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Joshua is really nice.

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Everyone gets to know Joshua, and they learn something new about Kara. REVIEW?

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I sat on Gerard’s bed and watched him do his homework, I was showered and in my Pjs.
“Gerard are you having fun?” he looked up at me and smiled.
“Not really” I grabbed his pen out if his hand and placed it on the bed and grabbed his hand.
“Let’s go out”
“Oh sneaky”
“What you do it all the time?”
“I know, come on” he picked me up and carried me downstairs, everyone was asleep.
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll see” he opened the garage door and I looked out at him.
“Can you drive?”
“Yeah, trust me”
“I trust you with my live” I got into the passengers side, and he started the car. I looked at where we were going and smiled. He stopped the car and we both got out, he grabbed my hand and we walked across the pebbles towards the grass and looking over the lake, I sat down and Gerard sat down next to me and grabbed my hand.
“You’re so gorgeous babe” I bent over and kissed his cheek. I was about to pull away when he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I moaned into the kiss and he pulled away.
“Wow, and you’re such a good kisser”
“Oh I mean wonderful” he laughed and I watched him skip pebbles across the lake.
“Are you excited for tomorrow?”
“A little, but mainly nervous”
“What songs are you going to record?”
“Well we are going to try and start Our Lady of Sorrows, but yeah it’s going to take a while”
“Oh cool, do you think I’ll be able to go with you?”
“I want you to come” I smiled and looked up at the stars, I relaxed and turned over, I felt something get warmer, I looked over my shoulder and Gerard had put his jacket around me, I felt my eyes get heavy and I soon nodded of.
I heard the birds chirping, why would they be going of at night? I looked up but got blinded with the brightness of the sun, I gasped in shock and turned around Gerard was sprawled out on the floor; I rolled over and shook him.
“Babe, we’ve been out all night?” he looked up and rubbed his eyes, and then they grew wider I guess he just realized.
“FUCK” he grabbed my hand and we ran across the pebbles and into the car.
“I’m so screwed if mum and dad are up”
“Just have good feelings go through you’re mind and don’t speed”
“Yeah right”

We pulled into the garage and silently went through the kitchen door; there sat at the table was Donna and Mikey.
“GERARD WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?” yelled Donna she got up from her seat and stood with him.
“Okay I know you’re mad so I’m just going to tell the truth”
“You have no idea how mad I am”
“Well I drove us to the lake and we were out sitting by the lake, and I must’ve fell asleep I’m really sorry”
“At least you told the truth, but for next week you’re grounded”
“Okay” he grabbed my hand and we walked upstairs, I grabbed some clean clothes for today and Gerard
Followed me into the shower, I stripped down to my clothes but Gerard spun me around.
“I don’t want a shower”
“Then what do you want? I’m not going anywhere without a shower”
“How about a bath?”
“Full of ideas Gerard” he smiled and turned on the bath water, I watched it fill up and watched Gerard strip down to nothing, the water was full and Gerard got in, I followed and sat on the other side.
“Nicole I love you’re body” he moved closer towards me and lay me back, he straddled my waist and put two hands on my breast.
“Gerard, I don’t feel like sex”
“Why not?”
“What the hell are you crazed with sex at the moment? Is it matting season for you?”
“No, but if it was you’d be pregnant”
“And you know that isn’t going to happen”
“I know, I’d be murdered by my dad if that happened”
“Ha my mum for me”
“So are you up for sex or not?”
“Gerard to be truth I can’t be bothered, how about tonight you come over my house?”
“Can’t you stay for another night?”
“Mum sms me, she wants me home fucking Nanna must found out something”
“What do you mean?”
“She probably found out we had sex yesterday morning, she really doesn’t like you”
“I figured when is she leaving?”
“Probably never, because her home is getting fixed up”
“I know, lets get ready” he nodded and we got out of the bath and dressed. We went downstairs and everyone was down there.
“Babe I don’t think you can come?”
“That’s okay; just drop me of at my place I’ll leave my shit here”
“Oh cool, I’m coming around tonight for sex”
“That’s good, because I’ll be hot waiting for you” I heard him let out a low moan and I laughed.
“Can we drop Nicole of on the way?”
“Yeah, well we have to pick Frank up anyway” spoke Mikey.
“Cool” Said Gerard, I grabbed his hand and we went out to the car.
“So, tell me what you two really did last night?” asked Mikey with a smirk on his face.
“Nothing, was Gerard said was true”
“Oh you two suck”
“Yeah I know” we all laughed and I got out of the car.
“Thanx Ray for the lift”
“No Problem, see you tomorrow or Monday?”
“Probably tomorrow?” he smiled and I went to the front door, I opened it and locked it.
“NICOLE IS THAT YOU?” yelled Mum.
“Yes” I went into the kitchen and saw mum cooking something and Nanna was helping her.
“Josh is coming round in ten minutes”
“Oh great” I sighed and grabbed a water bottle.
“Mum can Gerard come around for dinner?”
“Well I Josh was coming aswell?”
“What the hell? I’m not getting tutored for six hours”
“Nicole treat you’re mother with some respect”
“Mum, seriously you can’t be serious?”
“Well I thought you two would like to get to know eachother I mean he is tutoring you for a while”
“I’d like to meet this Joshua; maybe he might be better than Gerard”
“Don’t you dare insult Gerard” I spoke at Nanna, she was about to answer when the doorbell rang.
“Better go get that, I want to meet him” I huffed and dragged my feet towards the door; I opened it revealing Josh in his sport jacket and jeans. This is going to be so much fucking fun.
“Hey Nicole, how are you?”
“Alright, come in” he nodded and I guided him through the kitchen, mum and Nanna turned around.
“Mum, Nanna this is Josh and Josh this is my mum and Nanna”
“Cool, hello” they smiled and Josh turned around and looked at me.
“English or Maths?”
“English” he smiled.
“Better go upstairs then” he followed me up to my room and I could feel his eyes on me, I felt self conscious and walked faster to my room.
“This is my room, sorry it’s messy” he walked in and took of his jacket, I took it of him and placed it on my dresser, he looked at all of my pictures of Gerard.
“Is Gerard you’re boyfriend?”
“Yeah” he sat on my bed and I grabbed out my English book, and handed it to him, he flipped to page 64 and I grabbed out a pencil and eraser. I sat on my bed and listened to him go through my English.
“So that’s it about the America History and world War 2” to be honest it was boring!
“Okay, so we’ve spent two hours at this, and I’m bored”
“Ha, want to go out and do maths tomorrow or Monday after school?”
“Eh, what’s easier for you?”
“Monday after school, I got a game on tomorrow”
“Well good luck”
“Thanx” I put my books on the floor.
“Want to get something to eat?”
“Sure, take out?”
“Yeah” I grabbed a hand bag and we walked downstairs.
“We’re you two going?”
“We are hungry, okay bye” I slammed the door and Josh laughed.
“Are you staying for tea?”
“Cool, just to let you know Gerard is coming aswell”
“Oh okay, sounds like we will get along just fine”
“Good” he smiled and we walked down to Wendy’s, I had a crunchie shake with a Shake ‘n’ Dog and Joshua just had a Cookie Crumble, we sat at the park looking at the kids play with their parents, toys or pets.
“What time will Gerard be coming around?”
“Uhm, later”
“Yeah, so tell me have you ever picked on anyone?”
“Nope, I don’t do that shit”
“Most sports people do, Eg. Kara”
“LOL, I heard about what’s been going on with you two”
“I hate her so much”
“So do I, she’s nothing hot”
“Do you like me?” he looked me up and down and smiled.
“What way?”
“Like not friendly?”
“First day I thought you were fine, but since I’ve heard about Gerard, I just backed away”
“You know, I underestimated you, you’re very nice not like the rest of them Jocks”
“Everyone says that, I prefer to stay home and study for next week’s test instead of getting laid and going to parties”
“Wow, now you’re not a jock” he smiled and chucked his rubbish in the bin.
“What is the time?” he looked at his watch and put his wrist in front of my face.
“Maybe we should head back”
“Sounds like a plan” We walked along the pathway talking away.
“Josh don’t mind me asking but do you have a girlfriend?”
“I did, Kara”
“I was her first, meaning sex wise”
“What the hell, Gerard said that she was his first and she was a virgin”
“She like drugged me into having sex with her, I regret it now”
“Wow, Gerard is going to be pissed”
“She lost her virginity like at twelve and I’m not joking”
“Eww, that’s rank”
“I know”
“She’s a hell liar, and now she is going out with Harley”
“No she isn’t, she is going out with Corey”
“Who is he?”
“Harley’s brother”
“Gross, she is a skank”
“I know” I saw that the guys were at our house.
“Don’t be nervous around them”
“I’ll try but I think they won’t like me, because I’m a ‘Jock’” he did the hand movements and I laughed. I opened the front door and saw Jess and Lisa with the guys in the front room watching my F.R.I.E.N.D.S DVD’s.
“Hey guys” they all looked at me and smiled, but their gaze went back to Josh, Gerard came up and gave me a quick kiss and a hug.
“Hello Josh”
“Hey Gerard” they exchanged glances and I told Josh to sit down and watch the DVD and I’ll be back, Gerard followed me out into the main living room, of course Nanna, Craig and mum were watching TV out here.
“What’s Josh doing here?” asked Gerard.
“My tutor, he is staying for tea”
“Oh okay” I saw Nanna snicker and I gave her a glare.
“This news will make you have a heart attack”
“What, what did he do?”
“Gerard nothing, you know Kara, she lost her virginity with him, when she was TWELVE”
“Are you fucking serious?”
“Gerard, parents” I whispered into his ear.
“Oh right sorry”
“What the hell? She told me she was a virgin maybe that is why she didn’t bleed when we had sex, I always wondered about that”
“Okay don’t need details”
“Oh right, sorry”
“And Guess what, she is going out with Corey Harley’s brother”
“She is a slut”
“I know, and” I whispered into his ear.
“Josh doesn’t like me, when he heard about us going out he just backed away, he likes Belinda”
“Oh, that’s a relief”
“Yeah” we walked back into the room and sat down and watched the DVD’s. Everyone started to get to know Josh and they were being really nice, surprise, and when they found out about him not going to parties they all loosened up.

Everyone got to know Joshua and they left. We were now eating dinner and talking about random things.
“Nicole did you do you’re English and maths?”
“Yeah” Josh smiled while eating; I guess we should’ve done the maths.
“Sorry to eat and run but I’ve gotta be home”
“Oh so soon?” spoke Nanna,
“Yes” Gerard and I walked Josh to the door and we all sat on the porch swing.
“You know Josh I underestimated you, I thought you’d be like Harley” spoke Gerard.
“That’s what everyone says, I’m not even friends with them”
“Why don’t you hang out with us then?” asked Gerard,
“That would be so awesome”
“Yeah” I smiled as they were talking but then Josh really had to leave.
“Bye Josh, good luck on you’re game tomorrow”
“Thanx Nicole, see you on Monday Gerard, I’ll just follow Mikey and Nicole at Lunch and Recess”
“Cool, good luck tomorrow” we watched him leave.
“He’s a really nice guy” spoke Gerard.
“I know, maybe all jocks aren’t assholes”
“Yeah” we went inside and I told Gerard to go up to my room, he smirked and went up there.
“Is Gerard staying the night?” asked Nanna.
“Don’t you think you see him enough?”
“Nope” I grabbed two water bottles and said goodnight to mum.
“Debra I don’t think they should be sleeping in the same room?” spoke Nanna.
“Why not?” she answered.
“I just think it freaks me out, how he will be touching her?”
“Okay, I don’t want to think like that, just drop it, I know you don’t like Gerard, neither did I at first but know he is a real nice guy” I ran upstairs and opened the door and saw Gerard naked on my bed.
“Kinky much?”
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