Fine” he looked up and stared into my eyes.
“I’m not seeing her and you can trust me on that”
“I do trust you”
“Good” he pulled me into a hug, and I looked at the mark I left him.
“Pretty good mark aye?”
“Yeah, Kara saw it before she looked hell pissed” I laughed and looked around the teacher was helping a student and I kissed him on the cheek.
“Love you chickadee” he spoke.
“Oh love you Gee”
“Thought you’d love me” I grabbed his hand and watched him draw.

-After School-
I walked with Gerard to my house and walked into the kitchen, mum, Lisa, Jessica and Nanna were home.
“What are you two doing?” asked Lisa.
“Grabbing some clothes for Gerard’s”
“Sleeping the weekend?”
“Yeah” I went upstairs and Gerard followed, he sat on my bed and watched me back.
“All done” he smiled and we went downstairs, I gave mum a hug and said goodbye to everyone.

“Well what’s our plan for the weekend?” I looked over at Gerard and he smirked.
“Babe, we had sex this morning, I’m tired”
“For me?”
“Fine, but you should come around Sunday night for tea?”
“Okay” I grabbed his hand and we continued our walk towards his house.
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