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My World is Coming to an End.

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Nicole gets punished, and her mum finds out something about her daughter.

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“Babe, are you kidding me?” I asked him, he smiled and patted the spot next to him.
“No, Gerard my Nanna can here everything, she can even here this conversation”
“But nothing, listen I’ll do something for you, but you cannot like moan hell loud” he put on a smirk and I jumped onto my bed, I straddled him at the waist and it felt weird to feel him naked underneath me. I lowered myself and looked him in the eyes.
“Am I squashing you’re dick and balls?” he smiled and kissed my nose.
“Nope, it’s kind of turning me on” I moved myself up and down on his waist swift movements and the hands that were once on my back traveled down to my hips and he was squeezing them hard.
“Shit, where did you learn all of these techniques?”
“I didn’t learn them, I’m experimenting with you”
“Well its working” I laughed down at him and I heard voices coming.
“Not now” I mumbled, Gerard looked at me.
“People are coming to my room, I bet you” he sighed and kissed my forehead. I listened closely and Gerard was playing with the hem of my underwear that was showing.
‘I don’t think Debra will be happy with this Mum’
‘Whatever this girl has it coming’ I sighed and quickly got of Gerard, I passed him his boxers, pants, socks and shirt, he quickly slipped them on and sat back on my bed, his legs were in a V shape, I lied down and put my legs around his back and turned on my stereo, it had Atreyu – The Curse in it, I found the song Lip Gloss and Black and listened to it, Gerard placed his hands on my legs and laid back on all of my pillows. And soon enough the bedroom door flung open, revealing Nanna and Craig.
“We need to talk now, downstairs”
“What now?”
“School that’s what” they left the room, and I leaned on my elbows.
“Great what the hell is going on now” I said to myself, Gerard shrugged and helped me up.
“I don’t think I’ll be welcomed down there, I’ll just stay here”
“Oh okay” he gave me a kiss on the cheek and I went out of my room and downstairs, mum was on the phone and Craig and Nanna were on the couch.
“You go in the lounge room” spoke mum, I nodded and sat down and watched some random show on TV Desperate Housewives, I heard mum hand up the phone and she came into the lounge room.
“You’re principal was just on the phone, apparently you and a girl named Kara, got into a fight the other day, and you drenched her clothes in water while she was at cheerleading practice, and I will correct him rumors are going around that you’re PREGNANT” I could feel everyone’s eyes on me.
“Well? What is going on?”
“Okay well Kara started it by saying that I was pregnant and to get her back at it, I drenched her clothes to get her back, but then the next day she put condoms in my locker loads and they went everywhere on the floor and people were laughing so I went up to her and asked her what was the deal with them and she just started going on about Gerard and I saying that she wants him back and all that, so I lost it with her because she was pushing my buttons so I slapped her and then that’s when the fight started” mum sat down and had her head in her hands.
“And what started all of this?”
“What the hell? Why are you always blaming me, I didn’t do shit”
“Nicole, language”
“Whatever, you don’t care about what I say or anything, but when it’s Jess and Lisa it’s all ears”
“Don’t you start saying I don’t care, I let you go out on weekends and after school with Gerard, I let him sleep the weekends and weeknights, stay for dinner, I let you go to you’re friends and let them come over, I give you money to go shopping”
“I think you should stop seeing Gerard”
“WHAT THE HELL! You are siding with her” I pointed at Nanna,
“Fine, let it all out then” she sighed and looked me directly in the eyes.
“What good will it do? You’ll just end up saying that I do listen and shit”
“Let it out, see what I’ll do”
“Fine, I thank you for letting friends, Gerard staying over me staying over their house, and the money but what the hell, one week later you change you’re fucking mood, you say I don’t want you seeing Gerard but then before you go he is a nice guy, two emotions mum, I’m not the only fucking child in this family who is confused Lisa and Jess are, you never intrude into their lives like you do mine, I bet if you go into Jess’s room, you’d see condoms, and pictures just like Gerard and I but no you don’t care about that shit do you, what was I the worst child for you?”
“Anything else?”
“Actually yes” I lifted up my sleeve and showed her my cuts. “Hope you like because each cut I did, is how much you drove me crazy and yelled at me” she gasped and I pulled my sleeve down.
“When did you do that?”
“Uhm, weekday this week”
“If you want to I’ll go search Jess’s room?”
“Mum you don’t get the fucking message, you’re always in my life, never their’s and if you say you’ll stop you won’t you’ll do it again and again” she got up and looked at Craig.

“I need to speak to her by myself” he nodded and Nanna got up.
“Francis me and my daughter alone”
“I get a say in this”
“She doesn’t see Gerard for a week”
“No, I’m not going to do that” I spoke, looking at mum.
“Fine then how about a grounding for a week?”
“Mum either way I still don’t see Gerard, and plus I didn’t do none of that shit at school, it started with Kara”
“One week” spoke mum, Nanna smiled and sat back down.
“Mum, I thought you were on my side”
“Nicole there is no side”
“Eh yes there is” I looked at her directly in the eyes and sighed.
“You know what forget about that damn talk, you’re emotions will change again” I looked at her then walked away, I went up the stairs of my room and Gerard was under the covers in nothing I presumed. He looked over at me, and opened up the doona, I took of my shirt and jeans, socks and everything else; I got into the bed with him and put my head onto his chest.
“Don’t worry about the grounding because I’m grounded remember?”
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that”
“What should we do?” he put his arm around me and blew down on my neck.
“Sneak out at like midnight so we can see eachother”
“Gerard I’m not having sex in the park”
“Bugger, what to do” I sighed and turned of my light. I kissed his lips and soon sleep over took me.
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